Shearer’s Thesis Extracts – Welfare

I have been sent a copy David Shearer’s thesis this morning and have uploaded it to Scribd so everyone can read it.

There are a number if interesting aspects tot he thesis other than the taniwha issue which Patrick Gower highlighted last night.

Take this quote from page 16 of the document:

“Production over and above any material need was highly institutionalised and represented a great cost in labour. This is not to say surpluses were not produced. Indeed they were a most important part of Maori economic and social life, but they did not go towards supporting large numbers of dependent and unproductive groups within society.”

How does David Shearer now reconcile his leadership of a political party that believes in the extended welfare state where we are “supporting large numbers of dependent and unproductive groups within society” with his beliefs in the concepts he espoused in his thesis?

In particular how does he reconcile this against his new policy of feeding kids in low decile schools when the parents can’t be bothered feeding them, superannuation, working for families, why Labour opposes every change to the welfare system offered by National. Surely all these areas constitute “dependent and unproductive groups within society”.

The man across the road from the man on the roof will certainly be agreeing with these sentiments.

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  • Polish Pride

    Our entire system produces far in excess of material need. It is a significant waste of resources

    • Tristanb

      So watcha gonna do?

      How about you stop partaking in this system if you have such a problem with it. But let the rest of us get on with life.

      • Polish Pride

        But what am I going to do?
        Many things but one of them is educating people on what the real problems are. The root cause. The reason for this is that others also see the problems but they are under the illusion that it is the fault of Labour or National or the Right or the Left. It is my job to show them that it is none of these. It is in fact because of the system. It is my job to show them another option. An option where their children could have a much better life. Where they don’t have to slog their guts out day in day out. to get ahead. Or in some cases just to make ends meet.
        Im am not stopping you getting on with your life. If me posting on a blog is stopping you getting on with your life. Then I would strongly suggest that you take a good hard look at your life because something is seriously wrong.
        When you and others understand the problem and demand a better way I’ll go away until then somebody’s got to help highlight the failings.
        See the thing is unlike many I don’t just sit there and whine about the problems. I have sat down and thought about what would be better ways of doing things. Workable solutions.
        If you don’t like my message. you have 3 options.
        1. the easiest – ignore the message, don’t even bother to understand it, after all you need a minimal level of intellect to understand and see the problems (and solutions) and stop reading my posts.
        2. understand the message and the solutions and support them.
        3. understand the problems and come up with your own solutions.
        To say stop partaking in the system shows only how little you understand the problems.

  • Dave

    Well, Mr Shearer certainly got the 1st half of the last sentence right…… They did not go towards supporting large numbers of dependent and unproductive groups within society……..

    Now, they represent the biggest drain on Kiwi Society and taxpayers, the largest group of beneficiaries and net dependents on the state.

    If only you maintained that stance mr Shearer.

  • Tony

    Mr Shearer’s comment, “they did not go towards supporting large numbers of dependent and unproductive groups within society,” was of course very true.

    Maori were a stone-age, primitive people living a subsistence life. They could not afford to have unproductive people. The protection of the ‘won’t do’ (as opposed to the ‘can’t-do” is a result of a first-world economy.

  • phronesis

    Pretty lightweight even for a masters thesis. The mention of Rodney Hide in the acknowledgements is amusing in retrospect.

  • Rodney

    “…his leadership of a political party that believes
    in the extended welfare state where we are “supporting large numbers of
    dependent and unproductive groups within society”…”

    Labour does not believe in an “extended welfare state” and have in fact been cutting welfare since 1999. Sure, they jump up and down whenever Paula announces the next bunch of reforms but the reality is that Labour support what the current government is doing with welfare benefit. Some things Labour did National either failed or didn’t have the guts to do like work-test the invalid’s benefit and abolish the special benefit. Labour have done a lot of welfare slashing over recent years and Shearer’s comments about sickness beneficiaries are quite consistent with this approach.