Mallard’s Dilemma

What is a trougher to do…when the calendar is against you?

Do both probably, what’s the bet he does? Trevor Mallard has a dilemma.

On Wednesday night Valerie Adams will be presented with her Olympic Gold Medal in Auckland.

He will have to be there……he needs another photo op with another sports star in order to polish his own considerably waning and tarnished star.

Then he will need to be back in the House to conduct business on Thursday, continuing the Banks Bash, before probably jumping on another plane to go watch the Silver Ferns netball test back in Auckland on Thursday night.

The veteran expert trougher will have organised a “convenient” meeting or two to justify all the cab fares, return flights and the five star accommodation, when the reality is he will just be living on the large enjoying sports troughing.  Remember he really has no excuse as he was stripped of the Sports Spokesperson role in favour of former New Zealand rugby and netball representative Louisa Wall.

Trevor Mallard is NZ politics answer to Sonny Shaw. Only at least Sonny pays his own airfares and hotels following a wide variety of NZ sport. They certainly seem to have the same skill set:

Thru a mate I used to have a chat to Sonny at Warrior’s home games. Seemed nice enough at first but after a spell it became apparent his whole life was sport, beer, chasing young woman…not a bad day out…but not a whole life! His communication skills were banal and immature, not exactly an interesting bloke…one sports tour seemed much like the next.

It can get significantly worse for the New Zealand taxpayer.  The deciding netball test is on Sunday.

In Christchurch.


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  • Bunswalla

    Won’t be the deciding test on Sunday Cam, we’re 1-0 up and will win tomorrow to decide the series, and win the Constellation Cup for the first time.
    Sunday will be a dead rubber – Duck attending it will be the perfect metaphor for his career.

  • Gazzaw

    If it’s too difficult to attend both Trev will have no qualms about selling off his freeby tickets on Trade Me. The next summary of MP’s expenses will reveal all.

  • cows4me

    “he needs another photo op with another sports star in order to polish his own considerably waning and tarnished star”. It was on myth busters WO, you can’t polish a turd.

    • axeman

      No … but you can roll it in glitter

    • pukakidon

      You can polish a knob and the mallard is an expert at polishing his knob.

  • blam

    what a wierd post…. really Cameron, your (now clutching at straws) obsession has now become…um…..scary

    • Neil

      Not really – he’s made a valid point in relation to Mallard

  • Grizz30

    Now having seen Sonny Shaw’s website (I wish I had not) I can now say that he and Mallard are very similar. Does anyone else know if Mallard has a photo album of his travels and conquests on his website. I am really not game enough to find out.