John Key on Marriage

John Key has hit back at Colin Craig’s stupid mail out and also made an interesting comment about his own marriage and how he was prevented from marrying in the “traditional” way:

The prime minister this morning dismissed the comment, saying: ”Give me a break.”

There were a range of views in every electorate on the subject.

”I suspect there’s an awful lot of support for what I’m doing in the electorate,” he told Radio Live.

Key said there had been ”three or four” calls to his electorate office by voters concerned about his stance but ”nothing spectacular”.

The ”sky didn’t cave in” when civil unions were introduced. ”Some people have strong views that this is a step too far. A whole lot of other people will say ‘well, civil union, marriage’… they may see it as a fairly similar thing.”

Key said he had been forced to marry wife Bronagh outside in a garden. She is an Irish Catholic and he has a Jewish background.

”(That’s) quite different from a traditional marriage that other people might have traditionally had.”

John Key is right, the sky didn’t fall in and neither has it again with the introduction of Louisa Wall’s bill.


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  • Magoo

    Key’s the best leader Labour’s ever had. Now the country’s two main party’s are centre left, I wonder who will make some right wing decisions before the Greens get voted in and extend the leftist policies of National. What a choice – left, left, or further left.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Don’t worry Sheep Shearer is your saviour. Hail the Leader Magoo, he will save you.

    • justin

      Couldn’t agree more. We need a conservative voice in parliament. Or at least some politicians that listen to the electorate.
      The labour and greens must be wondering what’s up. The thin pretense of being from the right is no longer there.

      • James

        ‘Conservative” meaning repressed and bigoted…..righto…..

  • Pete George

    My first marriage was in a Catholic church but I had to bullshit to enable it (and I’m sure the priest knew it was futile formalities). Church was the most convenient venue family-wise at the time, no harm done.

    And my second marriage I (we) chose to get married outside in a garden, no religion involved. Common this century.

    • Rodger T

      Snap,went thru that meself Pete, the priest nearly had a conniption fit when I told him I didn`t have a problem with the kids going to a catholic school if and when we had them.LoL
      Still married after 20years ,the kids have never set foot inside of any church ,if they ever decided they want to they can go for it,they can make their own minds up.

      • Mitch82

        But how’s the marriage? I mean after Louisa reading all that leftist satanic bruhaha, you must be finding it hard not having any sanctity in your relationship?

        • Rodger T

          As the Hindenburg of Marriage crashes and burns ,………OH ,the sanctity!

  • Redbaiter

    The smug Progressive Key will have another opinion on this issue after the next election.

    Mainstream NZ voters will not forget how the majority of the John Key National government voted with the Labour party for a bill brought into the house by an extreme left lesbian and designed to undermine the traditional sanctity of marriage.

    It is not the same as previous issues.

    Marriage is different, and Key will find out just how different come voting time.

    Conservative voters will not forget the Key government’s betrayal on something so sacred.

    • Mitch82

      So we took the first step toward allowing gay marriage last week – how has your marriage and it’s sanctity changed in that time? Are you fighting with your wife more since the 80-40 vote? Find yourself not as much in love with her as you were last week?

      How, in your mind, has the “sanctity” your YOUR marriage, changed since the first reading vote?

      • justin

        It’s about the force of the change – the simple audacity of our politicians who clearly think they ‘know better’.
        The arrogance of dismissing the voice of the majority – just like JK helped pass the anti-smacking bill.
        I use to vote national – but this group are too liberal, too easy to embrace radical social engineering.

        • Mitch82

          You do realise that the majority of New Zealand is in favor of this, right? If you’re not gay, nothing is being forced on you. If you are gay, nothing is being forced on you.

          • justin

            Are you sure about this Mitch82. I’m happy to have the referendum and go with what ever the majority say. If NZ is happy I’ll uphold democratic ideas first. Are you prepared to say the same?

    • Gayguy

      Mainstream kiwis are fine with marriage equality. It is filth like you that have the problem.

      • Isumbras

        ‘Filth’ There you go again, spraying hatred around… how about some tolerance for differing views… isn’t that what gays are always going on about, Tolerance?

        • Mitch82

          Again the free speech victim. So it’s cool to hate on the gay community and fight their civil right to be married, but when someone takes up your argument you’re citing ‘hatred’ and crying for tolerance?

          Almost funny, if you weren’t serious.

          • grumpy

            Nope, he’s just pointing out the hypocracy……

            Heterophobic haters……

          • Rodger T

            You say hypocracy, I say hypocrisy.

          • Gayguy

            As has been explained to you many many times grumpy I cannot be hetrophobic as I am not out to deny you ANY rights at all. Not a single one. You on the other hand want to deny homosexuals rights that you have. Hence you are a homophobic bigot.

      • justin

        Gayguy – I’ve pulled you up a dozen times this week; playing the man not the ball. You are the angry poster, you shoot negativity and you are dismissive of any counter view.
        Redbaiter is right Marriage and Civil Unions are different, something that civil union proponents were strong in pointing out. New Zealand has had little time to understand and exist with civil unions and we have the next push. Before this is even through the 2nd or 3rd reading we have a gay adoption bill drawn.

        • Alex

          Both sides are as bad as each other, so a bit late to be playing the virtue card.

          While I agree the terms bigot and hater are flung around with gay abandon, many of us don’t have short memories to forget the overt homophobic taunts by many of the so called “social conservatives” on here — and this continued theme of gay men are paedophiles. Indeed, just this afternoon I was referred to as a “Queer and progressive” by Redbaiter (the pejorative tone unmistakable), and when WO tells Redbaiter to stop the abuse, some wit replies “another fag lover”.

          I would like to think that you can argue against same sex marriage without starting from the premise of “God hates fags”. However, I’ve yet to see an instance of this on this blog (maybe Lucia Maria is probably the only exception, despite her “Satan’s agents” brain fart).

          What is too often overlooked by Colin Craig and his ilk is that we’re talking about human beings here — not some impersonal idea like asset sales etc. So it is a very sensitive topic. A lot of the rhetoric flung around is all too reminiscent of the crap so many homosexuals have had to endure at school, family events, workplaces and sports.

          So perhaps I might suggest that the anti-same sex marriage brigade start “playing the ball rather than the man”. Heaven knows you might win more supporters.

          And while I’m in full rant, let me say I don’t know why these crusading social conservatives need to single homosexuals out.

          I don’t know why I’m the pariah when (like so many gay and lesbian people I know), I’ve worked hard to be well educated and well paid, I pay my taxes, take responsibility for my health, obey the law, donate to charity, and look after my family (including doting on my nieces and nephews so they can get a good education). Would have thought I’ve an embodiment of sound conservative principles of self-reliance and independence.

          And yet, despite all this, Colin Craig and his ilk considers me wretched because, gasp horror, I cohabit with another male and have done so, monogamously, for ten years. If Colin Craig had any sense, he’d be chasing my vote. After all, I’m tired of paying for the irresponsibility that pervades New Zealand — whether it be the beneficiaries breeding more children they can afford, or the rich avoiding taxes and buying rubbish they don’t need on borrowed money.

          But no he’s engaging in the sort of crap I’d expect from an insecure, tactless 3rd former at an all boys’ school, rather than a mature man aspiring to be a politician. It’s infuriating! Our democracy requires better.

          • justin

            Alex – a solid reasoned post. But I think that you have vilified Colin. I’d be happy to read some quotes you can find from Colin that are ‘tactless 3rd form’ level. If fact he himself says that he’ll respect the wishes of the populous.
            “I think a referendum would give us one really important thing. It
            would give us an absolute mandate and it would give us a
            direction for the people, and on an issue like this it’s got the
            opportunity to move forward together, and I think it’s important
            that we do that on these issues. We’ve got other big issues in
            this country to address, and a referendum is a good way to bring
            everybody in.”
            Alex you are part of society (and I can see from your post a productive member of society). Society will set it’s boundaries, not the politicians, this is the silly thing. With a referendum where the majority says “yes to gay marriage” you will be able to say hear is my husband with authority. Without a referendum you’re marriage will be second class.
            Judging from your post I think that you know deep down that society changes and the NZ of the 1950’s, 1990’s is not the NZ of today. But I’m not sure that NZ today is ready for this. Louisa is a first term MP, from the list, there is no mandate, there was no policy announcements. This bill is from deep left field. A referendum is vital either way.

          • justin

            Sorry that was a quote from Colin Craig in the middle of that last post.

        • Gayguy

          Pulled me up???

          That is just too funny.

          Oh and get your facts right. There has been no gay adoption bill drawn, that’s just what the homophobic scare mongers are calling it. Gay adoption is only a very small part of that bill.

    • Mitch82

      If the ‘sanctity of marriage’ issue is about the gay community being on the same level as you in terms of marriage definition, perhaps we could lobby Government for a ‘Super Duper Goldstar Heterosexual Christian Marriage’ title?

    • Rodger T

      It is fucking hilarious how you view progress as something to be feared,especially something like SSM that will have zero effect on your life.

  • Apolonia

    I wonder how many emails he got on the subject. Or don’t they count?