Labour to feed kids because parents won’t

Labour is set to extend the nanny state even further by deciding that in poorer schools parents either can’t or won’t feed their kids so they are going to do it for them.

Labour’s new education policy includes up to $19 million a year to give a free daily meal to all children in low decile schools.

Labour leader David Shearer announced the policy in a keynote education speech today.

He said Labour would join forces with community organisations to put food into schools – which could cost anywhere between $3 million to $19 million dollars depending on the model used.

They estimate the cost at around a maximum of $20 million. This will be massively under-estimated. The reason? Well why would you feed your kids if the school is now going to do it for you…the costs will blow out as parents take advantage of being able to buy smokes and lotto instead of food for the kids.

Then the middle decile schools will lobby so that their hungry kids can get fed too and then the Maori party will insist that Maori kids need more than other other kids and so it will go on until we are spending a billion dollars feeding other peoples kids.