Schoolyard Politics

We all know that teachers and principals are donkey deep with the Labour Party.

Here’s another example.

Farrar’s piece on ‘Tory charity’ reminded me that when John Key Launched his Food In Schools policy in 2007, it hit a snag. The school he selected for a donation said no. Wesley School Principal Rae Parkin said her kids were just fine thanks:

“This is embarrassing. I don’t want to end up with parents thinking I’m putting something in place because I don’t think they can feed their children. They can feed them.”

Fast-foward to 2012, and Labour announces a food in schools programme.

And guess what? Phil Goff doesn’t have any trouble getting co-operation from Wesley School and Rae Parkin when it’s in support of a Labour policy….or using kids for political gain again.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – Labour Party and unions using innocent children as political pawns to further their own political agenda’s – dispicible… but it’s maybe slightly better than them pissing on BBQ’s I guess… or maybe not…
    Perhaps someone should lodge a formal complaint with CYPS or the Courts or the police or something – as i’m sure no parents want their kids to be used and abused in this manner.
    Just when you think Labour and their bully-boy renta-thug unions can’t stoop any lower…. they use and abuse innocent children for thier own political gain. Is this a form of child slave labour – when the kids have no choice and are subjected to this deliberate abuse by politicians and their shrilling sycophant renta-thugs?
    The police should should be called… with complaints laid against not only the politicians attempting to leverage political gain by exploiting children, but also with the teacher and Prinicipal of this school for prostituting and abusing a child’s innocence using them as political pawns – completely dispicible.
    I would de-register the teacher and Prinicipal if I had my way. Then the teachers & Principals can go Occupy the corner of library that has all the books on ethics, morals and Standards.

  • flipper

    The Orca = 10.
    Parkin, Goffie et al – zip.
    Nice sleuth job which raises questions about their Board of Trustees, does it not?

  • Rodney

    Maybe things have got worse since the Key government? In any case, interesting how food in schools in fact buys into classic liberal notions of the role of charity and state-delivered welfare. Labour are either too stupid to see this or are further to the right than National. I suspect it’s both. Idiots.

  • Petal

    THIS is the sort of work you excel at Cam. Superb. I love it how you keep going back and holding people’s feet to the fire with their own words.

    • Rodney

      Why do you think Maharey buggered off?

    • Magor

      I wonder if national remember this.., and if they do I wonder why they do not do anything about it – the silence is deafening!

    • Neil

      It’s one of the reason I think he should be getting paid for this Blog – he uncovers and reveals more than our MSM Repeaters ever do….

  • Patrick

    Yes but in current day NZ there is absolutely no financial reason why schools (the NZ taxpayer) should have to feed students. Why are the parents of these children not providing the necessities of life? Is it not part of their moral & legal responsibilities? Why is the law not enforced? Why do we all stand aound hand wringing & then provide more welfare for incompetent parents? Lay off the fags, booze, drugs, gambling, plasma TVs, XBoxes, Iphones etc & bashing each other & start taking reponsibility for what you have brought into the world.

  • Joe Bloggs

    That’s a telling revelation comment from Rae Parkin – I refuse to help ensure kids start the day ready to learn because it might be embarrassing to accept help from a National-led government …

    WTF? Rae – you’re not there to feel sanctimonious about your feelings or those of the parents. or to politicise education.

    You’re there to help kids achieve their potential – get over yourself!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Fantastic work Whale Oil. However, nothing is going to stop from Sheep becoming the PM in 2014. So I guess we have to ride this over for 9 years from 2014- 2023

  • Pete

    Clapping. Like a seal. Very nice work, Sir.

  • Dave

    I have to say Congratulations Cam on excellent research and reporting Cam. Meanwhile where is the MSM on this, particularly the left leaning “Horrid” Nowhere, exposing hypocritical Pinko’s is not what the Horrid does. I hope the Biard if trustees and ERO pick this up as the school getting involved in Politics instead of focusing on Educational outcomes.

  • phronesis

    I assume you would need written consent (from the parents of the children) to use an image of their child that was taken in private for political advertising.

  • How demoralising to see such a blatant example of school’s putting their own political agendas before the needs of their students. Absolutely shocking. My child’s school is fairly political – unionist of course – but they always put the students first and always comply with everything they are asked to do.

    In terms of the Wesley principal’s reaction in 2007 – she was right to say no. It is not the school’s responsibility: providing basic needs along with love, nurture & being kept safe from harm is the role of a parent. No one else’s.

  • Arto

    The Nat’s are more interested in petty patch protection and name calling
    than it is in getting food into the stomachs of hungry children.

    • Tom


    • Teachersrock


    • Tristanb

      The best way to ensure that kids get food is to introduce a BeneCard, that doesn’t let people waste their benefit money on alcohol, drugs, TAB and SkyTV.

      I hope you’d vote for a political party who endorsed this.

  • cows4me

    Fonterra rang a couple of weeks ago, another fucking survey on how the peasants see their overlords. Do you agree with fonterras milk in schools program?. Nuh, it’s fucking horseshit. Gasps on the other end of phone, why don’t you agree with the program? Three reasons 1) No one asked us, the owners of the co-op. 2) Who made Fonterra the darlings of the socialist cits? 3) What is the end game, Northland today, Southland tomorrow?

  • Maybe the kids’ families had become a lot less self-sufficient after 4 years of Key’s “management” of the economy.

  • johnbronkhorst

    govt. financed breakfast in schools………………………yet another labour party policy FLOP!

  • kehua

    Ya pretty slick alright, nice move.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Well done Cam. LMAO to see the trolls arrive so late in the piece.

    Are not school staff required to report cases of child abuse to the police?

    Failure to provide food first thing in the morning surely constitutes child abuse.