The Diary of Comrade Kate

Monday 3rd September

Bad day. Had to sit through boring meeting with 19 bloody tories. Pushed the case for intervening against the tyrannical Ports of Auckland on behalf of the workers but they wouldn’t listen to reason. Sulked through the rest of the meeting and had to draw on all my inner strength when they nearly put me outside when I suggested we bring all railcar work back on shore to protect to the poor workers at Hillside. Mock cream donut was only good bit at lunch, rest was bourgeoisie rubbish. Managed to sneak a few small pies out from under the watchful gaze big Gerry and get them into my hand bag, will drop off to the food bank on the way home if I can get out of this place in time.


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  • baw

    May I suggest that you entitle the entry:
    Dear Comrade Diary

    • baw

      Sorry I meant:

      Dear Comrade Diary

  • Granger

    That’s so ironic because my mother runs a food bank and Kate Wilkinson came by earlier this year to give some food to the food bank and to pose for a camera opportunity I think