Public school philosophy vs private school philosophy

It is good to know there is one teacher in the world that believes kids shouldn’t get something for nothing.?

Dorval was a teacher at Ross Sheppard High School and was reprimanded for insubordination, and not following the school?s grading policy. He was suspended, and later fired after handing out zeros to students for work that wasn?t handed in or tests that weren?t taken.

Bloody scary there is such a thing as a grading policy that means a teacher can’t assign a zero mark for work that’s never been seen or where the kid hasn’t even bothered to turn up for the test. ?The really interesting part of this story is that Mr Dorval got reemployed straight away… in the private schooling system.

The headmaster of Tempo School says he had been looking for an advanced physics teacher, which is what Dorval taught at Ross Sheppard. The private school also says marking is left up to the teachers, and its students would expect to receive zeros if they didn?t complete their work.

It got me thinking… how many New Zealand kids get marks for doing nothing? ?And is there a growing divide between the expectations that private schools place on their students compared to those in the public sector?

One of my mates’ daughters is doing a forklift driving course so that she can bump up her NCEA credits… she has no intention ever to drive one but they are quick, easy credits. ?It seems to me that getting marks for doing nothing must be part of the grand scheme in the New Zealand public system somewhere.