Politicians, Media, Dotcon spin cycle

It’s no secret that DotCon and his team have been playing certain sections of the media like a fiddle.

His PR machine drip feeds stories to preferred journos – who repeat everything word for word for fear of not getting the next exclusive.

But this week many more media outlets have jumped on board the DotCon bandwagon.

Campbell Live used selected quotes from a cop in court – DotCon’s lawyer continued the theme in court the next day (nice strategy) – and the rest of the media dutifully repeated this, saying the cop’s evidence was inconsistent.

The defence lawyer is trying to get his client off, as you would expect – but shouldn’t the media have been more circumspect with its reporting?

Now the stupid Greens are trying to interfere, even though they will have no idea of what was and wasn’t said in court.

So, my question to the media and everyone else out there – is there a transcript of what was said in court? Have you checked it? Are you confident the full facts of what was said have been reported? If not, are you at all concerned you might have got this very wrong? Are you concerned you might have prejudiced a court case?

And to politicians getting involved – did you think this through properly? What does the future hold for you if you have wrongly accused the police based on the evidence of a fat German’s PR machine?

Of course, if journos and politicians have rigorously checked all of their facts – then fine, there is nothing to worry about.

If not – and it turns out they have got this very wrong …….

Well, what does the Whale Army think?


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  • Andrei
  • Sooty

    The hollywood film industry have lost the plot, their business are behind the times. They maybe should have set up like itunes. They are not even playing catch up with technology. They are been left standing out on the street corne like some old tart trying to hustle a buck. We should have told them to F *&ck off. The Police went way over the top with helicopters, guns etc to raid his place. They have been watching too many american tv police programs and believing its all true. The have lost all credibillity lately. Too many stuff ups in court cases, etc. Above all else dotcom is just a wanker with too much money. Look what happens to people who believe their on bullshit, like michael jackson as an example. He has sucked in the entire news industry. Chasing after him like he is royalty and hanging on to his every word. Chasing him around parliment like overseas wanna be paparazi.And they wonder why we follow this blog to get some real life news, When the mainstream media is curling its toes up, with the shit they try to feed us. When all said and done, dotcom is just a rich dipshit.

    • Mr_Blobby

      If Dotcom and Megaupload had been a US corporation nothing would have been said.

  • It not about Dotcom.

    It about out of control law enforcement agencies.

    What happened to “the fat German” could happen to any one of us.

    • Mr_Blobby

      RB is 100% correct. More balance is required from this Blog Whale.

      • viking

        Keeping Stock (8,138) Says:

        September 29th, 2012 at 8:35 am

        Just curious Viking2; what did the police and GCSB/SIS do to you that
        makes you hate them all so much? You’re very quick to point out their
        faults, but sheesh; I wouldn’t and couldn’t be a cop no matter how much
        they were paying. The vast majority do a bloodgy good job, yet you
        delight in their stuff-ups.

        As I said; just curious…

        Curiosity killed the cat.

        Actually nothing.

        But the answer is that they act in unprincipled ways and are strangers
        to the truth so often. They want to and and act all powerful when in
        fact they are all servants of the taxpayer. Just like school teachers and any other civil servant.

        They should be harshly questioned if only to ensure
        that they don’t become servants of the powerful and the politicians
        rather than servants of all kiwi’s or use that power they are given to
        abuse process as they often do.

        Had English raised the questions that he should have then Key would
        not be being villified for what happened as it would and should have
        been exposed but English didn’t and indeed it looks bloody dogy that he
        did sign the coverup.

        And its more so that given the GCSB knew on the 16th of Feb they waited till key departed to the USA.

        I actually have some sympathy for Key at this point except to say the
        he should have come staight out in Parliament as soon as he was
        informed and laid it out and let the cards fall where they should.
        Instead now it will go on and on and it will rear its ugly head just
        when its not needed.

        Looking at ebineazor’s report one gets the impression of a party of
        vested interest reporting on those interests with a suitable outcome. I
        recall reading this morning about that cosy little arrangement.

        I have a rule and its this: never involve oneself with people who
        will do your bidding and dirty work for a price, for once you do you are
        forever beholding to them. e.g. getting gang members to collect money
        for you or other activities like that.

        Once compromised you are forever in their control orbit.

        Akin to doing the bidding of the FBI, Hollywood etc and forsaking
        clear principles for expedience. NZ is forever in their control. and the
        problem is that the FBI have manufactured their charges against Dotcom
        on a civil matter so as to use our Legal system to exact Hollywoods revenge.

        For me the complete case rests on the alleged action. That action is
        apprently loss of copyright fee’s through the actions of others using

        Now I’m sure you wouldn’t close down the postal service for distributing
        porn via a paid service. You would go after the writers. (and they used

        That is undoubtably a civil matter. End of story. And Hollywood can address that without the help of Obama and the FBI.

        I have to defend my patent as do many other companies. I know of one
        Kiwi company that spends around 100k per month doing just that.

        That is a civil matter and not a police matter.

        The rest of course turns on the FBI turning that civil action into a crime which its not.

        • unitedtribes

          The trouble is the spy’s don’t need to do a thing. Not answer any questions just shrug and get on with it. Media has never effected them in the past and wont this time, It will all just go away and they will never be accountable to us or the media. And thats the way it should be. They have a Minister to keep them in check and I believe that he is.

    • fozzie

      Absolutely agree Red. Am amazing myself agreeing with you and the article Paul Holmes wrote in today’s Herald – a day of first for me !!

    • Richard McGrath

      Damned right RB, what happened to KDC is horrific.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Greens have no other useful activities to do. So they want enquiries for everything. Waste of time.

  • Johnny T

    Kim Dotcom is a fat bloated disgrace.

    • Hard1

      His appearance has nothing to do with anything .

      • parorchestia

        Yes it does. He shouldn’t have been given a PR visa since he exceed the body fatness limits set for entry. He is too fat and fat people can’t get visas. I don’t know how he got into NZ given his criminal record, his current very dubious activities (they are illegal and rip off other people’s hard work), and his being far too fat. His slipping through the mitigation net is an area of apparent corruption that concerns me greatly. He wasn’t allowed to buy the house he was renting, so some Govt agencies still hold to the rule of law.
        Why don’t we invite the Mafia in – I believe they do a great line in pizas.

  • Hard1

    Whatever happened to ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’ ?
    . There was zero chance that Dotcom or his staff were going to present a gun . This whole overkill , seen time and time again with the Armed Offenders Squad , set the tone for the ensueing investigation , which is in danger of being derailed in court by the incompetence and misjudgement exercised by our tax-payer funded agencies .
    Already the cost of the investigation has ballooned to over a million dollars . Our spies got caught , making them about as useless as the Police search warrant . The FBI must be quite frustrated as their case gets fucked up by New Zealand’s Finest .
    Is there worse to come ? Can there be ?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Any opportunity to drop pants and bend over for the US administration. Only in there enthusiasm to please they fell over themselves and it has been like a scene from laurel and hardy ever since.

      As for our keystone cops any opportunity to dress up and play. That would describe most of the armed offenders call outs, all it takes is some kids being kids and playing cops and robbers and they want in to.

  • AzaleaB

    DC is showing a pettiness as well as having a heightened sense of self importance(grandiose personality). This is a risky combo. I suspect he may be contemplating a claim to fame in the future of “the man who brought down a country’s government”. Look at his attitude to John Banks. OTT. A rap song, a WLG visit to Parliament and every media interview he could publicly diss him. “Hell hath no fury like a KDC scorned”.

    • kehua

      So what would you do if someone renegged on a 50K deal?

  • hang him

    send the fat fuck back to Germany and let them sort it out

    • That you Mr. Banks?

      • Hang him

        No, but perhaps you could take KD down the swamp to meet your mother and sisters.

    • AnonWgtn

      Or Finland, as he has two nationalities, German and Finish according to the Neazor report

  • Pokerface

    My concern is over the highly paid bureaucrats who make these monumental cock-ups. Do any of them lose their jobs after such incompetence? Or suffer any financial penalty? Or is it the lot of the taxpayer to keep picking up the tab? I’m sure I wouldn’t keep my job if I cost the company I work for a fraction of these mess-ups.

    • Gazzaw

      To answer your question pf, of course they are not held accountable. The worst that will happen to the main culprit is a note in his/her file which may determine future promotional prospects but if worse comes to the worst he/she can ‘glide on’ and pick up the sweetheart gummint worker super scheme at age 65.

  • Contractor

    Those selected quotes looked pretty much like perjury to me. Take away the fact he’s a jolly fat German and it’s a pretty serious scenario. To say a mistake was made “we’ll sort it out”….ignorantia Juris non excusat doesn’t wash when I appeal those pesky speed camera and parking fines, should it here? Bit more serious I’m thinking. We can’t pick and choose who the law is applicable to in NZ and who it isn’t. If it were my nz born neighbor I would be just as concerned. I really don’t give a rats arse if the German is sent to the us or brad Pitt only makes 30 mill for his next movie instead of the 50 he deserves for such important arduous work. Senior police have lied,after the urawera raids they still feel the need to round up children from their beds at gunpoint,and our foreign intel agency (otherwise known as spies) who have probably the most unscrutinised (rightly by the way) mandate were surveillance nz citizens (even if only by residents permit) without telling the boss(supposedly). I have always voted national, voted for key, but really, he calls back from Russia for his daily brief ” hi bill, much happening today?” and bill neglects to mention the biggest legal case in Nz in recent times actually involved spy agencies acting illegally, oh and by the way today I signed some document (didn’t quite read it properly) but the jist is certain evidence on that kinda big court case is not be released to our highest court…who sets their boss up like that? So sorry ,don’t care where you sit on the political spectrum, someone’s lying, and to me it looks like John. Much like lyin Len lie to me and any respect or ability to take seriously is gone.

    • viking

      Would you trust his deputy?

    • GregM

      Good points Contractor, but as an ex NZDF employee, documents with that level of classification MUST NOT be discussed over the phone or internet.
      My feeling is that is it a simple procedural error by a GCSB employee, with monumental implications.

      • Contractor

        Good point. You must have been a greenie. :)
        Surely the RTNZ brief?

        • GregM

          I cannot confirm nor deny that. :-)

  • Anonymouse Coward

    What someone said about the Watergate scandal;
    “It isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble – it’s the attempted cover-up.”

    I hope the funny police in the GCSB and Financial Crimes Agency remember that.

  • Marsyas

    The Dotcom circus is beyond a joke and becoming tedious. Once again government institutions with the best of intentions are tied up in legal knots by smart alec lawyers. And, shamefully, left leaning politicians line up behind Dotcom. The Government, who did not ask to be dragged into this, are distracted by these essentially trivial events. The only ones that win are the lawyers and celebrity magazines – and meanwhile the truth gets lost.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    It does not matter which Party/s are in Govt in NZ. The same Public Servants are still there on a life career, and they will always blame that ficticious person “someone else”
    John Key has some questions to answer as does Bill English; but, further down the ladder there are some heros that need knocking of the pedistal.
    Who here was getting paid by the FBI?
    The whole thing reeks of USA political interference – Obama – look at me, I’ve caught a big time Internet Pirate. Hollywood will love me.
    Turning to custard, or is that custurd

  • Any sympathy I had for Dotcom evapourated around the time he showed that he found rape jokes and Holocaust jokes amusing. It would not be a surprise to learn that he has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    That said, the police and other government agencies have made an absolute balls-up in trying to collect evidence on behalf of the FBI.

  • Gazzaw

    Water debate? What water debate? Long may the Dotcom saga continue and keep the media mesmerised. Manna from heaven for the government. Throw another couple of GCSB peasants on the fire please Bill.

  • LR

    Methinks the Fat German is putting up a smoke screen to cover his illegal activities and our stupid media plus the left wing fuckwits have been sucked in.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Yes it is a pity that he is unlikely to be condemned by legally obtained evidence.

      Then you would have been able to enjoy him slowly twisting in the wind.

      • LR

        Without my help I am sure he would have been tracked down by witch smellers and people would be clambering to hang onto his legs as he was hanging from the branch.

  • LR

    Redbaiter… Surprised that you fly the Rebel Flag. The crap that spews from your mouth would suit the Russian one. What a useless pathetic drop kick who should crawl back to the standard.

  • GregM

    My main bitch about this whole thing is why has the feds only targeted mega upload? What about all the other file sharing sites? Some examples:
    filesurf.ru (really fast)
    filehippo (uses the same server centre in Alabama as part of their cloud)
    Even You tube .

    Why just mega upload? I’m smelling a political rat here, and none of the MSM has asked this question.

  • LesleyNZ

    Totally agree Whale with what you said about Mr Dotcon, media and some politicians. The media and some politicians think the public is behind Mr Dotcon. We are not stupid. We can see through media manipulation and shallow politicans.

  • Troy

    The Greens, as usual, are taking a knife to a gunfight by coming up with wild conspiracy theories without knowing the full facts (100%) – take note you Greenies out there, your party hasn’t a clue how to lead let alone have a stake in a coalition… frankly it’s scary.
    As far as the whole dotcon saga goes, i’ve had enough of seeing it in the headlines each day – haven’t we got much more serious issues to think about? Dotcom was/is a small guppy in the big pond of state security to care for.

  • Stuart

    If everyone police officer or politician that made a mistake was fired as so many seem to demand, we would have none left, and certainly none left with any experience.
    The left in particular want to give every opportunity to criminals for another chance, yet they call for the heads of any police or right winger who makes a mistake. Of course there are varying levels of mistake, human error, misunderstanding, error of judgment such as writing a letter, all the way down to deliberate acts of corruption and international law breaking such as citizenship for cash.
    The issue I have is that those baying for blood never vary the intensity of their calls for punishment, there is no such thing as a warning.
    Mistakes happened here, let’s learn from them, but no one needs to lose their career and lets not castrate our spies leading to them being unable to protect us in the future.

    • Stuart

      Intentional not international

  • Shameless

    Whale i usually agree with you, but not on this, you and Leighton Smith (who i usually agree with as well) seem out of step on this one. But we are only human.