Matt McCarten must be on drugs

Matt McCarten has written the most bizarre column in the Herald on Sunday, one where he imagines that Mitt Romney has a chance in the November election. Much and all as I’d like the Republicans to win the presidency come November I just can’t see Mitt Romney getting there:

Something evil is happening in the US. This election is going to be stolen from the people and handed to the obese, wealthy and the crazy.

American law allows corporates to donate unlimited amounts of money to politics. The far-right Koch brothers alone are putting up nearly US$200 million ($250 million).

The strategy is to use the Tea Party as their foot soldiers, book wall-to-wall advertising to tell bold-face lies, build the best voter turnout their machinery and money can buy, and, in many states where Republicans control, they have changed election laws which will disfranchise millions of Democratic voters.

The wealthy and the deluded may take control of the world’s most powerful country. The rest of us should tremble.

Here of course Unions and their bosses don’t pay taxes or pass on PAYE of their employees toi fund political campaigns. At least the Koch brothers spend their own money and not those of their workers.

Matt of course tells his own lies in those few short paragraphs, especially about the alleged disenfranchisement. He also ignore the millions that the union movement pours into elections, most notably in the recent Wisconsin recall elections which they lost not only members money but the result as well.

Much and all as Matt thinks Romney can win, I just don’t think he can.


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  • Michael Ward

    I think you may have written off the GOP too early, Cam. My spies on the ground seem very enthusiastic and not at all resigned to losing.

    You must remember (as I am sure you do) that the polls are predominantly skewed in favour of the left, even more so than over here. Their media bias is much worse than ours is here, even using Matt’s article as evidence.

    I’m not saying Mitt will win but I am sure it’s closer than you think.

    • fergus

      many polls are drifting Romney’s way. Seem the more the facts take over and Obama is being seen to be the worst president the USA has EVER had the more Romney advances.

      • Tony

        there is still Jimmy Carter remember!

  • Redbaiter

    McCarten’s worthless crap is the stuff that the management at the Herald expect people to pay for one they put up their firewall.

    Such an expectation says as much about Herald management as it does about Matt.

    All out of touch left wing/ progressive tossers.

  • Double Portion

    Things are much closer than it appears from New Zealand. The latest Washington Post poll actually puts Romney ahead by 1 point:

    The reason its so close, is that the American people genuinely believe that Obama has failed them. There is serious desperation and frustration, the country does, in many cases rightly, feel that it is going to the toilet.

    Romney is seen as a viable alternative. Obama raised expectations really high and he doesn’t seem to have met them.

    That’s not to say McCarten has it right either. It’s more about money. In assessing the outcome, you must also look to the actual college votes and where they are going. The swing states this time round will again decide it, and they definitely Republican leaning.

    The PACs have huge influence yes, but they will not win it on their own. The swing voter is a smart voter, and they are not sold on crap TV ads for the hordes. They want to vote for whoever will “strengthen the middle class”. Who that is, is honestly up for grabs…

  • Patrick

    It is only wrong or stolen if the right win, if the left use Union money – & more relevant, union bodies to stuff envelopes & door knock, never mind dodgy donations for passports or holding their nose while doing deals with Winston then everything is ok. Funny isn’t it when Mallard accused National of having American bagmen that it then turns out they had offshore sugar daddies, stole over $800k, used corrupt practices & that is all ok as long as the left win.

    The hypocrisy of McCarten, stole money from the very people he claims to represent.

  • The Gantt Guy

    I don’t think he’s on drugs, I think he’s mentally ill. Seriously. I don’t mean in that “all leftists are mentally ill” way, I genuinely think he’s touched in the head, and is not all there. That article was so divorced from life on earth, it could only have been written by someone who hasn’t taken their schizophrenia medicine for several days.

  • Jeremy

    Sorry but for once Matt is on the money. The Republicans are run by Christians ( bad enough), but to have now an adherent of a faith ( lets remember that faith is entirely subjective and not able to be tested by fact and logic) that is based on a visit to the woods in North America, golden books and polygamy means the world is potentially and finally in the hands of nutters.

    • Markm

      Matt is never on the money except when it’s not his.
      He talks about the Republicans buying elections but either is to stupid to realize Obamas record $650m spending total at the last election , makes him look a bit hypocritical

      • Jeremy

        True, but then Mitt and and his running partner have been caught telling lies ( even by Fox) so that is even more reason to suspect a loony fanatic.

        • fergus

          what lies?….Like accusing your oponent of killing someones wife…oh no that was obama, doubling the debt to 16 trillion…oh no …obama too, record deficits……geese that was obama as well…..unemployment at 8.3% and rising…obama…..record doesn’t look too good does it!!

        • tony

          pse provide the actual evidence Jeremy. also, try to distinguish between lies and hyperbole – both side score highly there.

          overall – less accusation, more fact.


          • Gazzaw

            It all looks like the lesser of two evils to me. I am no lefty but I would just not be comfortable with Romney at the helm particularly in the international arena. I don’t believe that he will be good for NZ either and we know that all is heading in the right direction for us with Obama & Clinton. The heart says GOP, the head says Democrats.

  • Seán

    I just read McCarten’s complete article….yes, he must indeed be on drugs…scaremongering to the extreme….should I applaud The NZ Herald for printing all points of view, or spank them for allowing such dribble? Such a quandary.

    • Redbaiter

      Name the Conservative writing for the NZ Herald.

  • Michael

    Matt says big business is buying the Republicans – here’s a list of US donors since Bush Sr entered office in 1989.

    The 18 biggest donors over the last 25 years either splitting reasonably evenly between the parties or leaning Democrat. And you go down the list and there are few Republican donors, most either split or back the Democrats,

    If there is a corrupt party beholden to big donors in the US, its the Donkey party.

  • Exclamation Mark

    I find the way the Republican party is portrayed by the NZ media hilarious. Short of drawing hitler moustaches on Mitt Romny frame by frame in all footage they show of him, I honestly don’t think they could do anything more to make them appear more evil/stupid/villianous.

    Matt McCarten’s batshit ranting is a case in point

  • 2ndAmendment

    When were you last in the states Whale? Mitt is going to win.

    The only way he could possible lose is (once again) massive vote fraud – and (touch wood) that is not going to happen this time around.

    Better still, McCarten is 100% correct to be scared shitless: with welfare and unions being eliminated in the US, they will soon be eliminated here too
    I look forwards to the day when trade rules make trade-unions and unionists legally responsible for all costs due to their economic terrorism — when for every dollar POAL loses from MUNZ, or anyone else loses from unions, they can recover three from Unionists and the Labour Party.

  • Troy

    Who cares? I care less what happens in the US of Ass. Let them get all self-indulgent and bloated about themselves, doesn’t change what views the rest of the world think of the self-appointed world police. ho hum!

  • 2ndAmendment

    Here’s why we should all care – here are the stakes.

    The myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished

    Whatever the outcome of the American presidential election, one thing is certain: the fighting of it will be the most significant political event of the decade…

    What is being challenged is nothing less than the most basic premise of the politics of the centre ground: that you can have free market economics and a democratic socialist welfare system at the same time. The magic formula in which the wealth produced by the market economy is redistributed by the state – from those who produce it to those whom the government believes deserve it – has gone bust.

    Something else WO won’t blog: