Photos for Fathers Day

The other day I posted a photo of the house in Statham Street at Suva Point where we lived when I was born, nearly 44 years ago.

I was going through some old photos this weekend and I found these ones that were taken in November 1968 at that house.

Dad and Me at Statham Street

Mum and Me at Statham Street

Coming home from the hospital


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  • Orange

    Handsome dad and beautiful mum

  • LesleyNZ

    Just gorgeous photos! Your mum looks so lovely (and your dad). I can see your daughter in her. Cameron – why were your mum and dad living in Fiji? I bet that was one of the greatest times of lives. Time flies – but what great memories are in photographs

    • Dad was the Chief Accountant for the Fiji Development Bank in 1968.

      • LesleyNZ

        Would have been an interesting job!

  • Kate F

    Beautiful pics Cam. Lots of love to John and Marg. Kx

  • Annie

    Lovely photos – your mum land dad look so happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vlad

    Nice, you look like your Dad! Suva is a great place, much more interesting than dusty old Nadi. Tourists should go to that side of the island if they want a good time, great food and nice people. Lai Qarase was GM of the Fiji Development Bank when I knew him; I agree with your comments about our short-sighted attitude towards Fiji as it now is but I have always regretted that Bainimarama’s rhetoric has included largely unsubstantiated comments about corruption from his regime and about him personally. PS I had one of those VW 1600’s in my day, quite collectable these days!

    • The allegations are far from unsubstantiated, the sdl and Methodist church delivered tractors and outboard motors for votes, and one electorate had a 101% turn out. The Nz media just never report anything because they want the sdl or worse, the Fiji labour party in power.

      • Vlad

        OK let’s agree that the FLP would be worse. But Lai is a decent man.

        • A decent corrupt man who did stand over of business people to obtain “donations”…yeah real bang up chap.

      • LesleyNZ

        I sat next door to a lady on an Air Pacific flight back to NZ in January 2007. She was from near Labasa way (Viti Levu) and told me how her village didn’t vote for Qarase but the next door village did. Guess who got the flash new church built? The she said on election day lots of unmarked non-governmental cars came and took the ballot boxes away. Who knows where they went to or why they were taken away. The NZ media have been deliberately negative about Fiji and have practised their own form of selective media censorship concerning what is happening in Fiji.

  • Priceless memories! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Gazzaw

    Top pics Cameron. Makes me feel old though as my mates and I enjoyed a boozy holiday at the Korolevu Beach Hotel the year that you were born! They were great days in Fiji.

  • DrStoat

    Nice car the Oils were driving back then!

  • GregM

    Awesome photos. We had a VW “variant” like that when I was a kid as well.
    I love Fiji, especially the north, Denarau etc. Great place.

    • Gazzaw

      Make the most of it Greg, Denarau will be the Costa del Sol of China in the foreseeable future. No more ‘eggs any way you want them’ at the Sheraton buffet, you’ll be in the line waiting for a fresh pot of congee. Anyone for a sunset junk cruise on Nadi Bay? Blame the successive governments of NZ & Oz.

      • GregM

        Totally agree Gazzaw. I applied for a ferry skipper job up there about a year ago when I left the Navy. It has changed heaps since I was there about three years ago, but outlying areas such as the Taveuni islands etc haven’t changed, yet . Murray McCully , amongst others, needs a boot right up his arse.

        • Gazzaw

          It really annoys me Greg as there seems to have been absolutely no awareness of Fiji in the decisions made by Goff & then McCully. Zero knowledge or appreciation of the culture, history & social makeup of the country or more likely if they were aware they preferred to apply loony lefty UN dogma instead. We understand now why Helen chose labours policies to buy her position at the UN but why have the Nats chosen the same path?

          • GregM

            Gazzaw, I’m pissed off because being ex NZDF stopped me from getting a work permit. All thanks to some fuckwits in Wellington and Canberra that think they know what’s best for another sovereign nation.
            To Cams original post, Your mum and dad look really happy and healthy. It must have been interesting and a whole lot of fun raising a young family in Fiji in the 60’s.