The Real Problem

As Fairfax (Dompost) and the NZ Herald “transform” themselves and their formats so that, in the words of the Dompost, they can “become more relevant” it is perhaps this comment from Vin Crosbie that they need to be taking head of, not re-formatting their sad offerings:

“The real problem, Mr. Newspaperman, isn’t that your content isn’t online or isn’t online with multimedia. It’s your content. Specifically, it’s what you report, which stories you publish, and how you publish them to people, who, by the way, have very different individual interests. The problem is the content you’re giving them, stupid; not the platform its on. But I digress.”

COntent is king and until media conglomerates start to recognise that the reason people don’t buy their papers or subscribe online is that the multitude of tastes that exist for news are not being met by a homogenised version of the truth through the lens of an editor.

The reason why blogs and online commentators are becoming more and more popular is precisely the opposite of the broad brush approach by media.

Niche is king. Niche is Good.


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  • 2ndAmendment

    The real problem is that Newspaper peddle a hard-left line- whereas successful, high-value Kiwis hate leftism and all it stands for

    Centre-right papers like the NRB or Investigate have no problems staying afloat.

    • your johnson

      NBR is just as fucked. Readership down almost 3x the herald last year. Implemented pay wall. Still fucked.

    • Jonno

      While you are right about the left wing slant of some commentators, most of the reasoning behind the fall in readership must be down to the fact that most of what’s published is utter dross. Once upon a time we used to have news on the front page, now it’s lifestyle, scandle or celebrity. Opinion pieces or contentious comments, from random commentators and citizens with the IQ of squid, don’t make a newspaper. The NBR is not faultless either fuck wits populate both political extremes.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I say bring on the pay wall. Then I won’t be tempted to read the daily dribble that they call news.

  • Teletubby

    The print media in NZ have a niche- it’s called “the left”

  • Glenn in Masterton

    Content my be King, but we’re all living in digital republics now.