Teacher Union Hypocrisy

The NZEI has predictably come out against the decision regarding teacher registration for Charter Schools. Ian Leckie had this to say:

NZEI president Ian Leckie said Ms Parata’s quality teaching agenda was in “tatters”.

“We believe every child deserves success at school with the help and support of a qualified and registered professional.”

Mr Leckie said registering teachers ensured a robust and high-performing profession that gave the public confidence that teachers were competent and safe.

“It is unethical and unfair to let children be guinea pigs in a charter school experiment where anyone could be put in front of them in the classroom.”

Presumably he is referring to these kinds of “registered” teachers being put in front of children in the classroom:

More of child abuser’s past emerges

Teacher quits over alleged affair with student

Sex offenders in classrooms

‘Failings’ helped sex offender teach

Statutory manager takes over top primary school

Sex offender teacher jailed

And that is just back to May this year!

of course the Teachers Council also supports name suppression for pedo teachers and secrecy in their delivberations…but all those teachers are registered so should be ok to put before the children in a classroom.


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  • Dave

    NZEI is akin to another bloody union It’s about their exclusive club and maintaining membership, their fees and controlling their sector for their own benefit.

    Key question for NZEI Can you please PROVE through performance statistics and benchmarks that registered teachers actually perform better than non registered teachers? Oh yeah, your also anti performance.

  • Macca

    “It is unethical and unfair to let children……..
    What is “unethical and unfair” is the power these bigots yield and its about time these politically motivated people were stopped once and for all!

  • Goldie

    NZEI: “registering teachers ensured a robust and high-performing profession”
    My son’s teacher was “a qualified and registered professional”. Unfortunately, she was also innumerate, and it appeared her sole teaching skill was Maori singing (which was not particularly useful for a class of European, Indian and Chinese kids). It was only when she went on leave and there was an excellent relieving teacher that the parents realised how useless she was. Without any performance metrics, it is next to impossible for parents to identify the dud teachers.
    Teaching is “a robust and high performing profession”. Yeah Right.

    • justin

      Unregistering is a bad idea. Up the level of registration – make the bar set high. Pay the better ones more. Clear out the rubbish.
      Bring in spot inspectors (not the ERO – who signal their arrival months in advance).
      Loosening things up is just crazy – it will make it worse.

  • Patrick

    The only components that are high performing in the teachers profession are salaries & holidays
    On average I bet every person can possibly name ONE good teacher that they had in their entire time at school. Minimum 10 years at school = 10% good teachers.
    By rights that should be the other way around if the profession was as rosy as Leckie & co try to have us believe.
    If we could only name ONE bad teacher then he would have something to crow about.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Every teacher I had was excellent. That’s because my parents loved me and send me to a private school.

      If you’re parents didn’t love you, well of course your education was shit.

      But there is absolutely nothing the government can do to make up for the fact that your parents didn’t love you.

      • justin

        I think that if they closed all the private schools (shock horror – don’t shot me yet). Then the public schools would be flooded with students/parents that will demand a lift in the standards. The headmaster will pressured to lift the staff standards.
        Right now the liberal, set the bar at the lowest level, teachers have life very easy teaching in state schools (single sex schools seem the exception).

        • Patrick

          don’t agree I am afraid – the issue is the teachers are protected, they are not performance assessed like the rest of us in our jobs & there are very few consequences for poor performance & even illegal acts – such as the kiddie fiddler teachers that continuously crop up.
          Their Unions have a lot to answer for – they are the ones protecting their member at the expense of the children they are suppoed to teach

  • Markm

    Never in this whole anti charter school campaign has the NZEI decried the charter type school ( Unlimited ) successfully run in Christchurch , by ex Labour Mayor , Vicki Buck.

    But of course this has only ever been about non Labour people running a charter School.
    Fortunately as only slightly north of 20% of the population , are Labour supporters , statistically most of the charter school operators will be non Labour.

    • justin

      Actually every school in the country has a charter. We have single sex, religious schools, private schools, full emersion maori language schools, internet schools… Hell we kiwis love to experiment with schooling.
      But we haven’t opened one single sex school in over 30 years (even though they are top performing and over subscribed).
      Go figure.

  • cows4me

    What can one say WO, priceless!

  • Dr Wang

    Ian Leckie is an idiot.

    “We believe every child deserves success at school with the help and support of a qualified and registered professional”…like James Parker?

    • justin

      But it seems to me that James Parker would find things easier if he could avoid registration. They really just have to clean up the rubbish teachers on the register.

  • blokeintakapuna

    A teachers Degree is the easiest of Degree’s to obtain and the lowest paid of all Degree qualified professions.

    Ever wonder why?…and especially if our children are supposedly NZ’s greatest asset?

    This union thug & lackie, Mr. Leckie wearing a tie attempting to garner credibility for his featherbedding of colleagues forgets things like our higher learning institutions like Universities often have class sizes of 100 or even 200 students – being taught by “unregistered teachers” but by specialists who often have a Master’s Degree or a PhD in a specialist subject.

    So this Lickie lackie believes a “teachers Degree and a Registered Teacher” are more qualified than a specialist with a Masters Degree teaching specialist courses?

    The flaws in his argument / positioning are far too numerous to mention – but readers should just remember he’s another unionist with a vested self-interest attempting to scaremonger with propaganda to featherbed and suit his own agenda.

    Using the kids as political pawns also allows the unions to generate all manner of vested-interest, faux-sanctimony as they shrill their propaganda whilst hiding inept teachers to protect their membership fees.

    It’s about time the unions were crushed out of existence – just look at the damage they’re doing to Melbourne’s construction industry!

    • justin

      Remember that there’s a shortage of teachers (especially in the secondary sector). We need to bring integrity back into the profession. Get hard on the rubbish teachers (the good ones don’t want the clowns in the same profession).
      Bring back discipline to the classroom – stop the rubbish behaviours that have made the classroom a battlefield.
      Empower the principals to sort out their staff – bring in really specific minimum standards (which aren’t written down). i.e. missing lessons, not marking papers, not learning students names, swearing at kids etc are all dismissable offenses (three strikes policy).

  • Lion_ess