Send him home in a box

The Aussie authorities are having trouble deporting a pommy murderer:

Australia may have to charter a plane at a cost of up to A$1 million (£650,000) to fly a British murderer, Keith David Herring, to London.

Australian authorities have been seeking to deport Herring since his release from prison in June. However, two attempts to fly him home from Sydney airport failed this week.

On Wednesday, he was removed from a Qantas plane by three security guards and an immigration authority after abusing crew and vandalising the plane.

The following day, he was removed from a Thai Airways plane after similar behaviour.

“He misbehaved in a range of ways and a decision was made by the department in consultation with the airline that we didn’t want to risk any incidents with passengers and crew, so we took him off,” an immigration official said.

Authorities are seeking the “most cost-effective” way to transport him but have already wasted the cost of ten airfares for Herring and officials. The immigration department may have to charter a plane and is also considering booking a row or rows of seats.

Herring is currently being held in an immigration detention centre in Sydney.

Easily fixed…send him home in a box.


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  • Dave

    Its very simple really – either a single injection, knock him out for the entire flight, a security guard seated next to him, and if he comes around, another jab will fix that. Alternatively, leave him to rot in the worst (only 3 star) Aussie jail without visitors, health care etc. He is a criminal, a murderer, treat him as such, he does not deserve the basic human rights.

    • AnonWgtn

      Dave – sorry did not see your reply before typing mine.
      Agree with you.

      • Dave

        No worries at all – seems the Whale army could look after the Aussies crims well.

  • Captain Crab

    Build a cell on a container ship

  • AnonWgtn

    Cheaper to give him a sleep inducing drug and keep it going until say 30 hours later he is in UK.
    Aussies being wimps – like we would be – we would fly him First Class too.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Chain and shackle the prick in a horse crate. Put it in the cargo hold

    • Dave

      Preferably deck cargo on a ship going via the Cape in a storm. That should sort hime out

  • rightoverlabour

    Use a Herc. First sign of trouble, open the back door and kick him out. If he survives, he can go free….

  • Stuart

    A much cheaper flight would be to send him to Bali, with some extra ‘luggage’.

  • rockyr

    Instead of the Sydney Immigration Centre perhaps he could be used to test the new one in Papaua New Guinea.

  • conwaycaptain

    Deck cargo on a submarine

  • Ronnie Chow

    Simple . Contract it out . First pick would be Russians , second Israelis .

    • davcav

      I’d pick the Chinese as my first choice.

  • Gazzaw

    They should have made him sit outside.

  • baw

    You can’t put him in restraints. Airline health and safety would scream, people need to be able to escape the burning wreckage of a plane. US convict airways never restrain people to the plane. Despite never crashing.

    Drug him or just leave him to rot in jail, he could go free if he wished but since not let him rot.

  • Euan.Rt

    Send him by container ship, and if he misbehaves put him in a dinghy towed behind. Then he can vandalise the dinghy to his hearts content.

  • Glenn in Masterton

    But I thought Australia was in the business of IMPORTING crims… at least 100+ years ago. Let him loose in the outback. Won’t last long.

    • Glenn in Masterton

      Wait ’till the middle of summer, though, eh?