Police reports, Then and Now

Labour’s futile pursuit of John Banks is starkly contrasted with the response to the allegations against Darren Hughes.

Labour agrees with police decisions – when it suits them.

Darren Hughes was investigated by police who said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute – just like John Banks.

Trevor Mallard said Darren Hughes had ‘cleared’ his name, while Phil Goff said at the time he believed Hughes had integrity:

 “But the decision about the complaint and the substance of the complaint is not mine to make. I don’t know all the facts, it’s for the police.”


I didn’t think the complaint was relevant to him being able to carry out his job”.

Nevermind, Labour has made their bed, and they can lie in it now.


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  • stanman

    yup a fool goof would know all about integrity……

    • blazer

      so where is Hughes now?

      • AnonWgtn

        London – has a job – helped by rellies.
        Understand that he expects to be back for th 2014 election as a list MP.
        His colleagues still believe he is a wonder kid.
        Believe he has attached himself as a Robertson fellow camper.

  • Dr Wang

    Labour would claim that there is no comparison here. According to Hughes’ family (incl. bar-propping old man, and meathead uncle) and Labour Party mates Dazza was “set up” in some sort of VRWC sting when he got caught out with the drunk naked teenage boy, later seen fleeing the Labour Party’s deputy leader’s home in a severe state of distress.

    It didn’t go down well when it was suggested that dirty Dazza was not that smart if he “took the bait” but more importantly they didn’t deny the substance of the lurid stories – their only defence was that he was “set up”.

  • Can’t we raise a bar a little? Wouldn’t it be better if all pollies and parties learnt to say, “Yep, I was wrong, I done wrong, I tried to cheat the system” etc – and then move on. Not just carry on, but move on! The crime doesn’t rate Banks losing his current job, but his “Can’t remember, I didn’t see it” responses just lead to derision and point-scoring.

  • Neil

    Um – excuse me but didn’t Hughes resign? Not to say anything more about either allegations’ validity or not, but Banks is still there…….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darren_Hughes

  • Neil

    Agree Duncan – sick of this “Nerh! it was alright when you did it why not now?” Why neighbours still hate, wars still fought – you name it geez on the international front the Japanese and Chinese are at it again as well….WTF!!