Shearer believes in Taniwha

Pedro Gower has been doing some digging into David Shearer’s past and come up with his thesis about Maori, Water and Taniwha…which some 20 odd years later is now highly relevant….especially his belief on taniwha:

Labour Party leader David Shearer has long-held beliefs that taniwha must be respected when it comes to Maori and their interests in water. His views can be traced back to his master’s thesis, and he stands by them today.

Water has been the big political issue of the year, but when Mr Shearer was first asked who owned it he didn’t know.

But it turns out Mr Shearer has a degree of expertise on the issue – a master’s thesis in fact. It was called Between Two Worlds, Maori Values and Environmental Decision-Making.

In his thesis he advocated that “the belief in taniwha or spiritual pollution…while they may appear irrational to many…cannot simply be dismissed as irrelevant”. It’s a belief he still holds today.

“I absolutely stick by that,” says the Labour Party leader. He says we should acknowledge taniwha. “We have been doing that for the last 20-something years when we have made decisions around water.”

Nice to know that if you vote for Labour and David Shearer that you will be voting for Taniwha to come crawling out from under the riverbanks of this country…and we all know the only way to get rid of a taniwha…

I have heard of accepting diversity before but New Zealand is not ready for the first PM who believes in taniwha.


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  • Polish Pride

    Hmmmm interesting take on it. I suspect though it is more that people have various beliefs that will seem completely ridiculous to most and Shearer is saying that you should still accept that people hold those beliefs and respect that fact in your dealings with them whether you agree with their belief or not. Use of the taniwha is a good and extreme example to illustrate the point.

    • Guest

      Yeah, really? Because the fact remains is that taniwha are trotted out as an anti-development excuse for various projects, but this strenuous principle of defense of religion suddenly disappears when payments are offered. Shearer is a sap for believing in this, but more importantly, he is complicit in feeding anti-development blackmail by behaving in such a condescending manner.

      • Polish Pride

        Yeah Really! But given your comment which I agree with…… how many terms in parliament and changes from Labour to National and then from National to Labour. How many Party Leaders and politicians do you want to vote in and vote out before you realize that no matter who you vote in party or person, The problems aren’t going away. They aren’t going to get fixed. They are systemic.
        You guys and gals on here already believe the Left don’t have the answer. The thing you have yet to realize and need to is that the Right don’t either. Why? because the problems are systemic. I.e. the system either is the problem or causes the problems and Left and Right or Left vs Right are part of the System.

        • Ronnie Chow

          PP You are off topic again . Might be time to get your own blog . You keep advancing your agenda on this one .

          • Polish Pride

            Perhaps Ronnie you did not understand the point that guest has said in reply to a post I made is that this keeps happening and the taniwha has been used in multiple instances. The fact that it can be is because of the nature of the system. It is about making money anyway you can (something you know only too well) even by envoking Taniwhas. This is not going to go away. This is part of the system. The system needs to change BEFORE you can fix this. This is on topic. Hope that clears it up for you.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Agreed , Polish . I don’t know why politicians are scared of the Maori , but they are . And that attitude permeates society .
            Why don’t you write a guest post summarizing your ideas for humanity ?

          • Polish Pride

            I am thinking of writing a book on them

          • Polish Pride

            Wouldn’t want the punters starting think for themselves eh Ronnie ;)

          • Redbaiter

            Not really. He’s asking the question that is begging to be asked and that is why slag off Shearer when what he thinks is probably the same as what the National Party thinks?

            A perfectly valid question and to ignore this point, that is at the root of so many of our problems, (not at all limited to the Taniwha) is to put your head in the sand.

            Maybe you just want to deflect all criticism of the National Party from a right wing perspective because you’re one of those who are turning the party into something it was never meant to be.

      • Ronnie Chow

        It might be time to pay off the Taniwha with banknotes similar to the Chinese hell banknotes burnt as offerings .

  • Dr Wang

    Shearer has probably fallen victim to his own PC brown-nosing that he employed when writing his thesis. He would have been seeking a good grade for his work, from a bunch of ivory-tower woofters – so he would have jumped through all the PC hoops and uttered all the white-guilt platitudes that he knew (quite correctly) the academics marking his work would expect to see. Generally, I’d have some sympathy for him – it’s what you sometimes have to do to progress successfully through the highly politicised NZ tertiary education system.

    Normally a student would deliver up this bullshit, collect your degree (hopefully with honours), move off into the working world and that would be the end of the matter. Unfortunately for Sheep, it’s come back to bite him on the arse…ouch!

    • Redbaiter

      Let’s not slag off Shearer too enthusiastically until we know how Key thinks.

      I’ll bet its not that much different, if its different at all.

    • Guest

      haha i have to agree with you!
      i still have cold sweats remembering the reaction i got when i took a position in a history essay that the do-gooder anti-apartheid crowd should have got out of the way and let the rugby play on…(shudder)…
      i will supply a copy to Whale so that if ever i lost control of my senses and became a Labour candidate he could expose me and knock some sense back into me!!!

  • Tristanb

    Shearer also professes to believe in God. This was in one of those Stuff “interviews”. It was pretty tentative – basically he said he was brought up Christian and if you want him to believe in God then he will.

    At least JK has the guts to admit he doesn’t believe in an afterlife.

  • tarkwin

    The only real Taniwha is the Northland rugby team!

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  • Dave

    Oh look, a fairy in the garden, a tooth fairy, and there is a tanawhai. Must be amajor project near here somewhere.

  • Steve and Monique

    Maori believe in Taniwha which cost country money.Churches get a tax free ride for income(donations for God),which cost country money.Same shit, different day.Beliefs in things that cant be seen/proven should not be grounds for making money/tax breaks,regardless of colour.As for Shearer kissing arse,grow a pair,and stop trying to keep this fairy tale money making exercise alive.Goes for you to Mr Key.Enough is enough.Minority votes are worth fuck all,when most of the minority think its bullshit as well.

    • Random66

      To be fair those chasing after Taniwha take money where ever they can find it, mostly though it is coming from the government’s purse (yours and my tax money which could be better spent elsewhere and once given to Maori is never seen again in the community). You state the church gets a tax free ride, well to my thinking they are only receiving tithes or funding from those who have already paid tax on their money and for the most part money given to the church can be seen at work in the local community. So not entirely ‘same shit’. Funny how my God walked on water and calmed the wind, which shows dominion, yet he never asked for money.

  • AnonWgtn

    Where is the bloody taniwha stealing the water from in the hydro dams.
    Obviously from the maori claim there is less coming out than going in.
    Damn pakeha has been stealing it since the dams were built. Is it being sold at Otara market perhaps ?
    And some will be passed through pakeha kidneys in some form as well.
    The dams are producing electricity from it too, and passing through my air.