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  • Andrei

    Of course that song was recorded a decade ago now – in those days Toby Keith was a democrat, he isn’t anymore.

    And US soldiers stood proud and tall.

    Now a days Barack Obama has already surrendered Iraq and is in the process of surrendering Afghanistan to teh Taliban while army drill sergeants exercise in “pregnancy empathy bellies” to better understand the travails of the pregnant soldiers under their command and the once proud military now march in their uniforms waving their rainbow flags in “gay pride” parades.

    So a once mighty nation falls – only held up for now by borrowing money that can never be repaid.

    Really very sad to watch the decline as it unfolds.

    • Tony

      he recorded this as a result of 9/11. He was (is) an American. There was no political divide on that day – nor the 90-days that followed.

      As a serviceman who has served with US forces a number of times (more than 10, less than 50) over the years I can assure that they are just as (outwardly) apolitical as we are. It does not matter what social experiments are unleashed upon our (or AS, or CA, or US, or UK) service-members. We will still do the job.

      That is what makes us different from almost every other country.

      Celebrate the Red White and Blue – it reminds us of democracy and freedom. Remember that our flag too, is Red White and Blue.

      • Andrei

        Don’t disagree with anything you say