On NZ on Air and #NZGT

Regan Cunliffe blogs at Throng about the disconnect with the liberal elite who think NZ on Air should fund their pet projects and not programmes like New Zealand’s Got Talent. The show isn’t my cup of tea, but then again neither is Citizen A and their endless stream of niche lefty opinion munters:

What is it with our inbred desire, as kiwis, to want to find fault with everything?  Particularly when it comes to local versions of highly successful and incredibly expensive TV shows.

With New Zealand’s Got Talent returning to our screens, it appears as though there are a lot of people who were simply desperate for it to be bad.  While one New Zealand Herald reviewer desperately wanted it to be bad, and Stuff desperately wanted the ratings provided by TVNZ to be “massaged” and inflated,  people like Martyn Bradbury continue to suggest NZ On Air should onlyfund non-popular programming.

When #NZGT became a top trending topic on twitter, despite the blur of tweets whizzing past in the scrolling mess, numerous comments were along similar lines that the show wasn’t nearly as cringeworthy as they’d expected.  Many, in fact, were quite pleasantly surprised.

It is important to note that NZ On Air is:

an independent government funding agency. We invest in a colourful range of cost-effective local content, to extend choices for different New Zealand audiences.

Forget what you’d like NZ On Air to be, this is what it is.  It funds a broad range of shows for a broad range of audiences.  Thankfully its funding model isn’t restricted to niche, low rating shows but also shows with mass appeal that require a significant amount of finance in order to go to air.


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  • Jman

    That show isn’t my cup of tea either and I wouldn’t normally watch it, but I happened to catch it the other night and it was actually surprisingly good. I didn’t know the lefties were anti it, but if so all the more reason to support it.

  • captain kidd

    Fuck I hate the fact that these idiots are called Liberals,they are not !.

  • Dare I say it but I’d suggest that there would be a fair amount of left leaning bodies involved in getting this production to air so it may be a little unfair to put them all in one basket.

  • Cadwallader

    On what basis is NZ On Air actually needed? I do not watch TV out of personal choice but apparently my taxes (formally separate levy) pay for this seemingly pointless operation.

  • John Drinnan

    A lot of support here for corporate welfare
    Announcement soon on NZ On air funding for NZ X Factor.
    Taxpayer is funding commercial shows for failing businesses