The Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

25 September

I caught Big Gerry sniffing around my office just on lunch time. Had to scowl at him so he didn’t mug my new SPS with my union made pie for lunch. This is getting very annoying, he is such a tiresome fellow. Why he can’t get his own SPS to get him a pie is beyond me. He didn’t stick up for me this week in caucus like he did last week. Must remember that.

Have called for a report on those bloody Fijians kicking our comrades from the ILO out without even letting them talk to the union movement in Fiji. We may need more sanctions, that mad bugger of a Commodore needs to learn a lesson. about messing with the brothers and sisters of the union movement.

Got a nice call from Ken, he invited me around for dinner, drinks and a sing along Thursday night. You always get good wine at Ken’s, that pallet that fell off the back of a truck outside his place was a god send.


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