Send the bill to the Maori Council

If Maori own the water then they can foot the bill for some of their Maori water doing some damage from flooding:

Several houses in northern Auckland have been flooded as heavy rain pounds much of the country this morning.

A front moving up the country has brought downpours to the top of the South Island and most of the North Island, while westerly gales are also forecast for some areas.

In the past hour, rain has been falling heavily over the Auckland region.

A Fire Service spokesperson said crews have been called to about 15 different weather-related incidents, all involving flooding in houses, from Takapuna and East Coast Bays on the North Shore up to Silverdale and Warkworth further north.

MetService has issued a severe weather warning for parts of the Nelson and Marlborough regions, as heavy rain falls on the Richmond and Bryant Ranges.


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  • Doc

    Leighton Smith remarked this morning that this (being the responsibility to provide recompense for the damage caused) was the logical conclusion of the reasoning that ‘Maori own the water”. However, that’s not the conclusion – that’s just the beginning!
    …the consternation is really going to rise when we collectively consider that the human body is (on average) 60% water. Thus – the Maori will effectively “own” a majority stake in every single human being in New Zealand.
    Not sure how they’ll make that any more palateable?
    Perhaps they will consider the foreshore, seabed, riverbeds and waterways to be ‘enough’ ownership? /cue Tui’s Ad.

  • redeye

    I’ve got a half a dozen very large poplar trees on my boundary with the Motueka river. The river has washed the soil out from around the roots and they are now looking very unstable. More than likely they’ll fall into the river but if they fall the wrong way they’ll fuck some expensive fencing.

    I wish the Waitangi tribunal would hurry up and get to court to prove their ownership before they fall:-)

    • Roger

      Send them a proforma invoice or notice of potential claim. haha

  • Alloytoo

    One consequence we’ve failed to examine is failure of supply.
    If they wish to charge for the water going through the power turbines then we should lock them into a service level agreement guaranteeing supply and providing penalty clauses for failure to perform.

  • steve and monique

    Due to all you white fullas not wanting to pay us for everything we claim,then we invoked the gods to wash your white arses off the land we claim as ours.Because our boats got here first.Chur bro.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Since when do Maori pay for anything? Perhaps some one should explain you only own what you can take and hold.