Stay In School Kids

The conclusion of this piece is stop stuffing around at school and get better grades or you will end up like these drop kicks.

But already Billie-May Graham, 18, of Onehunga, is frustrated that her payment card is restricted to food stores and doesn’t cover clothes and other needs for her baby son Ryder, 8 weeks.

“Being a solo mum, there are so many things you have to buy that won’t be at the supermarket,” she said.

Billie-May?  This name has come up before on the blog.  Another idiot who threatened me.

Yes Billie-May is the same who can’t look after a dog properly.  And now she has an 8 week old baby? Good lord how did that happen?

The owner of a bull terrier dog that put a man in hospital admits it is another example of poor dog ownership.

Billie-May Graham, 19, pleaded guilty in the Waitakere District Court this week to owning a dog that attacked a male causing serious injury.

She told the Herald on Sunday that she had been a 16-year-old living on her own who needed protection. So she bought a cute bull terrier cross puppy and called him Munter.

But after being chained to a tree on a regular basis for nine months and trained to “attack on command”, the cuteness escalated into aggression.

Graham was in the shower in March last year when her friend let Munter off his leash. He escaped the property and ferociously latched on to the leg of a man who was walking past their Glen Eden home carrying a large black stick.

“He’s usually chained up to the tree but my mate let him off and someone went past so he ran after them. My dog doesn’t really like people,” Graham said.

No prizes for this lot.  The newsroom at the Herald does not even do a google search.  She seems to have lost a year in age since they last reported as well.   I would say public sympathy of her plight now she has a pre-loaded card is about zero.


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    I read about this yesterday – if you want to buy clothes get a fucking job and buy them yourself?

    Or, go buy jeans and a tshirt from the warehouse for the $20 you would normally use to buy smokes etc?

    What can’t you buy at the supermarket? I’m pretty sure they sell everything you could need.

    • Ron Jeremy

      She could be doing it for $180 a pop , (it’s a job) , before her cracker living habits turn her into a Bob Jones Buffalo , but instead she hands it out for free , without protection .
      Not much commonsense , this hillbilly . Poor Fucking kid .

  • Joe Bloggs

    “Good lord how did that happen?” – heh, I think we all know the how – the real question is “why was this allowed to happen?”

  • Tristanb

    How did Billie-May get a year younger? Does she not even know her own age?

    • Mully

      That was my thought too.

      But then I’m mainly just glad she’s moved out of West Auckland.

      • Young and Dumb

        Nah she can piss off back to West Auckland, there is enough idiots like this living in Onehunga already. The amount of times I see a pregnant mother smoking in the mall is a disgraceful look on what has happened to the human race…

    • Lion_ess

      From her comments below, she flunked maths and english. Fortunately for her welfare dependents aren’t means tested for literacy & numeracy although she can go on and breed and get paid for doing nothing.

  • Johno1234

    The media are too lazy to research the people whose quotes they breathlessly publish.

    Mr Jack Daylight (yes, SFNS, surprised he’s still alive) is another. A quick look around Google and Facebook suggest’s he’s a dope-smoking anti-capitalist hippie. Yet he complains he can’t get a job – no bloody wonder – who’d risk hiring that? What a waste of public funds it was educating him into what should be a very employable degree.

    • Sarrs

      I agree – how can a ‘journalist’ hang their hat on the opinion of someone like that when they don’t even bother to do a quick google search to make sure they’re not dope smoking muppets with an anti government agenda. Unless, of course, those are the only people who will speak to these ‘journalists’.

    • BJ

      Mr Daylight said “If I didn’t take that job as a bouncer they will cut my benefit. How does that make sense, having qualified people working in menial jobs?”

      There in lies half the problem – when people think they are too good for a job. Years ago a man that found himself out of a job would be grateful to have any job that allowed him to hold his head up high knowing he was supporting himself/family.

    • toby_toby

      Mr Daylight could help himself out by having a shave and getting a haircut. Yeah sure it’s not fair, but if he really wants a job then he has to sacrifice his beautiful Jesus-hair.

    • out2lunch

      Mr Daylight. An appropriate name when that is all that exists between his ears.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems the taxpayer will fund her lot to the tune of 250K over the next fifteen years.Not bad for someone who cant remember whats his name,the one night stand daddy.

  • BJ

    Letter to Billie-May. Lose the dog – you can’t afford it. Buy some cloth nappies as because you don’t work you will have time to launder them no problem. Buy a few groceries for one of your friends – in similar position – in exchange for a few hand-me-down baby clothes or go to Salvation Army Store – very cheap. Understand – you can’t have new clothes for quite some time so get over it – it won’t do you any harm to just wear what you own if thats all you can afford. You have made some choices in life so far and the consequences are what you will just have to get used to. Toughen up and take responsibility. Where is your family in all of this? Do they not think that you are their problem child rather than mine?

  • kehua

    Should have kept the dog and put the bitch down.

    • Jasmin


      • Lion_ess

        Go back to school and get some spelling and grammar – your comments look plain stupid here

      • Travis Poulson

        DISSCUSTING = Discussing something disgusting?

        Brilliant word invention.

  • Mully

    Any bets on when Billie-May will be back here?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Err Billie-May, does the baby cry or bark?

  • 2ndAmendment

    I would say public sympathy of her plight now she has a pre-loaded card is about zero.

    Sympathy for a payment card? I’d hope there was public derision: I’d put in the Malcolm Tucker quote but it would breach Whale’s new rules…

    She deserves nothing, like the 47% of the USA, like the 75% of “Kiwis” who pay no nett tax.

    Benefits create bludgers.

    Stop the benefits, it stops the bludging.

    She deserves nothing

  • billie-may graham

    get a life losers, go on facebook like normal people, judge mental half wits that have no idea about what i have been through at my know teenagers do KILL THEM selfs when they see things like this over the net, CAM how many other teenagers do u bully like this, drop kik

    • Jim Crow

      Stop hanging around with losers yourself .

      You know , that poor white neo-nazi trash you find so fascinating .

    • conwaycaptain

      Some advice to you Billie May.
      When I was at sea, and I was a Captain, I sailed with men who had come from the slums of London, Liverpool and Glagow. No Social Welfare benefits there. They went to sea on hard case Tramp Ships and studied and went to school and got their professional certificates. Pass marks 70% and 2 hrs of Oral Exams in front of an Examiner of Masters and Mates. You come out like a washed out dish rag after that cross examination, been through it 3 times!!
      They then worked their way up 3rd Mate, 2nd Mate, Mate and then Master and were some of the best educated men I have ever met.
      I suggest you put your past behind you, get into a decent work ethic and get yourself a qualification and show an example to your young lad.
      Good Luck.

      • GregM

        Aye, Sir. Well said.

    • Sarrs

      ‘get a life’…’go on facebook like normal people’..WTF? I mean, what the actual fuck. You’re not being bullied. Why on earth would have even agreed to be part of this article…do you think people on the internet have forgotten what a monstrous specimen of humanity you were last time you were featured?
      You also don’t know what the rest of us have been through in our lives and hey, guess what? Despite everything we have good jobs. We work hard. We pay tax. Stop whining about your past and make a future for yourself and your son. As soon as he can read and write he’ll google you and this will come up – you want him to see all this? I think I said it last time you commented on here – don’t you want a better life for your son than the one you’ve lived?

  • billie-may graham

    fuck it this time im getting a lawyer enough is enough

    • Lion_ess

      Count yourself lucky – you have been given some additional air-time for your (cough) plight. Poor you, only got a pre-loaded card in exchange for doing precisely nothing.

    • Just Legal

      I’ll service you for $250 an hour , including oral submissions .

      • Travis Poulson


    • Young and Dumb

      Ha lawyers are quite well paid, maybe you can have his baby and be on a free ride of child support for 18 years. Beats welfare and you can claim to have dignity.

    • GregM

      I suppose you expect us to pay for that as well ?

  • Jasmin

    I am a friend of bilies and i can honestly say that she is a WONDERFUL mum, having a baby really opened her eyes up and she always puts her handsome son first. So instead of a whole bunch of randoms putting her down and talking a whole bunch of shit about her when you dont even know her how about u guys focus on your own lifes. Shes trying to move on with her life and cant ADULTS with know lifes are writing blogs about her. So grow up please. and LEAVE HER ALONE.

    • Young and Dumb

      How many kids do you have? Three?

    • Sarrs

      You know, if you download and use google chrome as an internet browser it lets you know when you make spelling mistakes and will even suggest corrections. You should especially take this into consideration if you are applying for jobs online.

    • GregM

      Jasmin, good on you for sticking up for your mate, but listen up.
      Nobody here has questioned her skills as a good mum. Nobody.
      Most of us here work hard, or have businesses that employ people, and pay LOTS of tax to help support your friend. I run my own business and employ one person, Last month I made a profit of $177.35 for the first time in a year. the newest pair of jeans I own is 7 months old, why should I pay for her clothing ? Now she says she is going to get a lawyer, oh really? so I have to pay for that too?
      How much a week does she spend on cody’s and fags, and neo nazi bullshit that WE are paying for.
      If someone else is paying for it, quit your bitching.
      Best of luck Billie, and I mean that. G.