Maybe they just want a root?

I knew a wise old geezer who once told me that you don’t pay a hooker for sex…you pay them to f*ck off afterwards. Another mate thinks you pay cock tax no matter what, so at least the cock tax with hookers is pre-negotiated and agreed before hand.

Katherine Feeney has discovered some interesting research:

Suggestively and succinctly entitled?The Hobbyist and the Girlfriend Experience: Behaviors and Preferences of Male Customers of Internet Sexual Service Providers, the work is newly published in the American journal?Deviant Behavior?and comes from two experts credentialed in the field of prostitution and personal relationships.

And the conclusion basically finds most men surveyed preferred not to consider the women they ?bought? as ?dirty whores? or bodies ?for sexual release?.

Instead, the majority of the 584 male subjects paid for sex because they were looking for the ?girlfriend experience or GFE over all other personal qualities and behaviours?.

How does that sit with your expectations?

Does it fit with your thoughts about why some people pay for sex?

The demographics are intesting too:

If it jars, then you might be interested in the author?s disclaimer. Their subjects were members of a particular adult services forum, and they were all male ? mostly white, middle-aged, educated married and earning six-figure salaries. In other words, they are not representative of every person who pays for sex (and I say person, because females hire sex workers too).

But still, it?s important to note these blokes weren?t conforming to the usual, negative John stereotypes. They were seeking an ?idealized version of a girlfriend? in the women whose services they purchased, with ?ideal? seemingly meaning a woman who is up for sex, interested in his needs, not too emotionally demanding and cares to come when he ?makes the effort to bring her there?.

I?m curious, how does this ideal fit in with the male readers of this blog? Is this what you want from women?

And they want fairly straight sex too…which will please Andrei and Lucia no end:

Furthermore, the researchers found these guys preferred good (pardon the moral deliberateness) old-fashioned ?penile-vaginal coitus? to any other sex act. Not anal or oral or any other kind of freaky-deaky sex so commonly thought of as the kind men really want.

Again, I?m curious about how this finding fits in with the male readers of this blog.

I think Katherine Feeney is all at sea…I bet Cactus Kate knows exactly what?the?real answer is…that the blokes just want a no hassle root and for the chick to shut up and disappear afterwards, just like my wise old mate from Wellington said.