Is the pressure getting to Big Gerry?

Gerry Brownlee must be feeling the pressure a wee bit:

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has backed down from comments he made about frustrated residents in damaged Christchurch homes and apologised.

“I’m sorry people are having to wait, and having to live in uncomfortable conditions – we’re getting on with the job and doing our best to provide enduring certainty for everyone”

He said he empathised with the people who were still facing difficulties but said he was extremely angry at the way some people were characterising the Government.

His intemperate words were:

“I’m a TC3 resident myself and I’m sick of these people carping and moaning,” Mr Brownlee said.

He said the survey wasn’t a true reflection of the problem. It was “self-selecting” because it was accessible only to those who had internet access and time to “buggerise around on Facebook all day”.

When asked to clarify the minister’s comments, made to The Press newspaper, Mr Bryant replied: “They were pretty clear, weren’t they?”


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