Tau and the five National Votes

Sources close to Tau Henare are telling me that like a good old fashioned union fixer Tau’s improbable adventure is well prepared and well thought through. It may look like an adventure but word on the street is he has done what all good union fixers do and got the numbers lined up behind him.

This includes five disaffected National MPs who will vote for Tau to spite the leadership. Practicing extreme low bastardry Tau has told the five to say nothing and lie about their voting intentions until the actual vote.

Couple that with the strange idea that National backbenchers would somehow vote for the politburo’s anointed candidate for Speaker just so they can get Nick Smith, the man most responsible for the toxic culture at ACC and had to resign because he lobbied on behalf of his old flame and Michelle Boag.


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  • Apolonia

    Tau with 5 friends? Did he get that many votes in the election?

    • Rodney

      He’s getting the Tight Five back together. They’re making a movie about it. Rana’s really excited.

      • GregM

        “once were waka jumpers” ?

  • Orange

    So parliament is just like Survivor?

  • Rolla

    Not sure Nick Smith is responsible for ACC’s toxic culture, been going on since at least the last Labour govt.
    Unless his dastadry goes so low as to be able to manipulate ACC from the outside before he had power. Although given Street was minister at the time, perhaps he had something to hold over her to make her run his plan.

    Whatever Joyce, wants though should be a great signal to all other nat mp’s to vote for anyone else.

    • Rodney

      ACC’s been crooked for years. Interesting to see on 60 Minutes how case managers get to doctors after assessments but before decisions. This is now happening in Work and Income. Doctor says person is ill or disabled, then Work and Income ring them up saying the rules have changed then all of a sudden the doctor’s opinion changes to no illness or no disability. Right up Shearer’s alley.

      • grandstream

        prior to the judge-pullar fiasco, ACC was not in a good way. We quickly forget the state of ACC under the last labour Govt with labour weed Mike Wiliams on the ACC board. The finances of ACC were screwed to within an inch of its life, John Judge did save the ACC, and turned it around financially. He and Nick Smith returned it to a viable state. The culture, sadly, was still a work in progress – far to many of those paper shufflers who couldnt get onto the treaty train, and with the usual chip on the shoulder mentality. Cabinet resisted a move to restructure and replace 60% of the staff……

  • Troy

    Um, it’s kind of interesting how the small stuff in politics tends to get more attention than the big stuff – i’d have thought that the election of the Speaker was way down on the priority list of things that need attention at the moment, still that’s office politics I guess – it happens everywhere and it’s usually non-productive and destructive…. the face of NZ politics geesh.