Pinko sticks it to Comrade Kate

You know a minister has to be pretty average for our pinko mate to have a go, but he has pointed out the obvious to Comrade Kate.

A Dunedin-based cleaning company has taken its campaign online saying part of the Employment Relations Act is failing businesses – the site called “vulnerable minister” targets Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson.

The site is here.

Crest Commercial Cleaning launched the website last week after three years of lobbying the Government to change part 6A of the ERA, which was set up to protect ‘vulnerable’ contract workers.

Under the law if a business changes its contract, ‘vulnerable workers’ are given the right to transfer their employment under the same terms and conditions – the outgoing contactor has a month to notify the new contractor if employees want to transfer.

Crest managing director Grant McLauchlan said the legislation was ambiguous and needed clarity.

He said his company were finding out the day before it took over a new contract.

“We want to be told in due course, because we get to the last day and don’t know if people are electing to transfer – we are left not knowing if we need to recruit our own people.

“It’s so ambiguous, and every time we try and work it out we end up in the employment court.

Personally I don’t think the clause should remain in law at all. A company winning a contract should not be obligated to hire the staff of the losing company.

Comrade Kate needs to be shifted out of industrial relations where she has done nothing in nearly four years, has no timeline for her meaningless changes and believes that employers having a dispute with their workers are bad employers. Lord knows what she is doing in the National Party, maybe she is a cross we all have to bear but for what reason I cannot work out.


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  • Anonymouse Coward

    Comrade Kate may be ineffective, but where do you get the idea that she is a closet pink from?

    As a child of the landed gentry she would have been brought up with tales of those nasty bogey men, watersiders and freezing workers.

  • David

    Maybe the fact her interest in one of Christchurch,s biggest law firms and the subsequent loss in value to her and her campaign donors from sorting out employment law has something to do with it.
    It’s a brilliant gravy train and the gift that keeps on giving until someone sorts out the crazy laws, ones which National promised to do.

  • LamptonKey watcher

    Oh for God’s sake would Key grow some balls and send her packing. If she pisses off businesses then National has no hope. Joyce really should send his staff and give her a bloody good rev up. Maybe appoint someone like Sam Lotu Inga to the role – at least he seems to understand businesses.