More Carping and Moaning From South

2000 Cantabrians protested at school closures.

More than 2000 Cantabrians have gathered in Christchurch to rally against proposed changes to the region’s education system.

The thousands, who gathered across four netball courts at Hagley Park, urged Education Minister Hekia Parata to “leave our kids alone”.

Students, principles and MPs added their voice against the government’s proposal to shut 13 schools and merge 18 others.


Cantabrians would protest if you gave them all each $500,000.

They would think they should have been given $500,001.

Still the way Hekia Parata has backed down in her portfolio already they have a fair chance of the wuss out option.  The Unions smell a weak Minister.  I mean many of the Labour MP’s screaming blue murder were involved in massive school closures….yes Mallard we are looking at you.

Your local school closes, the taxpayer pays for your child to go to another.  The world does not end.

In the meantime uninsured homeowners, those who can afford a house but not insurance, have been bailed out by the taxpayer and billions is being poured into the region.


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  • Travis Poulson

    2000 Cantabrians? they wouldn’t happen to be union figures by any chance?

    • Euan.Rt

      No, mostly school kids.

  • LinkinHawk

    LMAO i drove past hagley park and there would have been bareley 400-500 people

  • Young and Dumb

    Unfortunately their incessant complaining about many trivial and logical things happening in Christchurch have begun to make the rest of us tired.

    But hey, what would they be doing if they weren’t complaining?

  • David

    A fair few of us Cantabs are sick to death of the constant carping and moaning, makes me cringe when the beneficiaries of the very generous taxpayer largess bitch and moan its not enough.
    No doubt it is testing the goodwill shown from the rest of NZ, spare a thought for the95% of us who are very appreciative and are far too busy cracking on to sit around hand wringing and appreciate the hand up.

    • Will

      Well said. As a fellow Cantab, I’m so tired of their complaining. It’s orchestrated by Labour, and they’ve sought to politicise everything the Govt has done to help people and the city. The silent majority are extremely grateful and thankful for NZ’s support and we will persevere in spite of them. Thanks New Zealand.

    • Magor

      Please get your opposition printed in your daily rags down there

  • John

    A lot of the demographic shift was happening even before the earthquakes. Rolls were falling in the Eastern schools and more schools were needed in the northwest.
    The earthquake is actually a great opportunity to rebalance the situation based on reality.
    I am afraid there are a lot of Cantabrians who just oppose any change regardless.

  • thor42

    Bitching and whining about SCHOOLS?
    FFS – these pricks should be bloody grateful that they have a **roof over their heads** (even if it *does* leak and the windows and doors are knackered).

    If you have the **time and energy** to whine about closing schools, then you have the time and energy to do something actually useful (like moving to Australia……).