The NYT needs to recruit Farrar

They can’t print the words to describe Mitt Romney’s campaign, but Farrar can:

One sentence by Michael Barbaro:

A flustered [Romney] adviser, describing the mood, said that the campaign was turning into a vulgar, unprintable phrase.

Clusterfuck-fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck. But God knows what highs and lows are in store.


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  • Michael

    Obama plays this conservatively, he wins. Only a complete brain fart (and he’s too smart for that) or a show me the money moment like Goffs is going to cost him the election.

  • onelaw4all

    Which brain fart would you like?
    His State Dept doubling down on their ludicrous position that the Libyan attack was “spontaneous” and that the rest of the world “really does like us, truly”
    “The private sector is doing fine”
    The “you didn’t build that” moment at Roan Oaks.
    And, breaking news, considering releasing the Blink Sheik (after the election, of course) because then he’ll have more “flexibility” (pass the message along to Vladimir)
    On a side note, WO, I despair at your exclusive use of Progressive (olympic pool-sized water carriers for Obama) MSM outlets, which have as much validity as a Matt McCarten column.

  • 2ndAmendment

    So while you’re getting al Malcolm Tucker on Romney, his post convention bubble has burst, Gallup has Romney one point behind, Rasmussen one point ahead overall, and further ahead on likely voters

  • Andrei

    So you are working for a political campaign trying to get your candidate elected.

    And you talk to a guy from a paper known to be hostile to your guy and you tell him your campaign is fucked.

    Tui ad

  • Michael Barbaro is a left wing stooge writing for a left wing propaganda outlet-

    Here’s some commentary on his work-