Teacher Brainwashing

This issue is running hot on talkback today.

There’s widespread condemnation of TV footage shown last night, which featured children being bullied by their teachers to join protest action against the Government in Christchurch.

As the footage shows, teachers were showing kids how to chant, raise their fists in the air, and most worryingly, it even included an 8 year old attacking the Prime Minister. An 8 year old!

One wonders whether any dissent is tolerated by teachers at these schools and how a child who disagreed might get treated. Do you think they had any choice?

This is thin end of the wedge stuff.  Children should not be used as political weapons – ever – and it’s time the teacher unions learned this.

The prominent Labour Party signage at the protest didn’t go unnoticed either.


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  • Euan.Rt

    So it is ok to teach the children to be anti the democratically elected government? Surely this is too far? This is the parents’ fight – not the childrens’. How on earth do teachers figure that it is ok to brainwash children. This must be blatantly illegal mustn’t it? Is there any law that deals with brainwashing?

  • Left wing ideas cannot be rationally argued in an adult forum, so the only way the left can provide such ideas with any traction or currency is to force them upon innocent and gullible children.

    The smart kids grow out of it.

    The stupid ones don’t.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The smart ones join the gravy train the stupid ones pay the Taxes.

    • Stanely.

      I see you fall into the latter group.

      These kids are having their school closed down, they’re allowed to protest they are the ones most directly affected by this.

    • Wow, we agree! Well said!!!!

      Funny thing is that I was one of those left wingers in my uni days.

      Now as an old right wing lady (well not old, just old enough to have an 18 year old child!) I am considering further study, some of which will probably include a paper or 2 on social policy. So my lectures will be great fun as no doubt I will get to listen to many views based the kind of idealism that would make Marx blush!!!

      End of the day these teachers had no business involving the children in their agenda. Letting them know what may happen – sure. But encouraging them to protest and form views based on one-side information, no way.

      Plus, even if the children were given all the facts they simply do not have the maturity to rationally go through the pros & cons & come to their own conclusions.

      Children are emotionally based only and have no foresight and no ability to comprehend cause & effect.

      This CHCH school has to close. No one wants it. But then no one wanted the earthquake either.

      I find it irritating how people just seem to expect that life will resume as normal after such a massive disaster – that is just not possible….at least not for another 20 years. At the moment CHCH is a city that is dead in the water. It is a terrible place for children with no parks, no pools, dodgy sewage in the sea….there is just nothing to do hence why so many people have left.

  • Phar Lap

    Now if they had been Muslim children as in Australia,with their jihad outlook,as we saw last week in the Muslim riots.Seems the Lie-bour and RED/”green” parties are using the same tactics.Brainwashing the children,with a bit of luck ,incitement to riot.Of course let us not forget the Lie-bour Party channel TVNZ who are also involved with their hopeful incitement to riot.WTF, why were they there last night ,the story leading the news.Bet whoever in TVNZ that sanctioned that story is a card carrying member of the LIE-BOUR PARTY. Or even worse an import from the” RED/greens”.they specialise in employing foreign rabble rousers.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Using innocent children as political pawns is a kin to child abuse. The unions had kids at the PoAL picket line too – all trying to give the perception innocent families are being hurt – when they’re doing the damage themselves to their own children.
    It’s about time unionism in NZ was flushed away. It’s certainly not doing any good for NZ Inc – and prostituting a childs innocence to make political points is beyond reprehension – it’s a kin to child abuse – so I hope the police / CYPS take appropriate action and charge the unions for deliberate child abuse…
    They certainly deserve nothing less.

    • Neil

      Ummm – what about the treasured photo ops of pollies kissing children….lol..

      • Bunswalla

        A bit like you Neil, a cliche from the 70’s. Not quite the same as taking them out of school time to make posters and drill them on the right emphasis when chanting slogans, shouting at them for not screeching loudly enough.

        • Teachersrock

          I seem to recall John Key using children in his first election for Government. Took her to Waitangi, promised her the moon, then abandoned her once he was in office.

          Ring a bell Bunswalla?

          • fergus

            What bollocks, he made the point HIMSELF, he didnot get kids to make any points for him.

          • Teachersrock

            And like a fool you swallowed Keys bullshit hook line and sinker like the blind little rightwinger you are.

          • Kimbo

            Nope. Key may have made their acquaintance in the course of his politically motivated visit to McGeohan Close. However, in a subsequent act stemming from that encounter, and as Leader of the Opposition, a position that represents all Kiwis, he took the kids to a non-partisan national celebration, Waitangi Day.

            Just like Norman Kirk, in his role as a NZ public representative (which happened to be that of a Labour Party PM), famously took a Maori Kid by the hand at Waitangi Day in 1973. And by the way, Big Norm hated kids being used as political pawns, loathed school visits when campaigning, and would have been appalled by their participation in protests.

            God help us if you really are a teacher, and can’t work out were the lines of child exploitation exist, or how to properly administer them to avoid it

          • Teachersrock

            LMAO, what a load of crap.

            It was a political stunt where Key used a child then dropped her once she had served her purpose.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Lets see…….Please help me with the difference between……grooming children for sexual exploitation (punishable [far too lightly] by a prison sentance)…….and this, which seems to be, teachers grooming children for political exploitation.

    • Um, sexual exploitation does years of harm and ruins lives, this so called political exploitation is forgotten about by the kids next week. Just a minor difference…

  • Perkins

    Who was the Journalist that did this story??? She should ashamed of herself.

    • Thanks for the laff.

      Today’s so called “journalists” have no shame.

    • John Q Public

      Is it the same one who signed the “petition” in an earlier piece a few days ago?

    • kthxbai

      Actually I thought the journalist was doing a nice little expose. If she hadn’t at least sounded involved, she wouldn’t have got in the door.

    • Not so, if they hadn’t, you’d be moaning that the MSM never told you.

  • Alloytoo

    If I was a parent, and I saw my 8 year old on the telly last night I would laying a charge at the police station right now.

    • Teachersrock

      Who do you think drove the kids that spoke at the protest to the protests. Their parents.

      Parents are 100% behind the schools on this one.

      • fergus

        Then let them dip in their pockets and pay for it.

      • Alloytoo

        Then the parents should protest. Children should not be politized.

  • cows4me

    The whole thing pisses me off. All this wailing and breast beating by teachers, parents etc about the evil national party and the shutting or merging of some schools. Get with the program you townie grippers. The fucking liarbore party, when the wankers ruled the roost shut three local schools and that was it. No TV news, no screaming teachers, no crying parents breaking down on national news. Seems it’s a total disaster when something like this happens in the city but if it’s affects the peasants, who cares. Life isn’t always fair or the way you want it to be you will just have to suck it up and get on with it.

    • johnbronkhorst

      whats more they sold my old primary school to developers, who built expensive houses on the land…..All together now…..say…..”ASSET SALES”.

    • Brian Smaller

      Exactly. Remind me again how many schools Mallard shut in the Hutt? It probably had to be done – just like the situation in Christchurch. These people have to realise that the entire city is changing and will NEVER be the same as it once was.

  • Random66

    Well I’m going to take the other side of the coin on this one. Children do worry about things that directly concern them, particularly such an important issue as their school and their friends etc. This is a huge part of their day and their world. I believe they should feel that they are not completely without control and that they can feel that they have a voice on such an important issue. This is teaching them about democracy and that the people have a voice. Let’s be clear children understand by and large they have no control over most things because adults make decisions on their behalf all the time, but in this instance I think it is hugely important to their mental wellbeing to at least believe they tried to be heard. They have after all lived through a frightening experience, which many of us didn’t experience (earthquakes) and have probably lost so much in their lives already or at least experienced huge change e.g. loss of homes.

    • BJ

      Children are resilient and flexible when it comes to change unless the adults that they trust are displaying fear themselves. These kids need to be told why this has to happen, for their development into contributing adults NOT be used by adults that reject change

    • gn35

      “This is teaching them about democracy and that the people have a voice. ”


      Were the children given a lesson in democracy or fascism? Was the other side of the argument put to them for consideration? What if some kids were then of the opinion that the government should rationalise schools in Christchurch and that they dont deserve superior treatment or funding to the rest of NZ?
      Were the children taught that in a true democracy they are able to state that point of view in public and among their peers without fear of persecution?
      Or were those kids who thought that just to damn scared of being vilified by the teachers and bullied in front of their classmates?

      • Random66

        Do you have children? Have you any idea how this age group functions?? You are trying to put your adult spin on this whole thing and making it more complicated than it actually is in a childs view. My point was not whether the decision to close these schools was right or wrong but that the children should have the right to voice their opinion as it directly affects them. For them it will be a simple yes or no and I would think the teacher would have asked for a show of hands as to who would like to have their say and what they actually thought (no bullying). I’m thinking you don’t have the same vested interest in this decision as the children do, as do neither I, but I am of the opinion that if the children feel inclined to have their say, let them.

        • Bunswalla

          $1m to a knob of goat poo the question was phrased along these lines:
          “Do you think it’s a good idea that mean John Key is going to close your school down?”
          It’s easy to phrase a question to a bunch of kids to get the answer you want and for the record, yes I’m a parent and what’s more, I used to be a kid. What these teachers did is despicable brainwashing and they should all be disbarred.

          • Random66

            Agree that I won’t stand for children being manipulated and I have to admit after reading WO’s other post saying that protesting has been added to the curriculum, this does give me pause. My view is simple really, I have a mothers heart and believe a child’s genuine concern should not be ignored – but I have no time for those who would play on a childs fear for their own advantage.

          • Kimbo

            You could same for the genuine concerns of the truly unfortunate and disadvantaged – and the Left feeds off that carcass too! But yeah, with kids it is just so blatantly obvious.

            But all the talk of “morality”, and “empowering the disenfranchised and marginalised” is a smokescreen. For the Left, it it works and gives you traction, or even better, power, you do. Rationalising that it is in the ultimate best interests of the kids comes easily after that.

            Ends, including exploiting kids justifies the means for these guys, every time!

          • jaundiced

            Random66: Yes kids need to feel they have a voice. But they also need to learn that sometimes bad things happen and we have to understand why these things happen and sometime we need to deal with it. And most importantly kids look to adults as role models in this regard. And if you look at how kids are coping with everything they’ve had to go through in Christchurch, you can credit the parents for their example. And yes, I’m a parent and used to be a kid.

          • I agree jaundiced.

            The concerns of the children need to be validated, but to use them as political pawns in an attempt to advocate a unionist agenda is just plain wrong. They are being pushed to fight a battle they dont understand and dont have the maturity to understand (hell, even most adults dont even understand the basics of education and economic policy!) – all without hearing the other side of the story which is the school needs to close. CHCH must accept that life cannot resume to pre earthquake life. It has changed forever and is unlikely to even be fully functional as a city for about 20 years!

            And the kids will be fine. Sure they wont like the fact that their school is closing, but no doubt they and most of their friends will end up at the same new school. And if they dont – so what. It’s a good lesson in how things change all the time and those who do best are those who adapt to this.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Too right . Now the kids now have something to worry about , something to fear . The teachers COULD have promoted the changes to smooth the transition , and given the kids positive reinforcement .

    • kthxbai

      Random66 – I’d agree with you if the kids were permitted to pick their own protest issue and their own stance. Unanimity smells of the teacher’s agenda.

  • In Vino Veritas

    “Give me four years to teach a child and the seed that I have sown will never be uprooted”
    This sort of thing annoys the living bejesus out of me. These teachers need to pull their heads in and stop using small children for political capital. Though when it comes to the left, small children appear at just about every protest. They have to since they need to flesh out the numbers!

  • On the 3News coverage that I saw this morning, there was a placard that read “Buggarise Bully Boy Brownlee”. Sure; people may be upset. But advocating rape?

    • Brian Smaller

      Given the number of teachers getting busted at the moment one does have to ask that question.

    • pukakidon

      Teachers teaching terms like Buggery! That individual holding the placard is certain to grow up, go to teachers training college and after a few years of abusing our children will spend time in Jail. This is an ever increasing circle.

      These are government employees and they should be taken to task with the ring leaders and principles sacked.

  • Mighty Kites

    Of course, it must be those dastardly teacher unions! It couldn’t possibly be that students are generally fearful for the future of their schools due to the botched plan cooked up by an incompetent education minister

    • BW_Lord

      Get off it. An 8 year old with the political awareness to understand issues surrounding redevelopment after a major natural disaster? Right now is the best chance to get this right, and thankfully someone is thinking ahead.

    • Chris

      So your saying the children thought this demonstration up all by themselves?
      And the Government just closes schools for no reason at all.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I’m sure the 8 year old thought very deeply about the issue of perhaps closing his school. After all it may mean that dairy selling his favourite lollies is now a 300m walk instead of a 100m walk……..Give me a break ….he’s 8(eight). The way he articulated the veiw and conjugated his sentence…it appeared to have a teleprompter.

      • Chris

        Maybe the Children could demonstrate for Better Teachers?

        What do we want?

        Better Teachers !

        When do what them?


        And Repeat…………..

        • Teachersrock

          They don’t need to. NZ has some of the best teachers in the world. So the kids are protesting against something that really needs to change in order to better education in NZ – this National Government.

    • Magor

      No MK – the press, who just happened to break the time embargo (shows that this was a deliberate set up) on the initial release and then proceed to report this initiative incorrectly and in so doing gave all and sundry the wrong impression, but this was enough for the hysteria to be carried on by the media and the Left irrespective of the initial lie – it is interesting that all MSM have conveniently not reported on this or the guilty party offer an apology.
      Just saying…

  • BJ

    Children are not voters. They have an advocate in the Commissioner for Children. They are being abused by these unionist teachers. It is disgusting!

    • The Aggravated Spectator

      So wait… You’re saying kids today aren’t intelligent enough to form their own opinions? Questioning our youth like that; That’s Disgusting!

    • Teachersrock

      So because kids cannot vote they are not allowed to have an opinion on National ideologically driven policies that will negatively impact on them?

      What a typical narrow minded right wing view.

  • tarkwin

    A sad but not surprising turn of events. Let’s face it the teachers union manual is the Labour / Greens education manifesto.

  • 2ndAmendment

    All those schools should be closed forthwith: all teachers involved deregistered and banned from receiving any govt benefits whatsoever.

    Then the community should be offered the chance to re-open any or all of the involved schools as charter schools provided they can raise the funds to buy the land, the buildings, and of course to cover the fees — and of course, provided they employ no NZEI or PPTA members or past members.

    The minister should not be making decisions best left to the market.

  • GregM

    I would like to supply the 20% of kids that can’t read placards saying ” my teacher is a goats cock that can’t teach”.
    That could be interesting.

  • justsaying

    The NAZI party was quick to realise how influential teachers are at moulding a student’s thoughts
    and perspectives.

  • Busman

    It has always been my concern Leftard teachers teaching our children , this is appaling and shows what a bunch of dropkicks most teachers probably are , can anyone tell me out of all teachers in NZ how many belong to a union ??? scary stuff people

  • Michael

    Once we brainwash the children, they grow up to do what we want.

    In South Africa, burning down your school was a socially acceptable protest against the evil apartheid regime. Now we have people needing jobs, who need jobs, not pennies:


    more on the story here: http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/factory-owners-appear-in-court-1.1056734

  • liberty

    The teachers are using small children as bitching fodder.

    Those children are only being hysterical because the teachers
    are being

    totally unprofessional.

    If the teachers are unhappy. They can go and have a bitch with
    their comrades in the Staff room.

    Children should be out playing Bull rush. Instead of being politically

    by the child molesters of the Mind.

  • conwaycaptain

    On Morning Report they interviewed some of the Principals and they said that after meeting with the Min of Ed they were better informed but there needed to be a lot more meetings and consultations.
    Whjen a whole load of your education resources have been lost or badly damaged then uyou have to look at the most economical way of fixing the problem. If the population had decreased because people have left you dont have to build as many schools.
    Basic economics really, not that teachers will understand.

  • Tony

    I have no problem with the schools staying open – but the local community need to raise the cash to fund the difference. Why should the tax payer have to fork out say $25,000 per student when a school closure could result in the same education at $20,000 per student?
    I bet that much of this is that bad teachers are scared that they will no-longer be employed!

  • Perkins Derkins

    TVNZ should be had up too, for using these kids to promote their own views.

  • fozzie

    Why shouldn’t the kids have an opinion – after all it is their education that will be disrupted – great that they are learning how to stand up for themselves and be heard ! Being able to articulate your ideas is an important skill to learn – we don’t all live in the dark ages of where children should be seen and not heard. I am sure that if the message had been ‘I live John Key’ then the rabble here would applaud it.

    • Kimbo

      “I am sure that if the message had been ‘I live John Key’ then the rabble here would applaud it.”

      Stop fantasizing and projecting your own twisted morality onto others and their kids. Most sensible parents round here, even though they are likely Key/National voters would rather give space for their kids to make up their own minds in good time.

      • Bunswalla

        ‘I live John Key’ ??? Do you mean you live on Planet Key?

      • fozzie

        What is ‘twisted’ about defending the right of kids to have a view – my kids surely do and are encouraged to form their own opinions and respect others – something that seems to have bypassed most of the commentators here !

        • Kimbo

          “What is ‘twisted’ about defending the right of kids to have a view”

          Nothing wrong with that – as long as it is an informed one. Which I’d suggest 8 year olds, courtesy of their age, are not yet fully capable of when it comes to the macro-economic, bureaucratic, educational, and human development isues that underlie the issue that sparked the protest in the first place.

          But if you want to use an argument on the same continuum as NAMBLA – “what is twisted about defending the right of kids to engage in acts of ssexual love”. be my guest…

          And how can you possibly have “respect” for others, and think that children engaging in protest are being respectful to others, when the theatrics of this protest is an act of disrespect?

          • fozzie

            Please use the brains that god gave you … where did the obsession with child sex come from ?What a bunch of interfering busy bodies – were they your kids on the
            news clip ? Have any of the parents complained ? What happened to free
            speech … or is that only when you say so ….

          • Kimbo

            “where did the obsession with child sex come from ?”

            If you want to side-step the issue of the analogy I gave, and deliberately overlook the meaning of “continuum’, then I fear I am not the one not using their God-given brains.

            “were they your kids on the news clip ?”

            Nope. But they were someone’s, and ultimately, as I’ve argued, it is inappropriate for parents, teachers, or any other supposed care-givers to use or allow their kids to be used as active props for partisan political purposes.

            “Have any of the parents complained?”

            Is irrelevant. Ultimately whether the parents agree with the politics of the protest or not, the issue is one of general principle, not specific example.

            “What happened to free speech … or is that only when you say so ….”

            Nope. “Free” is when the person exercising it is “free” and “mature” enough to search out, weigh and sift all the relevant facts from the self-serving propaganda of every hue and ideology, and then reach an informed decision, and then act accordingly.

            Which, in the context of this protest, with personalised disrespectful attacks against the PM (and the same would apply if it was Helen Clark), was not possible on the part of 8 years-olds, Child exploitation is child exploitation, be it sexual, or political.

          • fozzie

            I am bloody glad I don’t live on your continuum – takes a rather twisted mind to link children having a voice about an issue that directly effects them and child sex !!

          • Kimbo

            Yet you still avoid the issue of what sort of informed and mature “voice” children can give on a complex issue such as this.

            Expressing disappointment that your schooling may change is a valid voice. Directly criticising government policy when you are incapable of understanding the complexities is not a valid voice.

            But at least the kids concerned are not primarily willfully ignorant – as you are proving to be on this thread.

          • fozzie

            What is so complex about this issue ? The school is sheeted to close. Are the kids up set ? Yes ‘unsurprisingly’ they are. Who made the decision? The government. Who is head of that Government ? Mr Key. No translation needed.

          • Kimbo

            You are a willful arse, fozzie, and I’m bloody glad you have no input into my kid’s life.

            “What is so complex about the issue?”

            A city of 350,000, with a variety of competing and complimentary needs and wishes has to be rebuilt. Inevitably, because of a limited budget, not all wishes can be met. Time and space prohibits me listing the myriad of those needs and wishes, and the budget constraints that also have to be weighed within the wider scope of government’s national fiscal policy, which it conducts for the greater good of all – including 8 year-olds who may be rightly very disappointed their schooling situation will change, but maybe, just maybe, that disappointment is out-weighed by greater and far-more-pressing need. But then you knew that before you asked your smart-arse question, didn’t you.

            Think like an 8 year old if you must fozzie, but I far prefer the nation’s schools to teach our children, especially when they are only 8, the basics of reading and writing so they can one day grow up and when they are old enough think and act like adults when it comes to civics, economic, and political discourse – rather than be used as props to satisfy your infantile definition of “learning how to stand up for themselves and be heard”.

            What ever you decide to teach your brats to satisfy your ego and ideological fancy is your decison, fozzie. However, kindly keep them away from me and mine.

          • fozzie

            Back up the truck Kimbo – no where in my comments have I told you how to raise your kids, nor have I had the temerity to call them ‘brats’. I defend the right of all parents to raise their children, decide their religion and values within the moral code we call the law. I do not seek to tell you or others how to raise yours , why do you seek the right to howl in outrage when other choose what they think is right for theirs ? From what I have seen and heard of this schools protest they have the support of the parents teachers and their community – leave them to their protest – they are not stepping on your toes – so but out !

          • Kimbo

            “no where in my comments have I told you how to raise your kids,”

            Yes you did, by implication, when, in the context of the protest, you argued the straw man, “Being able to articulate your ideas is an important skill to learn – we
            don’t all live in the dark ages of where children should be seen and
            not heard.”

            If you think there is no distinction between kids positively and genuinely articulating their disappointment about a life-changing event, or whether an 8 year old is incapable of understanding the complex decisions that resulted in a school being closed, and children being used as politically partisan pawns (all distinctions that both I and others have sought to clarify for you at length – with no engagement or interaction from you – which is the action of a brat), then I can state with a reasonable degree of confidence, based on the actions of their parent, that your kids are brats. If you didn’t want them referred to, then you shouldn’t have used the phrase, “my kids surely do and are encouraged to form their own opinions and respect others”, especially when, in context, your view of “respect” includes shouting about the PM! Yet more proof they are likely brats! Take note, Random66.

            “I defend the right of all parents to raise their children, decide their
            religion and values within the moral code we call the law”.

            Yep. But another straw man – it wasn’t the matter in dispute. What is is whether or not is is a form of child abuse to allow kids to be used as political props.

            Vino Veritas made it real simple for you, yet you still obfuscate. Stop mucking around. This is not about what the kids think, it is about them being used.

            Yes or no?

            1. Are 8 years olds capable of understanding and making informed decisions on the complexity that results in earthquake damage schools being closed?

            2. If not, is it not a form of child abuse (not as bad as sexual abuse, but a form of exploitation nonetheless) to allow them to be used to pressure for adult agendas – irrespective of whether there is the consent of parents or teachers or the more thoughtless members of the community.

            Squeal and sook all you want, fozzie, THAT is the issue that has always been the debate on this thread.

          • 2ndAmendment

            All fine fozzie – so long as the parents love their kids enough for pay for whatever education, religion, and upbringing their kids deserve – so long as they don’t expect me to pay for it.

            So I don’t mind whatever-the-fuck they do so long as they are not taught socialism – unlike every “kid” in a state school.

          • Random66

            Agree with fozzie here Kimbo, you have absolutely no right to bring his children into this or refer to them as brats. When fozzie makes a comment you deal with him and him alone. You spout the christian theology, try living it and treat others as you would want to be treated.

          • Kimbo

            I don’t think it is biblical to show any mercy in a public forum to those foolish and willful enough to encourage forms of child abuse and exploitation, or think it is ok for their kids to shout down poltical figures.

            The issue isn’t fozzie’s kids (whom he should never have introduced as illustrations in this debate in the way that he did), but his crap values which will no doubt produce a nation of brats if adopted wholesale – as he implied we should.

          • Kimbo

            …then again, “An unforseen event has changed my life and the government is to blame for not fixing it up so I am no longer upset” is pretty good educational training if you want to produce a generation of left-voting losers, not prepared to weigh their needs against the tangible needs of others, nor use their initiative.where possible to solve their problems

            Good luck on raising your kids, fozzie – they’ll need it!

            Usually I’d think twice about dragging your kids into this, but seeing as you were so eager to inject them into this debate as a prop to prove your ideology, you deserve a bitch-slap, even if they, courtesy of their stupid parent, don’t

          • MrV

            Wow, it would be nice to live in your simpleton world where no other variables come into play.

          • In Vino Veritas

            To cut to the chase fozzie, all Kimbo is saying is that these children have been given their view by their teachers. There it is, in easily understandable language and you can now chose whether you think this is a reasonable thing to have happen.

          • Kimbo

            thanks, VV. Are you available as a permanent translator?

            However, I fear that when it comes to the likes of fozzie, it is not the lack straight-forward translation that is the problem. The problem with your definition is that for the Left ‘facts’ (eg., earthquakes destroy schools), ‘universally agreed values’ (we have a responsbility to educate our children, which must be balanced along with a number of other responsibilities), and ‘polically partisan values’ (it is ok to use kids to criticise how we balance current circumstances, needs, and responsibilities) are interchangeable as and when it suits.

            Just dress it up in some trite amorphous buzzwords, like “voice”, and “freedom”, throw in ad hominems like “twisted mind”, and ” use the brains that god gave you”, and you can make vice appear as a “reasonable” virtue.

            Don’t know how you translate that – or if it is even worth trying. Probably not.

          • Ronnie Chow

            That should sort them out . A bit of clarity .
            Now , who gave the teachers THEIR views ? Teachers ?

          • If ‘being informed’ was the barrier to having an opinion then this place would be a lot quieter

          • Kimbo

            True. But then I qualified it with “capable”. If adults chose not to exercise a capability that children are not yet mature enough to possess, then they deserve contempt. Which fozzie has certainly earned from me…

        • 2ndAmendment

          Because they don’t have a view. they have socialism – and unlike you lefty cunts it’s the high-value, high-worth Kiwis who comment on whaleoil that are paying for this all

          And we don’t want to pay for it any more – not the dole, not the DBP, not “schools”, not “hospitals” and especially not “cunts who think they deserve our fucking money” whether they are 8 or 80.

    • So long is that opinion is based on hearing both sides of the story. Further debating in schools is a far better way to learn how to articulate your ideas, beliefs & opinions than protesting in something you cant possibly have the maturity to fully comprehend.

    • RightOfGenghis

      Too much focus on rights at this age, not enough on responsibility

      • 2ndAmendment

        Or any age.

    • Dion

      That’s not the issue here. The issue is so-called “professionals” involving children in a political debate that they don’t have the maturity to understand.

      Sounds like the Green Party list selection process, doesn’t it?

  • Smeagol

    Seems pretty cool actually. Why not show kids what a protest is? People are getting pissed off because they’re teaching something about the protest movement. You think it would be easier to teach them why the Ministry of Education want to close the schools?

    • Bunswalla

      Of course it would. If you’re going to drag them into your protest movements, especially when it eats into lessons and/or ply time, you should at least teach them basic economic principles first.
      You know, like “don’t spend money you don’t have” and “prioritise the things you want to buy” and “make the best use of resources” would be a start. Also, life’s not always fair, so suck it up and work hard and you’ll be able to help build a better world one day.

  • roxo

    I remember when Mallard and co closed down lots of schools and merged others on the Taieri (Mosgiel). My sisters kids were affected as their little school turned into a big one and Oh me Oh my the sky was going to fall in. Now 10 years on both kids survived – and have gone on to thrive. It would be interesting to pull out what the Liarbore ministers said then about the closing of schools. If it is a necessity then that is life. If there is consultation going – then consult.
    And as for the parents and teachers of these kids – shame on you. My 6 YO asked what was happening and I explained it to her – simply and fairly. Her reaction summed it up – Oh, OK but they will still get to go to school?

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  • chwaga

    Seems to me that it is more about the teachers and the headmasters/mistresses who may lose their jobs and not find new ones. This goes for those that have been in their positions for many years and are nearing retirement. It is called looking after ones self.

    Children change schools all the time. they go from primary to intermediate and then to secondary. From small schools to private. Often when they move from one to the next their parents choose different schools to those that their friends will go to. In this instant it is likely thqat all the children will go to the new school or to perhaps one of two.

    It will be much less disruption than the move between primary, intermediate and secondary.

  • Teachersrock

    It is always so cute when the right wing spout bullshit as opposed to what actually happened.