Shearer supports Muldoonism too

David Shearer is all about what the government isn’t doing and how bad they are at things.

But when he was put on the spot by Shane Taurima on Q+A he was without any substantive ideas.

He whined about how the exchange rate is grossly over-valued…and how it was “killing our exporters”…in moaning about the exchange rate and claiming the exchange rate is overvalued he is stating that labour would intervene and practice Muldoonism and set the exchange rate.

Do we really want that to happen?


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  • Doug

    Shearer is not a good speaker he hummed and hared all the
    way through Q & A he was hard to understand and sounded like a fool.

    • Troy

      Just imagine what the leaders debate next election will be like – i just can’t listen to the guy, i’ll just have to use the mute button each time he speaks, not good when he is supposedly trying to convince me to vote Labour!

  • yeah, re-fix the dollar for two years at 67c just to throw a curve ball and bring in tourists and fix the manufacturing industry. Don’t worry about the effect on imports as we’ve all got enough TVs and cars according to Helen. Lower the minimum wage and let in US nuclear powered ships. Scrap the ETS. While everyone is fighting over all that the economy will come right.

    • viking

      Many a true word is spoken in jest.

  • David

    Shocking interview, I think even Shane felt sorry for him. The position on National Standards is just brilliant, between the lines the better performing schools will keep it and the crap ones will find some other measure and hopefully the teachers unions will be happy. Oh and if you are a really shit parent we will feed your kids too as it can be a terrible strain on your booze consumption.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Of course the exchange rate is overvalued – against the Aussie and against everything else! But pissing about shearer-style isn’t going to fix anything.

    the only long-term solution – and one the Aussies will be quite happy for us to take – is to move to the AUD at a rate which ensures we’re competitive internationally – say 30c or thereabouts.

    But I don’t think that the great NZ innumerate public would like what what would do to the cost of imports – nor that the inability to just print money would ensure NZ’s politicians would have to make the hard decisions that Greece has been so unable to take!

    • parorchestia

      Even worse, any sudden drop in the value of the dollar may wreck our economy. We depend on investment, both formal and informal! Causing foreign investors to lose vast sums of money through a government (Liebour) inspired devaluation will really piss them off, and they will think twice about investors. Instead they will ooan money with repayments denominated in USD. And the living standards of Mr and Mrs Average (or Mr and Mr Average these days) will take a massive hit. So these ideas are simply crazy.

  • Goldie

    So embarrassing. On the one hand, Labour want to subsidise industry including Solid Energy and rig the exchange rate (through apparently mysterious magical means). Yet at the same time, they want to subject agriculture to an ETS (the only one in the world) that will “kill our exporters” quicker than any exchange rate fluctuations.

    • GregM

      Yep, and what are the chances of their coalition watermelon partner supporting subsidizing Solid Energy?
      They haven’t got a fucking clue, and are still making up policy as they go.

  • CJA

    Did he actually answer any of those questions?