Public Safety Message – Chainsaws

Recently in Russia a group of feminists took to a wooden cross with a chainsaw….in support of Pussy Riot.

A CHAINSAW-WIELDING blonde topless woman cutting down a cross in a city centre sounds like a scene from a peculiar pornographic film. But that is just what?happenedon August 17 in the Ukrainian capital Kiev (Kyiv in its vernacular transliteration). A NSFW (not safe for work) clip of the stunt is available?here.

The woman, identified as Inna Shevchenko, was a member of FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist group known for its topless protests. The action was supposed to show?solidarity with the three women from?Pussy Riot, a punk collective in Russia, who were sentenced that day, as well as a protest against religious prejudice against women.

I watched the video. In the interests of training and science it would be remiss of me not to post the video. Please comment on chainsawing technique and the safety aspects that are displayed and possible improvements: