The Enemies of Labour

I am a bit disappointed not to make it to Jane Clifton’s list of the enemies of Labour:

They’re everywhere – and the official list is getting longer and longer.

It?s getting to the stage where someone ? not sure who would get to decide whom ? is going to have to issue an official list of Enemies of the New Zealand Labour Party. Just so we?re all clear.

As far as I can gather, reading the online effusions of those who profess to care deeply about the future of the left in our politics, including politically declared journalists, party activists and anonymous Green supporters, the official list of enemies so far includes:

the leader of the Labour party David Shearer?for, among other things, opposing benefit fraud, but mostly for not being David Cunliffe;

at least half of the Labour caucus, including most senior spokespeople, for the crime of voting Shearer into the job;

deputy leader Grant Robertson, for his perfidy in supporting the leader and for the fact that he is often touted as a future leader, when Everyone Knows the only acceptable future leader is David Cunliffe;

former party advisor John Pagani?and unsuccessful Porirua selection contestant Josie Pagani, for the atrocity of endorsing and defending the party leader in their roles as pro-Labour media commentators;

former MP Stuart Nash?for his temerity in questioning whether too much Labour focus was going on issues like gay marriage and adoption, and not enough on core policy;

Su?a William Sio, Damien O?Connor and Ross Robertson?for their treachery in treating the conscience vote on gay marriage according to their consciences;

David Parker, for not being David Cunliffe either, and for being in the vicinity of all of the above without even bothering to dogwhistle any ideological discomfort ?

And still the list is growing.

She left Trevor off for some reason…I am sure he is an enemy of Labour by now.