Out of Touch

There are additional calls for the Judge in the Guy Hallright case to step aside as he is out of touch:

The family of a young mother killed by a driver in an unwarranted, unregistered car wants the sentencing judge to step down, saying he has lost touch with society.

Judge Raoul Neave sentenced the driver to nine months’ home detention and told him that to give meaning to Danielle Reeves’ life he should make a success of his own.

Her family said Danielle Reeves’ life already had meaning.

Judge Neave is the same judge who this week sentenced a banker to community service after he ran over a driver during a road rage incident.

Tracy Reeves is now mother to her granddaughter, Kylah. Her own daughter, Kylah’s mum Danielle, was killed in a car accident a year ago.

The young male driver had been trying to prove to her that he could drift his car on a wet night. A month ago he was sentenced to nine months’ home detention by Judge Neave.

“I expected some justice,” says Tracy Reeves. “I wanted him to learn that this behaviour isn’t acceptable. Home detention, nine months – he’s been grounded. It’s disgusting.”

The Judge also foolishly insulted media who are also now calling for him to be held to account:

Judge Neave has also been slated by media commentators since Guy Hallwright’s sentencing, when he described the media as vulgar and claimed it took an unhealthy degree of glee in the misfortune of someone seen to be in a privileged position.

“The judge has become the target now,” says journalist Susan Baldacci. “Frankly from what I’ve seen, and I wasn’t in the courtroom, but from what I have seen, rightfully so.”

“It showed that the judge is completely out of touch with most New Zealanders,” says journalist Bill Ralston.


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  • excusesofpuppets

    It was the “give meaning to Danielle’s life” comment that did it for me. Such a poor choice of words. I don’t usually like judges grabbing sensationalist headlines but what a dork of a judge this guy is.

  • Agent BallSack

    If youre forbidden to drive twice and then go on kill someone on our roads you should be in prison for a very long time.

    • Bunswalla

      Can anyone explain to me the whole rationale behind this “forbidden to drive” bullshit? As I understand it, you’re either legally entitled to drive, or you’re not. What seems to happen is that if you get caught driving when you’re not entitled to (no licence, expired licence, DQ, whatever) you get a ticket, and then you’re “forbidden to drive”.
      WTF? If you were never legally entitled to drive in the first place, what’s the point of saying “We caught you driving once without a licence, which you’re not allowed to do, so now you’re REALLY not allowed to.” If you do it again, I really will stamp my foot so hard!
      Oh, you did it again?! Now you’re making me really cross. I just may have to get out the wet bus ticket young man. If you’re caught driving without a licence, or DQ, you should have your car immediately confiscated and impounded. Telling people they’re forbidden to do something they were never entitled to do in the first place is just bullshit. I dare say this young lady would still be alive if the car was impounded earlier.

      • Agent BallSack

        Its a plug to the loophole to when if you got caught driving with a wrong class of licence or no licence at all the worst you could cop was a $150 ‘no licence’ fine. I agree with you though, its a soft cock law made even worse by this judge acting in blatant disregard of what the police think about this driver. The young guy has no respect for any laws and the judge just showed him exactly why he doesn’t have to have any respect for the laws of the country. I hope for the young man’ sake the girl doesn’t have any brothers or close family thirsting for revenge.

  • Will

    Another arrogant and out of touch liberal judge, I wonder how he’d feel if it was his daughter that was killed and the offender only gets 9 months home detention. Dispicable and absurd.

  • Jimmie

    Maybe he should challenge David Shearer to be the leader of the labour party?

  • Phar Lap

    Maybe the judge should be named Judge “Naive”,seems more appropriate.

  • Scanner

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that this judge used to be just another lying, pantywaisted, liberal, softcock lawyer, and as such is still proving how totally inefectual and out of touch with the real world our judiciary actually are.

    Judges should be elected both on and off the bench, then perhaps we would see them actually doing what the majority want instead of following the latest limp-wristed trend.

  • insider

    Is the judge another victim of silly name syndrome?

  • HSV 325

    Have the police appealed the outcome of the first case?

  • Mr_Blobby

    The problem is that for some reason we need an independent judiciary separate from the Government. But it is the Government that appoint the judiciary, for life, with no accountability.

    How about we practice the democracy that we preach endlessly but don’t practice.

    We need to take our out of touch, gravy train, judiciary and rework it from the top down. By that I mean. Everyone in a position of power is elected. The Judges, The crown prosecutor, and the City Police chiefs.

    They Judges would still remain independent of Government but accountable to the people. The crown prosecutor and Police chiefs would no longer be accountable to the Government but accountable to the people.

    • 2ndAmendment

      The only problem with that is the Franchise.

      Rodney’s supershitty keep Hellen’s universal franchise – look at the result.

      Whereas if Rodney has listened to ACT on Campus & other supporters, had adopted a ratepayer franchise Banks would be mayor, Hide with a sizable ACT team in parliament – potentially deputy PM — and no rail loop, no maori board, no business rate rises, no stupid bus debacles, ….

      It’s the franchise, stupid.

      • Mr_Blobby

        I assume by franchise you mean system. That is what I am saying we need a more democratic system with more transparency and accountability. Power to the people no, no taxation without representation, one man one vote. Less Big Government.