Paying for Signatures?

It looks like the Green party is having a lend of us again. Keeping Stock has the details:

An organisation by the name of Engage NZ has been running the advertisement below on TradeMe. Engage NZ is paying $4000 for five weeks work on “an exciting and lucrative campaign”; check out the details:

So what is this campaign, and who is Engage NZ? That’s an excellent question, and we believe we have the answer.

If the information provided to us last night is correct (and we have no reason to suspect that it isn’t), Engage NZ might not be too far removed from a certain political party. Because the purpose of this team flying around New Zealand engaging with people is a very political one. The “current affairs issue” being discussed is asset sales, and the “select target audience” with whom people are engaging is those who have not yet signed the petition for a Citizen Initiated Referendum.

Yes dear readers; the Green Party is at it again. The contract term began on Friday 31 August; the very day that the Greens and Labour launched their spring push to get to the required number of signatures. Our informant tells us that a friend applied and got the job, and in our informant’s words “it is the Greens running it.”.

I note that the company the Greens are using to front their campaign has 4 out of 5 shareholders offshore in the UK, kind of ironic that they are using and offshore pwned company to promote their anti-asset sales agenda.

I’m not even sure that the only shareholder who resides in NZ is still with the company. Is Ben Cummings still there? As my sources tell me that he is now the new GM for Hell Pizza to assist the idiots Stu and Callum manage their way through their constant social media disasters.

Dollars to a knob of goat poo that taxpayers money is funding their little jaunt all over the country, not to mention all the salaries of MPs likewise campaigning.


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  • Jaffa

    Good one.
    Stay with it Cam.

  • Pete George

    “The total fee for completing the campaign is $4,000 + food allowance and bonus.”

    A bonus for what – payment per signature? Or reaching targets of numbers of signatures?

    I’ve been told personally and have seen reports online of signature seekers being very aggressive and pushy. Maybe this is one reason why.

    • Alex

      Not surprised with the pushy part. I suspect that the Greens will recruit from the Chugger-brigade, who have been the bane of my Wellington existence. The Red Cross ones in particular are appalling: if you say “no thanks, no time” to them, on your return journey they will take to literally trying to shame you for declining them first time round. They seem to have developed this “it is my divine right to talk to you” attitude.

      • Gazzaw

        You are quite correct Alex. I had dealings with them in Auckland & the outfit seems to be run by a pushy Californian sheila. Why was I surprised?

        • Phar Lap

          @Gazzaw Will never forget the time the American Red Cross stole Forty Million dollars when emotion was at its peak after 9/11.They were found out to be lets say, like the Red/”greens”who love picking the pockets of suckers,and bleeding hearts.

    • AnonWgtn

      Assume its cash, and tax free, and the food is not subject to taxable expenses, or Finge Benefit Tax ?

  • Harry

    At the bottom of the ad it says to send your CV, a covering letter and a recent photo of yourself. Photo? Is that because if you’re ugly or fat or perhaps the wrong look or ethnicity you won’t be considered? I thought there were discrimination laws against that?

    • Phar Lap

      @harry.sounds to me to get the job ,you would have to be ugly as well.Case in point co leader Turei.FFS.

    • Patrick

      As long as you are pictured munching mung beans & are a stoned rope head you will be a shoe-in for the job.
      Don’t even think about applying if you have bathed in recent months & have the self worth to occasionally run a comb through your hair.

    • Bunswalla

      What they want is genetically advantaged, young and perky, idealistic, preferably blonde people of either gender with engaging personalities that look good in a T-shirt. They approach people of the opposite gender and with a wink and a smile and an “accidental” touch they can get older people to sign anything.
      The requirement for intellect means they can think on their feet if they’re challenged about their motives or asked who they’re working for.
      This is the exact same approach favoured by Scientologists in Queen Street and even the Moonies many years ago.
      To seek to recruit pople like this is illegal and discriminatory, as they well know, so they’re dressing it up as a fixed term, fixed pay contract. The best option is to keep signing with blatantly false names and ask them for their phone numbers.

  • Phar Lap

    So how does all that type of legal theft compare with the $800,000 Dollars Lie-bour stole on the pledge card caper.Sounds like a re-run to me, or are scams like this ok as long as it is the Red/”greens”,with squeaky Norman aboard,and the other little pest Turei from Magillicuddy Serious fame.

  • fergus

    so the total cost of this @ approx $100 food allowance, $150 accommadation (per day) at 33 days…afterall, they will be paoid for 27 days but expenses will run for 33 days…..$12250 per person…..NOT including “flights and transport. To do any good they will possibly need at least 20 people so that is $245 000 of tax payers money PLUS transport say 2 round trips to Auckland from Wellington (equivilent, each) $400 each x 20 Total cost is now….$253 000 of TAX PAYERS money!!!!!

  • sheppy

    Why isn’t there a law against this wastage???

  • Gazzaw

    What a shame that Parliament is in recess for two weeks. What a ripper for Question Time.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    So much for the “citizen initiated referendum”.

    • Jono

      They do seem to push this don’t they. At every soundbite they make sure that they say citizen initiated referendum

    • This never was a Citizen Initiated Referendum STC. It’s a PPIR; Political Party Initiated Referendum. The Greens and Labour are two time losers on this issue; the lost the 2011 election, and they lost the vote in Parliament on the Mixed Ownership Model Bill. They are trying to rewrite history, and they are using your taxes and mine to pay for it. So much for the Greens being the party of principle.

  • Badmac

    $4000/27days/10hours = $12.70 per hour.

    Greens campaign for $15 minimum wage but happily take advantage when it suits.

  • Badmac

    No bloody edit! $14.80 per hour.

  • Grandstream

    I think the intelligence requirement is optional. I have signed this petition 9 times already using names like “Charlie Shovel”, “rodney Donald” “arther P. ennis”……must say it is great fun hearing the lefty green bs and faking agreement. I would encourage everyone to get involved and ensure this green iniative is defeated at the official count.

    • guest2

      Unfortunately if this all true then all signature collected in bars with people under the influence is null and void. WO this should be the big exposure for next week. There is some reall issues here

      • Owl

        Even better just done some research huge FBT issues for all the allowances. Also contractor or employee relationship not established. If the greens are remotely involved in this they have broken 3 major employment laws. WO this needs a big follow up.

        • owl

          Major law number one broken and Rusell Norman has to make a public statement by Wednesday. The public can now see his communist employment factory working background coming through. if you have 1 employer eg engaged you can not be a sole contractor and you must be an employee and have set hours, employment contracts and based on their calculation 6 10 hours a day it doesn’t set a minimum or maximum hours. There a contractor could be demanded to work 60 hours for the week for 27 days straight. This is a serious serious serious serious serious breach of NZ law.
          Put this on the wall – a Green Party future employment contract. As always I apologize if the greens are not involved – if they are…well the Owl is on the boat…if they aren’t the owl will write a personal apology. Mr Norman you have until Wednesday to distant the greens or the Owl will be working hard on this story.
          Love the Owl

          • owl

            Just to make it interesting I applied for the job.

          • GregM

            Hehe! I’m putting the popcorn on now, this could be interesting!

    • Gazzaw

      Me too Grandstream. The dumb Kanuck who was collecting the signatures didn’t even question it when I signed the form Rt Hon John Key PM. Mind you it was a wet & windy night in the Countdown carpark. I have of course since emailed the Countdown owner-operator who was blissfully unaware that his carpark was being used for those purposes. He has told the greens to fuck off & stop hassling his customers.

      • Think

        Heard there was a legal opinion on the tactics of collecting signatures already drawn up. Will be interesting if comes to light. A few social media pages are full of people complaining about bein harassed. A few have appeared on here as well

      • I understand that there may be more than one Rufus Paynter signature on the Greens’ petition after the weekend’s collecting…

  • MrV

    Oh I’d be happy to sign, provided this was about having direct democracy for all legislation, not just the ones the greens don’t like.
    If we had direct democracy legislation like, anti-smacking, windmill subsidies, ETS etc would be put out to pasture a lot sooner

  • Patrick

    Be worth getting hired & travelling the country assisting the Greenies wouldn’t it. The look on their faces when you deliver the “results” – exactly the opposite from what they are looking for would be priceless.

    • Bunswalla

      Patrick you naughty fellow, I don’t think you’ll be getting your bonus. Oh yes, wait, you will, just not the bonus they were thinking of.

  • It can’t be the Keep Our Assets petition because you need to sign the petition sheet – signatures for a Citizens Initiated Referendum can’t be collected via Ipad.

    • owl

      Good point and totally agree. There are three points to this though. Keep stock have said it is the greens. Therefore the only debate on the cards at the moment is assets sales so take an iPad and a signature form at the same time. 2nd there is so many things wrong with this job ad that labour greens and the unions have to disagree with..contract is contracting out and it is only for 27 days – where is the 90 day trial period.

  • So interesting to see you dont correct your own ‘not even close so no cigar’ comments, and allow your followers to continue to froth and foam even when it is obvious to most with a centred never mind a left side of the brain, that the Engage Campaign wasn’t the Greens.. Still don’t start letting the facts deter you from your usual diatribes based on methane??