Paying for Signatures?

It looks like the Green party is having a lend of us again. Keeping Stock has the details:

An organisation by the name of Engage NZ?has been running the advertisement below on TradeMe. Engage NZ is paying $4000 for five weeks work on “an exciting and lucrative campaign”; check out the details:

So what is this campaign, and who is Engage NZ? That’s an excellent question, and we believe we have the answer.

If the information provided to us last night is correct (and we have no reason to suspect that it isn’t), Engage NZ might not be too far removed from a certain political party. Because the purpose of this team flying around New Zealand engaging with people is a very political one. The “current affairs issue” being discussed is asset sales, and the “select target audience” with whom people are engaging is those who have not yet signed the petition for a Citizen Initiated Referendum.

Yes dear readers; the Green Party is at it?again. The contract term began on Friday 31 August; the very day that the Greens and Labour launched their spring push to get to the required number of signatures. Our informant tells us that a friend applied and got the job, and in our informant’s words “it is the Greens running it.”.

I note that the company the Greens are using to front their campaign has 4 out of 5 shareholders offshore in the UK, kind of ironic that they are using and offshore pwned company to promote their anti-asset sales agenda.

I’m not even sure that the only shareholder who resides in NZ is still with the company. Is Ben Cummings still there? As my sources tell me that he is now the new GM for Hell Pizza to assist the idiots Stu and Callum manage their way through their constant social media disasters.

Dollars to a knob of goat poo that taxpayers money is funding their little jaunt all over?the?country, not to mention all the salaries of MPs likewise campaigning.