If only we could do this

David Cameron is facing internal pressures to start making an impact, particularly in the economy. It can’t be far off from similar calls being made for John Ley to likewise do something rather than sit on his hands.

David Davis, the standard bearer for the Tory Right, has made a wide-ranging attack on the Government’s economic strategy, warning that another round of cuts before the next General Election is now “unavoidable”.

Mr Davis told The Sunday Telegraph the Government must draw up an “alternative”, pro-growth policy with radical cuts to tax, regulation and public spending.

“The Coalition’s cuts should have been earlier and deeper,” he said “This is not about individual policy areas. This is about something more fundamental… something deeper. There is an alternative economic policy.”

In a wide-ranging interview David Cameron’s former leadership rival said George Osborne is wrong to blame Europe’s debt crisis for “killing”Britain’s recovery.

He also said Mr Cameron and the Chancellor should stop pushing for the survival of the European single currency in its present form.

“A managed reduction in the size of the eurozone would be much less harmful to our economy,” said Mr Davis, adding that the “controlled” departure of Greece and perhaps Portugal would be less damaging for Britain than a chaotic default.

Mr Davis said many Conservative MPs are “nervous” and “uncomfortable” about the compromises made while in Coalition. “Their greatest worry is the economy – they realise it will decide the next election,” he added.


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  • Redbaiter

    The really sad thing is John Key once had the political capital to do what was necessary and not suffer too much backlash.

    However he has squandered that capital sucking up to his friends the racists and the progressives, and now has nowhere to go but down.

    The price of having jelly where most people have a spine.

    (In stark contrast to Key’s inertia, Campbell Newman in Queensland continues to fire thousands of government workers and started down this course immediately after winning the election.)

    • parorchestia

      I share your sentiments about the wasted opportunity. But it must be hard to resist all the pressure groups and the left-leaning bureaucrats etc.
      What can people do who believe in a sound economy and personal responsibility?
      Would the licensing and registration of all pressure groups as lobbyists and publication of their submissions to MPs help? We might laugh at the US system but at least it is out in the open. And we have just as much pressure.

      • Redbaiter

        The ingredient NZ lacks is a strong Conservative voice. Both Labour and National are dominated by Progressives who only have paper thin political differences.

        National was once a fairly Conservative party, as its founding principles demonstrate, but as it has moved further away from those principles under the influence of Progressives, so the condition of the country overall has suffered.

        The reality is that NZ is now basically a one party state with no opposition voice.

        The task that Conservatives have in front of them is to draw the National Party back to its founding principles and once again establish a real opposition to left wing progressivism.

        That can only be done by purging the party of all those Progressives who really belong in Labour, and ensuring that National articulates a solid Conservative argument that confronts Progressivism rather than kowtows to it.

        Right now they cannot do that, because there are probably not all that many in the party who still subscribe to its founding principles.

        The party must be rebuilt with those principles forming the foundation for its reform from a weak progressive organisation supplicated to the left, into a strong Conservative party with a voice that articulates a real alternative.

        National’s founding principles-

        “To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and
        socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private
        enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of
        ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State
        control of industry”.

        • 2ndAmendment

          No-one “belongs in Labour”. Labour doens’t “belong” in NZ.

          People have to understand that NZ’s current policies as pursued by National – let alone Labour or the Greens – are as sensible as insisting that 2+2=5 or that the earth is flat

          it’s crazy how the left insist we listen to science about Dolphin’s felling pain, fetuses not feeling pain, global warming, etc etc but they are not willing to listen to science about the economy — or in Labour/Green case- not even willing to understand a simple spreadsheet about the balance of payments, the defecit, or the debt.

      • 2ndAmendment

        What can people do who believe in a sound economy and personal responsibility?

        Politically: join the Conservatives in NZ, and do all you can to help Mitt be elected in the US.

        Personally: take personal responsibility for yourself and your family. The single most important thing: if you love your children, don’t send them to state schools,

        And we have just as much pressure.

        No we have much much more pressure because 95% of parents don’t love their children, send them to state schools. where all they learn is socialism

      • 2ndAmendment

        left-leaning bureaucrats

        But if you go and read almost any of the BIMs (Briefing to Incoming Ministers) you’ll see that many of the bureaucrats, especially in Treasury, MSI, etc are far to the right of the current government!

        Hell Radiosociallism was calling for pushing out the age of super to 67 — OK, Labour party policy, but even Labour is to the Right of National on super! how the Fuck did that happen!

        Is it what the numbers actual say? of course not – how many people do you know who explain that NZ’s super & welfare is totally unaffordable and we really need to stop all spending now? So Labour is far to the “left” of the truth, but still far to the right of National.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Red, there’s no way Key – or anyone – could do what is necessary and not suffer backlash. That’s why a serious armed police force must go hand in hand with any reforms.

      Abolishing the treaty and Maori special interest will lead to domestic terrorism, for a start, and we can’t just hope that they’ll all be incompetent & disorganized like the Urewera cell.

      Abolishing benefits will certainly lead to riots in the streets. Taking out the state schools & hospitals, well, there simply isn’t any kind of majority there, and yet it needs to be done absolutely urgently

      We’re busying “debating” about whether workers should have statutory tea breaks – while we need to move to a statutory 60-70 hour week just to match Australian productivity, never mind China, Taiwan, Singapore.

      Remember that every single one of Roger’s & Ruth’s reforms have been completely reversed under Bolger and Hellen – completely reverse in the quest for “political capital”. You can hear the cowards whinge: “We can’t even sell 45% of a power company, how could we close down rail, sell the hospitals & schools & “Kiwi”Bank *& TV & Radio & all the rest?” — but anyone who can read a spreadsheet knows that financially there is no alternative

      • Redbaiter

        Yes, But all of that boils down to one important fact and that is that there is no one out there advocating an alternative.

        National are all too mentally crippled and spiritually starved to say what needs to be said.

        All it takes is strong leadership of the kind Thatcher for example provided. Someone who can make the arguments and confront the left wing bullshit and draw people with and to them.

        Key isn’t that person and there is IMHO no one like that in National at present.

        They are all dumbstruck inarticulate unimaginative losers and completely confounded by the successful cultural strategies of the left.

        • blokeintakapuna

          I wouldn’t go that far Red – but National have had to manage varying and immediate emergency responses to one-off emergency situations – the likes of which NZ hasn’t had to face for generations.
          To suddenly cut all these benefits / support to families around NZ at such a time would make for great ammo / fodder for Labour – who would no doubt lie, fib and obfuscate the situation to suit their own political agenda / propaganda – and the Left-leaning MSM would swallow it whole without much ruminating – just think back to when the MSM were sold a lemon by MUNZ down at the PoAL picket line – just look at all the bull shit and lies MUNZ / Unions portrayed! … and then when Whale Oil refuted these lies with the truth and facts – the whinging, bleating unions attempt to cry foul at actually telling the entire truth and story – which happens to be 100% opposite the lies and propaganda the unions try and spin.
          National / Key were handed the economy in a straight jacket somewhat – and then with the GFC really starting to bite and Chch quakes compounding these MEGA-issues also – it’s no wonder National have had to walk a fine, balanced line in the interests of all of NZ.
          Just think back to the South Canterbury Finance situation National faced – either let it sink, taking huge numbers of local SME’s, farmers and business’s under, quickly followed most likely by the remaining parts of the South Island – then the rest of NZ. Or, rescue SCF with an unsavory bailout – but quite possibly saving the rest of the country. Neither is a savory option – but sometimes the lesser of the two evils is what is needed to help the entire country – not just those with a vested interest… and that’s why the unions / Labour don’t like Key and National – because they act for the good of the entire country – not just for the unions / Labour’s benefit.

          • 2ndAmendment

            To suddenly cut all these benefits / support to families around NZ at such a time would make for great ammo / fodder for Labour

            The whole point is that whether you cut them suddenly, or slowly, whether you stop the lot or just take 5% off the top, you’ll still get massive grief from the bludgers and takers

            it’s no wonder National have had to walk a fine, balanced line in the interests of all of NZ.

            Who gives a shit about “the interests of all NZ”? I don’t care about bludgers or codgers or their interests – only that of productive, high-value Kiwis. And all that Key & co have done is – yet again – trade off the productive winners against the bludging losers. Key should have announced after the first cabinet meeting that all benefits including super stopped today!

            but sometimes the lesser of the two evils is what is needed to help the entire country

            and that’s the problem right there. Of course SCF, KiwiRail etc should have gone to the wall; of course benefits, WFF, student loans and the corporate tax rate should be cancelled – it’s just common sense.

            And the disasters, closeness of the election, etc only make action even more urgent

  • 2ndAmendment

    And here’s why this is crucial:


    The myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished

  • Redbaiter

    Gawd this Discus system is a pain in the arse the way it constantly changes the sequence of posts.

    And setting it differently doesn’t help as it just persists in defaulting to “best”.

    Fucking hopeless.

  • The other Neil

    Just reading Free to Choose by Milton Freidman. We need a Milton in NZ. We had it with Roger Kerr, but he spent too much time ultimately preaching to the converted. But who writes against to idiotcy of the Bernard Hickeys of NZ? It won’t be national.

  • Mr_Blobby

    You are all right. The thing is we have travelled to far down the welfare road to simply reverse back up it.

    I know good people who need to work for their own sanity but can’t because financially they are better off on a benefit. I know people, who are on WFF but due to the, extra tax and claw back when you move ahead, don’t because it is not worth their while.

    With so many people now on some sort of Government assistance. Voting in their own self interest, the system can’t be reversed, it is inevitable that more people will opt out of the system rather than pay ever varied and increasing taxes.

    The almost daily protests, some violent, in the EU and other places are at best ignored at worst suppressed by the state propaganda machine.

    Mark my words this will all end badly.

    • 2ndAmendment

      We have travelled too far down the welfare road that we have no choice but to turn around and run as far as we can in the opposite direction

      Or else NZ will collapse, like Greece.

      • Mr_Blobby

        2nd amendment you are right of course. But we are a democracy of sorts and the state beneficiaries’ have a vote and they will vote in there own self interest, not the best interest of the country. And yes we are going down the same road as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy the US in all cases “have no choice but to turn around and run as far as we can in the opposite direction” But they didn’t, won’t or can’t.

        Really, you couldn’t make this sort of shit up, it is an inevitable train wreak happening as we all sit around looking at it.