Liberal Amnesia

Scott Yorke calls out the liberal types on the John Banks affair:

When police concluded that the “teapot tapes” cameraman Bradley Ambrose probably committed an offence, but decided not to prosecute because they were not satisfied that they could make out all the elements of the offence to the required criminal standard, there was an outcry among liberal-minded folk because the police appeared to be saying that someone was guilty even though police just couldn’t prove it. We were reminded by liberal types that the police don’t determine someone’s guilt because, in a free and democratic society subject to the rule of law, determining guilt is the domain of the courts.

But now we have what appears to be a collective amnesia, because we happen to dislike the person at the end of the police’s attentions. I don’t like John Banks, and I think it’s reasonable to conclude from his public statements that he is a liar and lacks any sort of moral compass. It is also reasonable to conclude that a person like John Banks is utterly unfit to be a minister, or even an MP. But he has not committed any offence, has not been charged with any offence, and has not “got off on a technicality”.

Of course Labour has just opened themselves up for skewering on a number of recent cases, with their behaviour. A re-visit of the Darren Hughes affair is the most salient, but so to the ongoing investigations into their cash for citizenship scandal involving Shane Jones and Bill Liu.

The Bill Liu affair is the one though most close in substance to the allegations that Labour are making and in their case the clear cash for citizenship favours are much, much more smelly than cash for nothing which is what Kim Dot-con got for his donation.

All this is just petty revenge for not getting a soft mattress in the pokie when he demanded one. Kim Dot-con thought, like Bill Liu that he had bought favours from a politician. Unfortunately for him John Banks is not a member of the Labour party.

Now with him turning up at parliament he is just like Michelle Boag and just as irrelevant and without the Versace suits.


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  • Andrewo

    For example…. I know it’s ancient history but maybe can we revisit the case of Dover Samuels banging a girl in his care and getting her pregnant…which according to H1 was sort of OK because she was JUST over the age of 16 when found to be preggers.
    Memories are short….

    • Gazzaw

      Maybe that was why Goofy wanted to reduce the age of consent to 12. Just to be sure.

  • blokeintakapuna

    He shoots… he scores!

  • Phar Lap

    I hear the man mountain of fat and blubber MR SCHMIDT alias DOTCOM,turned up in Parliament today.Lie-bour and the RED/greens were seen to worship at his feet.Mr SCHMIDT a convicted felon with a record as long as the Southern Motorway,gets the benefit of Lie-bour and RED/”greens”selected morality.The scum sucking mentioned parties are quite happy to support a person who bought his way into NZ,yet demonise a NZ born associate, to satisfy their own sick agenda.Even the Muslims have some credibility .The Lie-bour and RED/”green” parties are morally bankrupt.

    • Phar Lap

      To cap it off ,he talks about John Key’s ethics.Last i heard Mr Schmidts ethics were as sound as a crooked convicted finance company,or even as much credibility as the MSM which exalts him.

  • blazer

    this Bill Liu case stinks like rotten fish…far,far worse than Banks or Taito really.

  • Whafe

    When it’s all boiled down and the crap is sorted through, one can’t help but come to the conclusion that Politicians on the whole are not hugely respected at all. Pretty low on the ethics scale etc…
    I mean what drives human beings like Labour are doing at present, throwing HUGE rocks in glass houses, and not expect things to come back and bite them in the butt…
    What has happended to society where this behaviour can occur and in the end, nothing at all happens. The population in the scheme of things couldn’t give a dam…

  • Troy

    Seems that this guy dotcom (and what a stupid fucking name to have anyhow), a foreigner with no real right to citizenship in NZ, is allowed to front up at parliament and put forth is warped fucking ideas about politics in NZ and what his view about all such things related to NZ and Kiwi’s… who the fuck is this guy, do we want him here, why have we allowed him to be here, what business is it for him to be here, and why the fuck is he still here. The sooner this lardass and his obvious call-girl wife are deported the better… haven’t we got far more serious things to get on with in this country? Obviously the liabor party and the toxic greens and NZLast are clutching at straws by inserting him to the politics of this country. This fat prick will rot in a US cell on a paper thin mattress once he hits the US mainland.

    • blazer

      has Rupert M got a call girl wife…or John Banks or J.Kirkpatrick for that matter?

  • Kiwikea

    I don’t get it, and he media won’t let facts get in the way of a good story, but John Banks was not even in parliament then, he was just a person from the public going for Mayor. Also due to the lax rules he didn’t do anything wrong.

  • AnonWgtn

    Good comment, but your second paragraph should read “collective Ambrosia” because that is what is still sticking in the media’s claws.
    They cannot forgive Key, or Banks, by association, despite no police action, and a written apology by Ambrose to Key.
    Ambrose is one of the ‘”broederbond” of the media – one of us – precious and incapable of telling lies. Only non left wing politicans tell lies.