Pagani gone drilling

During the 2011 election campaign much was made of Labour’s working man roots, especially the miners.  It seems that Labour has not only turned its back on the working man but has also driven one of its key strategists to work for the Oil and Gas industry. Jordan Carter ecstatically tried to break the news to his acolytes:

And Martyn Bradbury is alluding to some sort of putsch against Pagani on his little read hate-blog.

It now seems an open secret that in fact John Pagani has left of his own free will and accepted a role with NZ Oil and Gas.

Of course, Pagani isn’t there as a ‘working man’ but he’s going there as another lobbyist.  What becomes even more interesting is that he is the third former Labour staffer to go to the mining/drilling industries.  Mike Munro is working for Todd Corporation and Deborah Mahuta-Coyle signed on as a lobbyist for PEPANZ (the Petroleum industry’s lobby group).  Technically it may actually be four since Pagani is replacing another former Labour staffer Chris Roberts. Perhaps this explains Labour’s claimed change of heart on mining where they now share the same stance as National.

So what finally drove Pagani out (again)? Was it Mallard’s constant nitpicking over every word in every press release – only to then have a tantrum, go to his office and ring his media mates to bitch?  Or was it the slow creep of the ‘gaggle of gays’ as they took over the Leader’s office? Word has it that Mold has even turned from being Shearer’s number one supporter to now being the ultimate fag hag to Robertson.

Shearer’s strain to decide whether to appeal to middle New Zealand and ‘Waitakere Man’ has now disappeared. May be Sio and Nash are right?  May be Labour has lost the plot and got lost in the Jordan Carter like rhetoric.  After all, how many people who have experienced the real world are left in the Leader’s corridor?  All are too busy navel gazing, being terribly academic or are the ultimate beltway junkies.  How is Shearer ever expected to succeed with advice coming from those people?

Shearer is now a lonely, invisible man.  Who does he turn to?  Shearer’s instincts will be to include his opposition in his tactics… the silly man hasn’t worked out that in politics having no one on your side is a dangerous position.


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  • Redbaiter

    Just what the Oil and Gas industry needs right now.

    Idiots like Pagani and Mahuta Coyle working for them.

    Already under siege from so many directions, they put traitors to the cause in key positions within the industry.

    If they continue to hire communists/ neo Marxists to work for them, the O & G industry deserves everything it gets.

    Someone further up the chain needs to fire the people doing the hiring.

    • Gazzaw

      Don’t get me started about the power of the HR industry to infiltrate companies, councils & SOEs RB.

      • Redbaiter

        I was at a convention of the O & G idiots not long ago and the yellow backed subservience to the Watermelons promoted by their public relations representatives was so sickening to observe.

        No wonder Apache split the scene.

        All this crazy talk about “social license”. FFS, there is already social license and its defined by complying with the law, not some dumbarsed trendy nebulous Progressive bullshit.

        The O & G industry needs to grow some balls and stop hiring losers Marxists and surrender monkeys to represent it.

  • Patrick

    Pagani is best off out of that mess – he needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror & ask himself wht he was doing mixed up with Labour in the first place. How did he think it was going to turn out?

    Work is the answer – not sitting around with your hand out. Unfortunately all within Labour would rather see us all on the benefit – then we are beholden to their generosity for our wellbeing.

    Like feeding crack to a crack whore

  • Pete George

    “Shearer is now a lonely, invisible man. Who does he turn to?”

    To himself would be a good start. Speak for himself, be himself.

    Parroting carefuly crafted banalities – which he did very poorly indicating his heart wasn’t in it – didn’t turn on the target and turned off the base.

    Shearer is probably the most non Labourised of the party’s MPs, he should use that as a strength, if it’s not too late.

  • Auto_Immune

    The joy from Carter and Martyn is a bit premature. Having Pagani gone doesn’t suddenly make Labour more left-wing.

  • PolishPride

    Same thing happens in American politics and what a shambles that is.
    Another crystal clear sign the system is in need of a serious change.

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  • Pete George

    So Pagani has finished digging Labour into a hole and he’s going to help others dig holes.

  • AnonWgtn

    Shearer is Roberson’s parrott, as planned when he changed his allegiances from Cunliffe to Shearer.
    Cunners would not have put up with it, which is why Robertson saw his personal advantage with Shearer (a nice guy to have a beer with – but that’s about all).
    Robertson is all about himself and his homosexual favoured friends.