Some thoughts on Police files

It is refreshing to see a whole lot more transparency from the Police regarding release of information pertaining to Police investigations.

Yesterday they released the Banks files, after multiple OIA requests, one from former Labour party General Secretary Mike Smith who now blogs at The Standard, Lynn Prentice’s Hate Blog.

That said I wonder if the Police will be as forth-coming releasing the Darren Hughes investigation files should an OIA request be made now.

I guess we will have to find out won’t we. I’ll bet money that David Fisher won’t bother, he is busy still fellating Kim Dot Con.

Annette and Phil can thank Trevor for that.



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  • Bill Barnsley

    They will probably cite the privacy act to protect the victim of the sexual assault.
    A release blanking the victims name should be allowed though.
    Shouldn’t bother the ginga too much, he has landed himself a nice job in London which no doubt offers him a steady stream of interns and young socialist boys to try and get pissed so he can do it again.

  • Fozzie

    All I can say is what a waste of $1,000,000 ! Many small businesses for which Mr Banks is the Minister would love to get such a hand up ! Can’t help thinking wa’il that you are a bit disingenuous – the details were only revealed because of an OIA request – not the benevolence or transparency of Police !
    Banks worked the system – even taking legal advice to be sure he ‘covered his arse’ and then blames all on his campaign team and treasurer – love his sense of loyalty and to see him fronting for his own decisions ….. not !

    • AnonWgtn

      Banks was foolish enough not to channel any money though a Trust like Len Brown who also received suspect donations from Sky City ??? and Dotcom ??

  • Mr_Blobby

    Interesting story in the NZ Horrid today. A female visitor to NZ was detained, denied a lawyer, questioned, strip searched, had her visa reduced from 3 months to 2 weeks. Her crime, a loose association with Dotcom. Her boyfriend who arrived a few hours latter was similarly questioned on what he was doing in NZ; he was her link to Dotcom. Apparently they thought he was working in NZ, he was donating his time to produce a song for a Cure Kids, children’s charity, telethon on TV3.

    How does this sort of shit happen in New Zealand. I hope he decides not to produce the song and just has a holiday, visits Dotcom and leaves the country. I would also expect the charity concerned and TV3 to express there concern over such heavy handed treatment of visitors, especially generous visitors.

    For reference for anyone caught up in this type of saga. There is no information desk, phone number, Airline, customs or Immigration person you can talk to. You have to walk out of the airport go, around to the side of the airport, to the hidden Airport Police station and lodge a missing persons report.

    I for one won’t be participating in the Telethon.