Stuart Nash Hits Back At Critics

Stuart Nash has again blogged on Recess Monkey clarifying his post after he joined a list of Labour’s enemies.

Just to clarify, however, my initial post wasn’t actually about Louisa or the Marriage Equality Bill at all, but about the strategy Labour has pursued so far this year.

That is right, Nash was not responsible for that strategy. So who was?  How much strategic input has say Grant Robertson or Jordan Carter had?  Can they all just blame Trevor now Nash has said “not me”?

One thing is for sure, Nash is confused about his mate David Parker.

I know that David Parker has been doing some serious thinking about this and he is a man of huge integrity and intelligence; and a man of courage. I expect to see some pretty revolutionary ideas to come from his office.

Right so this is the same David Parker who allegedly breached the Companies Act for filing false declarations to the Companies Office when of all people, a trained lawyer and Attorney General?

Mr Parker and Helen Clark described Mr Parker’s declarations as a “mistake” and Mr Parker said he believed many other people filed such declarations to “cut corners”.

By ticking the box, he saved himself $400 or $500 a year in audit fees.

“In respect of my own life I’ve done a lot more in my life than a lot of people have and overall I am proud of my achievements, but I’m certainly ashamed of this particular mistake,” he said last night. With the benefit of hindsight I was a bit glib in the way I ticked the form and sent it in.”

Parker is the last man who can comment about declarations, returns and forms and it has not held him back from being the next big thing in Labour years on.

The hypocrisy of the Labour Party know no bounds.



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  • Butts_McButts

    He is also the go-to guy for Labour’s current “somehow lower the exchange rate” plan. The guy who couldn’t do the most basic, essential part of running a company, who wants to somehow intervene in our global currency position.

    What’s worse is that no one wants to discuss the impact of doing so on low income earners, the price of petrol, food or the supply chain. They just keep repeating “EXPORT RECEIPTS” over and over again. It’s massively irresponsible.

    • AnonWgtn

      Parker is the bloke that woke Rob Muldoon up earlier this week to tell Rob that he was right after all, to take over the control of the Reserve Bank and fiddle the exchange rate.
      I see that it has Labour ,Greeens and Winston policy support too.
      Arise Sir Rob.

  • symgardiner

    Someone needs to ban David Parker from taking pens into parliament. Although his fidgeting with a pen is better than his fidgeting in his trouser pockets.
    Put your hands on the desk, keep them there, say your question AND then sit down AFTER you have said your question.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep Shearer says David Parker’s integrity is unquestionable and you Tories are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Wait for the opinion poll results from One News and TV3.