Should I do a Daily Politics Column?

With John Armstrong’s column and comments from Fran O’Sullivan (who was once famously described as a right-wing blogger by Helen Clark) I’d like to ask readers a series of questions.

1. Should I compile a Daily Politics post, with some short commentary on the issues of the day in competition to Bryce Edwards?

2. If yes, then what format/design/style/focus should it take…should it include a wide range of links like his…but with more balance etc?

3. Morning or Afternoon?

4. Would you subscribe to it, and/or sponsor it?

After all time is money, and to compile links and write a summary would consume a large amount of time that could otherwise be productive in smashing pinkos.

5. Volunteer to provide parts of the Daily Politics post as a contributor, flagging and identifying useful links both domestic and internationally?

I ask this question because Bryce has staff…university flunkies, clearly of the same political persuasion as him, compiling his links.

6. Include international politics? If so which countries…I’m thinking UK, Australia, Pacific and US mostly with interesting titbits  that pop up from time to time. I am finding the distinct lack of coverage of the US elections in our papers somewhat frustrating…and reporting on Fiji is dreadful universally by the MSM in New Zealand.

I welcome your collective wisdom.


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  • viking

    All those things.
    Gather helpers, people who write guest posts( vwr only). Most important stuff is created during the working day. The problem for all newspapers is that by the time they can publish tomorrow its old news and radio wins but has a very short speak time so has no valid insight to go with that news. Many of us don’t watch TV news because we are stuck with short conversation news making only blather and really would prefer indepth anaylysis rather than bland statements of histeria. Late afternoon would seem to me to be a good time. No newspaper competition and could be read on the train or the bus on the way home.
    With the development of fast BB then the next step is continuous stream and therefore the chance to grow even more.

  • J Meager

    I’d advise no.

    Knowing how much work Bryce puts into NZ Pols Daily, you would be left with very little time to write anything else (he also has comparatively little support from the University or any “flunkies”).

    • I can’t believe it takes that long to cut paste links form all his left wing pals…and knock up 500 words…all blaming the government for everything.

    • Ross

      If it takes him so much time he should be taken off the university ( ie. taxpayers) payroll.

  • Euan.Rt

    I’m not sure of your motivation Cam? Different motivations might give different conclusions ie if your motivation is primarily financial then spending your time on what the majority of your readers want and charging for it might be different than just daily politics, though that would interest me. I would be very willing to pay (maybe $20/month) for what we currently enjoy especially if you beef it up a bit with some real investigative stuff like your Fiji posts and keeping unions honest. International politics only really interest me in as much as they reflect or impact on our own.

    • GregM

      I agree Euan. I also absolutely agree with Ronnies suggestion for a “donate” button.
      Posts full of links to other sites I find tedious and I tend to get sidetracked by the links on the linked site….etc.
      EDIT. You would also need to be careful how you set up the entity to accept donations, Mr Owl, or Sarrs could probably give some advise.

  • db..

    I have stopped reading Bryce Edwards as he has wandered further off to the left.
    You would be gathering even more interested readers if you could comment directly on Edwards postings.
    His work would make a framework that you could expand on using a pro/con type argument.
    Especially where your tip line or Nat contacts could provide the balance that is missing
    at that moment in time.
    However this could become quite a task towards the Election.
    The Journo’s will hate your guts..

  • Should you do a daily politics column?

    My opinion.

    No, you’re far too left wing.

  • Ronnie Chow

    One of the problems afflicting all news organizations is the actual lack of news , hence all the padding . So if you feel that you are not able to publish all that you want in the current format , that there is more out there just needing your attention , then you will have to expand .
    The current ‘open slather ‘ format cannot be improved upon . Your blog is the hottest game in town because no-one tells you what to do , rather they tell you what they know . If punters have to pay for access , you may have to pay for stories .
    Postings have an energy, urgency and a randomness that will disappear quickly with editing and paid staff .
    Why not start with a ‘Donate” button now , a Political column on Saturday morning , and perhaps a ‘General Tech Debate’ for readers to share tech tips .

  • thor42

    I would say “no”.
    I like the blog just as it is. IMO, more “structure” in the form of a commentary like that would detract from the free-flowing nature of the blog.
    Just my 2c worth…..

  • Jimmie

    Stick to ya knitting WO stick to ya knitting……..

  • Vlad

    Have you considered/pursued a regular column for one of the MSM outlets? I assume that Rodney, Matthew Hooton et al are paid a reasonable amount for their columns. The measured performance of this blog should tell any smart editor that a column from WO would inflame/enrage/entertain/engage their readers and drive hits & subs. If I were editing Stuff/SST I’d have you on board in an instant.

  • David

    I would happily subscribe, I really enjoy Not PCs Friday ramble at the weekend with its inks to stuff I would never reasonably find. I pay $300 a year to subscribe to The Economist as the NZ media is so poor and suffers colossal group think.
    In a way I feel somehow I should be paying in some small way to read this blog and would happily do so if asked to donate, let’s face it regulars Cam has a family to support and he does provide pretty comprehensive coverage as well as a few laughs at Trevor’s expense. Put up a donate option I would quite happily tip in as I get lots of value, if I got an email daily/weekly even better.
    It’s very impressive the amount that gets pumped out of here each day and the number of hits you get, beats the hell out of me why you don’t have advertising agencies beating on your door for either endorsements or just banner ads.

  • Hagues

    If a story is worth commentating on prefer you to just do a post on it.

  • If I sponsor you, you can sponsor [email protected]

  • Richard McGrath

    Yep I would be interested in such a column, and would be willing to sponsor it depending on price. Daily, in the afternoon. Not sure I would have time to contribute though.

  • 1. Yes, if it’s a passion and you really want to and can see the benefits. Otherwise, No.
    2. The big question is, what will make it different? I found Bryce’s column invaluable during the 2011 election as he included a balance of links from both sides of a debate, and also included links from sites other than his host NZH. All in one pace was a great service to me as reader. Since then however, his personal comments and bent spoil the resource.
    4. No

  • Magor

    In a nutshell to your query – YES!!!

  • Mark

    No please for the love of god no, you are unhinged loon, depressive, and a hate filled individual. The only people who want to hear your opinion, which I stress it JUST opinion and not REAL analysis, are the same blind myopic losers such as yourself.

  • Pseudonym

    golly! having not noticed this blog before (really – its NZs #1?!) and having been directed here by a link in that herald column, it seems rather…well, more one eyed than richard lowe with an eye patch on talking about canterbury.
    at least journalists pretend to be impartial. sometimes.
    perhaps you should go to the MSM – that neck vein bulging “voice of the people” ranter type that would be popular in the truth seems your best bet. (does the truth still get published? i’ll need to look that up)
    remember to mention “political correctness gone mad” in every column!
    easy money.