Kim’s Dotty Con Continues…..

Oopsy looks like Kim Dot Con has been caught in another lie, this time to media.  Yesterday he tried to stitch his own lawyer up.  Unfortunately for him Cactus Kate cynically believes Senior Commercial Partners at large law factories do not come up with ideas on their own and caught the fat lying German out with a bit of help from extended TV3 footage.


It did not ring true to me for senior commercial lawyers to be so proactive especially around the long summer break, in anything but billing, so I went back and re-read the statement of Simpson Grierson’s (aka Simply Gruesome) rather senior lawyer Mr Towers. He claims not to know John Banks just to have met him like most people have, briefly and superficially.

Dot Con under Patrick Gower’s provocation came out and clearly stated on camera –

“It was actually the idea of my lawyers to try and reach out to John Banks”.

This directly and quite clearly contradicts the sworn statement of his lawyer Mr Towers.

Mr Dotcom asked me if I would contact John Banks on his behalf to seek assistance from Mr Banks to get Mr Dotcom additional mattress support to relieve the aggravation of his back injuries

Dot Con “reached out” to Banks because he thought this money donated to a Mayor now bought special favours from a Minister. The media all know that, they just cannot yet say it. John Banks was not for sale, definitely not with his wealth for a paltry sum of $50,000 and suddenly their “friendship” ended.

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  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that both statements could be true:-)
    Lawyer could have said “why not contact the Mayor”
    Dotcom could at a later date have “asked the lawyer to contact the Mayor”.

    Yea yea – being picky……He is a publicity seeking prick……but lets get the story straight.

    I also agree that John Banks is not stupid enough to deny something something like that…..or is he???? I understand that pensioners like Mr Banks, are sometimes memory challenged.

    • Cactus Kate

      Lawyer’s statement did not say that if you read in its entirety (link on my post). Dot Con on camera passed buck to lawyer.

      • MrV

        Where is this all actually going, I can’t see what all the fuss is about or who actually gain what?
        Aside from to say NZ media can easily be distracted by complete bollocks.

  • AzaleaB

    Journos are like pimps and he is the latest whore to get a front page story. He thinks he is something special but really a mere plaything of the media. I actually feel sorry for him as in time he will wake up to the fact he is acting like a self indulgent child who is angry at Uncle Banksie and just wants to get back at him….media, bad rap song…trip to Beehive…good grief!

  • Mabel_Gruntfuttock

    What disgusts me is the way the media fawn over the fat german clown. I note that he thinks it is ‘time to move on’. Let’s hope he does – and soon.

    • Frank Thomas

      Agree. Headline “Kim Dotcom Goes to Parliment”, whip dee bloody do!
      What will they write next “Kim Dotcom Visits Rainbows End”. Give me a break…..

    • Don’t know that Kim can really “move on” when his business has been confiscated and he’s facing extradition to the United States, but John Banks certainly could, that would be great, sign the petition here:

      • Travis Poulson

        I agree with Larry Williams in that we should never have let him in the damned country to start with.

  • Bea

    Fat and friendless and can’t buy a decent friend.
    Do we need this guy in our country?

  • pukakidon

    I notice the Liarbour Dot Crim sychophants still swoon all over him, they obviously like to associate with criminals.

    One thing you can say about the Liarbour party members is that they have total loyalty to those they pay off and bribe. This is why they see nothing wrong with Dot Crim’s attempt to pay off mayors and government officials. They have been taking pay offs for NZ citizenship for years. They only dobbed in Field because he was against homosexuality, so they outed him for his bribery, dodgy dealings and slavery. Before this they turned a blind eye towards it..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Does make you wonder…….what didn’t dot com get from Banks, that he seems to believe he paid for. That his new friends in labour, now hanging around him, may give him? Afterall didn’t they give citizenship to Mr Lui….or whatever his name is this week!?

  • AnonWgtn

    I prefer the Ridges show – at least they show they have great tits, whereas we can see that Dotcom has bigger fatter ones.
    Get rid of the jerk – we do not need him in New Zealand.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Instead of acting like a bunch of retarded green Muppets, let’s get a bit of perspective.

    Put aside your personal feelings and think.

    This is New Zealand. In New Zealand do we conduct dawn raids with massive armed force to arrest and detain without charge, someone who is 1. Still not charged with anything, 2. Not found guilty of breaking any New Zealand laws,3. Has done nothing to New Zealand or its citizens and residents and 4. The US laws he may or may not have broken, are not Law in New Zealand. If he had done what he is suspected of doing in New Zealand he would not have broken any laws.

    Then we get to the Police conduct which earned them praise and respect, right from the top, of the US administration. Dragging a heavily pregnant woman out of her home in the early hours of the dawn, along with other Women and children, herding them like cattle onto the front lawn.
    The reason for such overwhelming fire power to preserve evidence. Except that 15 minutes into the operation you have to go and ask someone to show you where the target is.
    Then because of the supposed risk, danger, whatever, you confiscate everything some one has assets, cars, money, artwork, clothing, shoe laces, you name it. Throw them in prison.
    You then hand over the supposed evidence, illegally, to an overseas administration purely on there say so, that a crime has been committed, a crime that is not a crime here , without requiring them to produce any evidence of any wrong doing.

    Obviously this is New Zealand and we do. How did we get to this level of state sponsored terrorism, especially against our own people? Did we wake up one morning and find that we are in some sort of fascist dictatorship. We have now had 2 successive Governments who are prepared to set aside ethical considerations, simply to stay in power. I consider the current Government worse because they have also shown a willingness to set aside the personal human rights of their own citizens to appease another Country.

    Don’t worry when the Greens get into power and they will they will very quickly stamp out any opposition to there world view.

    What if it was you or someone close to you treated in such a way, would you feel any different.

  • JC

    Why don’t the media ask Kim Dotcom the obvious question: have you donated money to any other politician or political party? As he’s shown that he expects a favour in retun for a donation, I think we should know who else he might be asking.