Saturday General Debate

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  • Orange

    Good start to the new Primary/Intermediate reporting


    Borderlands 2 is good so far…..

  • Ronnie Chow

    “The problem with Maori is , once and they’re done . Not the Pakeha . They kept on coming back . They took it to another level ”
    Quote from a Maori Elder in the ’70’s

    • Like the gangs they are well used to standover these days

      • blokeintakapuna

        ..and let’s not forget the unions too. Can we say “secret ballot” anyone?

  • blokeintakapuna

    I see Rodders is giving it to the Meat Workers Union on the NBR – seems their financial reporting issues over the last 6 years is finally getting some serious traction in the MSM now – so well done WO and the Owl.
    Hopefully – the respective authorities will now get out their microspoes and long rubber gloves and actiually investigate and hold the unions to the same levels of acountability of employers.
    About bloody time too…

    • Ronnie Chow

      Speaking of Unions , a radiologist told me yesterday that the long waiting list for MRI scans at Wellington Hospital is solely due to the union restricting both the hours of operation , and the frequency . Pacific Radiology does around twice the number of scans in a day , some of them referred by Wellington Hospital .

    • I have a post on this later in the day…but feel free to discuss here until it appears

  • reitama

    Whats happening now at the Ports of Auckland, shame it never went the distance and the union got their thieving, bully-boy arses kicked to hell.

    Also just to inflame any of the good followers of allah on here – so you don’t think it is dodgy for a guy to marry a 6 year old, consummate said marriage when she is 9…at least she only had to wait another 9 years before the holy man passed away….,

    • Mully

      End of this month should tell us one way or another.

  • frankenass

    Not a good week for Fiji’s illegal military regime with an ILO delegation kicked out of the country and a former Court of Appeal judge blowing the whistle on the illegal AG Aiyaz Khaihum’s interference and manipulation of the judiciary.
    Shows up whaleoil’s recent trip to Fiji and patsy interviewing of some of the coupsters for what it is.

    • Get over yourself. Fiji is progressing nicely and the last thing they need is meddling unionists egged on by Fijian unionists who were nice and quiet while they had board positions. Felix Anthony is a crook not unlike Qarase

      • frankenass

        The only crooks here are frank, aiyaz and the secretive bunch of coupsters on the military council who cannot stand scrutiny. On one hand they invite the ILO delegation to Fiji but then kick them out when they ask some hard questions.
        There is no law in Fiji apart from what the illegal AG decrees, and the AG decrees that the regime’s decrees cannot be challenged in a court of law.
        The judiciary and executive is way more corrupt and compromised than anything alleged under Qarase. And let’s remember that neither Qarase or any SDL members have yet to be convicted of any corruption charges while in Government (Qarase’s conviction was a trumped up charge from 20 years back as a private citizen).
        Fiji is not progressing “nicely”, infact its economy is going down the toilet fast, just look at the GDP figures (unfortunately it’s not possible to dig much deeper than that as the public accounts have not been published for several years now–so much for greater transperancy and accountability as promised by bainimarama, aye?).
        In fact, the only thing that has grown under Bainimarama’s illegal rule is the level of poverty. And his dictatorship has helped itself to almost 6 years of media censorship, borrowing heavily from overseas and the nations pension scheme and no parliamentary opposition or scrutiny to achieve that.
        There is no such thing as a good coup or a benevolent dictator. The coup was staged to save bainimarama’s skin from prosecution for the 2000 mutiny, not for the bogus reasons he has put up. You need to do some research on the real issues before conducting sychophantic interviews with an unaccountable and non transperant bunch of treasonous thugs.

        • Incoherent fool…The Government has lsot a fair few cases in case you hadn’t noticed…but then again you are safe and sound in Tauranga so WTF would you know.

          • Prosecution for the 2000 mutiny? He put the mutiny down and restored rule of law after Speight and his other thugs tried to take over…he was hardly going to be prosecuted for that you fool.

            The Fiji I saw is growing, the economy looks great, probably going gang busters with wankers like you running off to live NZ.

          • frankenass

            As I’ve said, you really do need to do some research on Fiji’s 2000 and 2006 coup before coming on this board and making a fool of yourself.
            In November 2000, the CRW mutinied and tried to kill bainimarama for betraying them. This is the infamous incident when frank abandoned his soldiers and ran away down the bank behind Queen Elizabeth barracks. Captain Shane Stevens led the mutiny against frank.
            Five of the rebels were tortured to death under franks command, one had his penis cut off while still alive; another had his fingers torn off and another his tongue cut out.
            Bainimarama staged his coup in 2006 because the then police chief, Andrew Hughes was about to arrest him for the above murders.
            But you really need to do some serious research yourself rather than going to Suva and sitting on frank’s knee to listen to bedtime stories.
            And by the way, did you know that Bainimarama served part of his apprenticeship under General Augusto Pinochet aboard the Chilean barque, Escuela Esmeralda?
            Amnesty International has described the Esmeralda as a type of “floating jail and torture chamber,” for political prisoners of Pinochet’s regime, at the time that bainimarama served on that ship.
            Is it concidental how frank now squashes any hint of political opposition or dissention in the same way that Chile’s facist dictator used to do?

          • frankenass

            And what do you mean by “the economy looks great.” Aside from anecdotal observation, why don’t you publish the GDP figures for Fiji since the coup? Why not obtain the Government accounts over the past few years and post them up on here for everybody to read. The regime has refused to release this type of information to its own citizens so why don’t you ask frank for it, lol.

          • What do you mean coming on this board…it is MY board…I fully know all about the 2000 coup thank you very much.

            Your research consists of reading blogs written by anonymous cowards in Auckland.

          • frankenass

            lol, your ‘knowledge’ of Fiji amounts to the propaganda fed to you by the regime. The version of events that you post on here is nothing more than a regurgitation of ‘news’ that has appeared in Fiji’s censored media.
            I would be locked up by the regime for what I’ve written here, you would be paid backhanders and receive government advertising contracts.
            Why no comment about the CRW mutiny and frank’s pending murder charge before he staged his coup?

          • frankenass

            lol, what does the fact that the govt has lost a few cases prove? The judges shopped from Sri Lanka who found against obviously trumped up regime charges have been hastily despatched home and accused of incompetency.

          • Gazzaw

            frankenass, you obviously perceive yourself as an authority on the regime in Fiji. It’s easy to make claims behind the cloak of anonymity – WO as idenitified you as a ‘refugee’ living as a guest in our country in Tauranga. Please identify yourself so that we can satisfy ourselves about your credibility & ability to accurately comment.

          • frankenass

            My identity and location is irrelevent to this discussion. I doubt that Cam is blogging from a squatter settlement in the Nausori Corridor.

          • Gazzaw

            Your location maybe irrelevant but your identity is if you want to preserve any credibility here.

          • Oh Rly…the just have sworn in 13 new judges…you know why they needed new judges, because Australia and NZ imposed travel bans on Judges…and so all the “white” and “proper” educated Judges bolted for home…presumably this was NZ and Australia’s way of ensuring chaos in the streets as crimes went unpunished. We don;t even have sanctions against judges from Zimbabwe…but we do for Fiji?

          • frankenass

            Nope, wrong again. The regime needed new judges because they abrogated the constitution and sacked all of the sitting judges when Fiji’s Court of Appeal found the regime to be illegal.
            The regime then shopped for compliant judges in Sri Lanka, and many of those have since been given their marching orders for not towing the regime line.
            There is no other country in the world (Zimbabwe and Pakistan included) where a judge (a Court of Appeal judge, no less) has left and written about the deceitful and dishonest way in which the illegal AG has manipulated the judiciary.
            But Judge Marshall is not the first whistle blower to expose Khaiyum’s corrupt hold over Fiji’s judiciary. The Law Society of England and Wales and the Internatioal Bar Association have also produced damning reports on the regime’s manipulation.
            And if you want to talk about travel bans, members of the aformentioned legal societies have joined a long list of others not permitted to enter (or have been deported from) Fiji including: Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, Numerous NZ and Australian High Commissioners, Fijian newspaper editors, freelance and staff reporters…the list goes on and on, almost anyone brave enough to report the reality on the ground and behind the scenes is likely to be deported or banned from entering the country.

    • Bunswalla

      Au contraire, I’d say that Fiji booting out any ILO delegation shows commendable judgement and appropriate action. Things are looking up.

  • Tristanb

    Remember this guy? Like a politician he is denying, denying, denying, and even has his brother backing him up. (I assume the brother wasn’t there, so WTF is he commenting about?)

    He’s playing the victim too of course:
    “I have been impoverished – you probably know how much lawyers cost, and I have been on a sickness benefit for 2 years.”

    Well Mr Name-Suppressed, if you’ve got the hots for your young step-daughter, then don’t come home drunk then kiss her and fondle her breasts. The judge will only impose a small sentence, and afterwards you can always get a job in the UN where you’ll be paid to do nothing again (much like your old job).


    Good to see the boxer got 14 years

    • Gazzaw

      …..or was it six years & six months?