People are Stupid, Ctd

In the continuing series highlighting the general theme that people are stupid and do stupid things:

The NZTA is disappointed that thieves have taken lights designed to help keep motorists safe.

Thieves have made off with at least $5600 worth of safety lights from Rimutaka Hill Rd.

The 160 lights — called side delineator lights — were fixed to posts and fences on the Featherston side of the hill two months ago but started going missing.

There are none left.

New Zealand Transport Agency Wellington operations manager Mark Owen said that the lights appeared to have been stolen.

“We’re very disappointed with these thefts, as the lights were being trialled to help make journeys safer for motorists on the Rimutaka Hill Rd.”

The thefts had been reported to the police, he said.

No doubt they will now be gracing some bogan’s garage bar.


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  • kiwidon

    Nothings changed. The old road works red kerosene lanterns were considered a “must have” trophy a few decades ago………sigh….