Mitt Romney’s Shambolic Campaign

Mitt Romney seems to be going about losing the unlosable election. His campaign has been terrible. Politico outlines just how terrible it was in preparation for the convention speech, one of the most important parts of the entire campaign.

Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s top strategist, knew his candidate’s convention speech needed a memorable mix of loft and grace if he was going to bound out of Tampa with an authentic chance to win the presidency. So Stevens, bypassing the speechwriting staff at the campaign’s Boston headquarters, assigned the sensitive task of drafting it to Peter Wehner, a veteran of the last three Republican White Houses and one of the party’s smarter wordsmiths.

Not a word Wehner wrote was ever spoken.

Stevens junked the entire thing, setting off a chaotic, eight-day scramble that would produce an hour of prime-time problems for Romney, including Clint Eastwood’s meandering monologue to an empty chair.

Romney’s convention stumbles have provoked weeks of public griping and internal sniping about not only Romney but also his mercurial campaign muse, Stevens. Viewed warily by conservatives, known for his impulsiveness and described by a colleague as a “tortured artist,” Stevens has become the leading staff scapegoat for a campaign that suddenly is behind in a race that had been expected to stay neck and neck through Nov. 6.

This article is based on accounts from Romney aides, advisers and friends, most of whom refused to speak on the record because they were recounting private discussions and offering direct criticism of the candidate and his staff, Stevens in particular.


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  • Andrei

    LOL – regurgitating the talking points from the Democrat Party campaign committee again WO.

    Back In the real world the middle East is on fire, Obama’s foreign policy is in tatters, the economy is in a state of near collapse sustained only by borrowing and printing money.

    Whether or not this attempt to distract from the real issues that need to be talked about work remains to be seen.

    But what is apparent is that the USA as we knew it is probably finished and given that Pax Americana is what has kept us all safe and prosperous for the past seventy years that is not something to be relished – hard and dangerous times lie before us

    • Ronnie Chow

      So all we need is another neocon President to turn the fuck-up in the middle east into a clusterfuck , then turn to wall street and let them trade derivatives and toxic securities again .
      That’ll be what you mean by hard and dangerous times , no ?

  • Mitch82

    The Republicans deserve every ounce of Romney Fail they’re getting, they bought this shit sandwich with a smile on their faces.

    • Captain Crab

      Its true theres not much of a choice (much like here and elsewhere) but Obama is truly fucking dreadful and clueless.
      Romney and Ryan would at least get USA back on track again. Which we all need actually. They are a pretty important market.
      The stats in the US are appalling.
      And Romney is right about those receiving benefits starting to exceed those who contribute. Fuck we have the same problem here!
      You might call Romney naiave for his comments but at least he is consistant in telling the truth.
      Obama has to be one of the biggest liars they have ever had as a Pres

      • Mitch82

        …how is he going to get the economy on track? He nearly ruined Bain Capital and took a bailout to save it. He seems to have distanced himself from Ryan’s crappy economic plan, and replaced it with headscratching.

        Dog Shit or Cat Shit on Wheatbread – America’s Choice 2012.

    • botti

      Who should they have picked instead? Romney has consistently had the best head to head polls against Obama for the last year or so out of the possible Republican candidates.

  • Simo

    5 days ago the FED started printing money that Obama is going to bribe the 47% with after the election, down goes the US dollar, up goes their import costs, yea they are really going to vote Obama when there cost of living goes up and their buying power is diluted by the Fed printing money. The lefties spinning of the the 47% alienation is going to spin Mitt into the White House.

  • Politico…???

    FFS, what is it with NZ observers of the US election that they don’t seem to have a fucking clue about what is a left wing propaganda outfit and what isn’t???


    Politico editor Jim VandeHei admitted in March that if most reporters he had worked with were under the influence of “truth serum,” they’d admit to voting Democratic.


    Read more:

    Note- I actually agree that Romney is clueless, but I would never aid the left by acknowledging any of their numerous propaganda outlets as serious commentators on the election. (or any matter)

    Especially not if I was claiming to be any kind of “right wing” blog.

    • botti

      Agree, Romney is shooting himself in the foot but the one-sided nature of the media who downplay anything that might hurt Obama is appalling.

      • Neil

        When all else fails go for the sympathy vote maybe?

    • 2ndAmendment

      Both in NZ and in the US, these was a time, not that long ago, when journalists (and civil servants) refrained from voting to manage the conflict of interest.

      Journalists, civil servants, state employes, and bludgers must be prohibited from voting to ensure their employment is nonpartisan and free from bias.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Shambolic, is it?

    Gallup: The latest Gallup tracking data show that Barack Obama now leads Mitt Romney by one percentage point, 47% to 46% among registered voters, where the race was on Aug. 31-Sept. 3, before the Democratic Convention began.</i

    Rasmussen: Swing State Daily Tracking: Romney 47%, Obama 46%

    Leftist Despite what the pundits say, Romney’s 47 percent remarks could shore up support where it matters most