The Race for Speaker

The tipline has been running hotter than ever on the battle for the Speaker. In a series of posts I will outline the information I have and the implications of each of these moves.

There are three main contenders. The top brass choice David Carter. The man best suited to the role, Maurice Williamson, and the man with the most mongrel who wants it the most, Tau Henare.

Outside of the three main contenders there are several outsiders, with Eric Roy, Hekia Parata and Lindsay Tisch being touted.

The broarder implications of Tau declaring is that National now have the first signs of unruliness inside caucus. The Prime Minister will not anoint the Speaker, as he has done with every other position so far. There will be old fashioned backroom politics that the PM and his key henchman Steven Joyce have limited experience at.

It is also a sign of the times, there is a strong undercurrent of discontent within caucus, who consider Cabinet aloof, out of touch and of limited ability. If Tau is not bought off he could cause havoc, and could also make others in caucus think that they should have a go too, as they have nothing to lose.

The really difficult thing for John Key is his key offsiders, Steven Joyce and Peter Goodfellow, have no rapport with the back bench. There is no good will towards Peter because he is a Muppet, and even less towards Steven because he is bloody difficult for anyone to like. He is near impossible to get into your electorate if you are a backbencher, and he has a staff who are holier than thou and bloody rude to backbenchers.

As I said I’m going to buy a truck load of popcorn because this is setting itself up for a whole heap of fun, all we need now is corporate whore Matthew Hooton to start running stocks on Parliaments next Speaker.

At this rate London might be a pipe dream for Lockwood.


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  • Troy

    It’s a pity Smith isn’t staying on for the whole term – he’s done a reallly outstanding job. I don’t think Hekia is a goer – she’s real difficult to listen to during question time, hesitant and really doesn’t have the experience. I don’t know why Eric Roy isn’t ahead of Carter – if anyone has watched him during committee stages – he doesn’t take any bullshit (heck he kicked out Peters the other week). Yup will be interesting to watch.

  • Better get that popcorn quick, stocks are running low…

  • Joel

    The other question is who would get the Chair of the Maori Affairs Select Committee (I think Henare still holds that position?) if he becomes speaker? Would be interesting.

  • Scanner

    Muppet – Most Useless Prick People Ever Taught