People are Stupid, Ctd

This guy is clearly stupider than the average stupid person:

A man who police say left his wallet and ID at the scene of a crime has again made things easy for police by tagging a court cell with his own initials.

Christopher Rushbrook, 23, was arrested on Tuesday after returning to pick up his wallet from one of two cars he had allegedly broken into at Masterton’s Solway railway station.

But just minutes after being bailed on a final warning on Wednesday, Rushbrook bolted from Masterton District Court without signing his bail documents.

Police then found his initials tagged on the walls of his holding cell.

He handed himself in yesterday and now faces charges of escaping police custody and wilful damage, on top of a series of theft charges.

Lawyer Ian Hard described the latest incident as “a pretty unfortunate series of events”.


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  • Joe Bloggs

    Reminds me of a numb-nuts who broke into my car years ago with the intention of driving off in it. He disappeared when he realised my car had a steering wheel lock and keyed kill-switch, but left his his cheque book behind (we assume it fell out of his back pocket).

    When the cops went to the bank branch and asked the teller behind the counter who the cheque book belonged to, the teller told them it was his. He was promptly arrested, charged, convicted, made to pay reparation for the broken side window … and lost his job at the bank.

    Obviously that was back in the days when committing a crime and getting caught had consequences.

  • Blue Tim

    And he had an ordinary 1st name.

  • Jimmie

    Stocks or a good floging would do him the world of good. I’d give 50 cents that his brain cells have been permanently addled by too much weed/P smoking.