Too Gay for Helensville?

Colin Craig is really going for gold in insulting the Prime Minister, posting out 20,000 leaflets calling John Key too gay for Helensville:

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig thinks John Key is “too gay” for his Helensville seat and has said so in 20,000 letters to residents.

Pamphlets arrived in locals’ mailboxes this week, urging them not to back Labour MP Louisa Wall’s same-sex marriage bill. They were accompanied by a signed letter from Craig. It gave prominence to a comment from a disgruntled local: “Colin, you should stand here because John Key is too gay for Helensville.”

Craig says people have expressed disgust that their local MP was supporting the bill without asking their views.

“MPs have a duty to represent their electorate but John Key has chosen to ignore the views of the people of Helensville and carry on regardless.

“I was in the town a few weeks ago and was surprised at how many people were annoyed that he is not listening to them.

“There are people out there who simply don’t like to see their Prime Minister doing things like dancing on stage with transvestites, as he has done in the past,” he said.

Bizarre behaviour. John Key says about 3 people have contacted his office about the issue of Marriage equality…Hardly a groundswell.

in other matters Colin Craig’s Facebook page is incorrectly authorised. (29 Gillies Ave, yet he abandoned Epsom around 6 months ago), and the Conservative party office has been empty since.

His website STILL lacks an authorisation as well – which means a wilful kind of negligence given I raised this some time ago.


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  • Rodger T

    We didn`t get word that he was coming to the `Ville, but even out of those who did ,nobody could give enough of a toss to turn up ,apart from his 3 cheerleaders.

  • gn35

    Colin Craig is becoming the Basil Fawlty of NZ politics- bloody hilarious.

    • Redbaiter

      One thing about this debate its made a lot more people aware of the
      methods and strategies the left uses to control debate in this country,
      wherein all who challenge or question Progressive orthodoxy are
      immediately portrayed as outliers.

      Progressives are just authoritarians who demand strict obeisance to
      their socially destructive tenets and are generally too under-educated
      to even understand what they perceive as their beliefs.

      This is why they must shut down opposition. Not only do they lack
      arguments, in the main, they do not even possess the ability to
      articulate them if they had them.

      It all starts in the indoctrination camps euphemistically called
      “public schools” where thinking outside the progressive square is an
      offense punishable by ostracisation.

      The old time Soviets with their gulags and kangaroo courts and secret
      police could learn a lot from the much more sophisticated and
      productive methods used by their modern day brothers the Progressives.

    • justin

      Colin is a novice, not a seasoned politician (remember this was much of the appeal of JK – you know Helen had only had a life on the public purse).
      But Colin has a non pc voice – hell look at all those pollies who slithered under rocks when asked about their individual opinions on gay marriage bill. Being non-pc means the mainstream media line you up (WO lines him up because he knows the treat Colin has on the 45% national voting block).
      gn35 you know that the Conservatives are a party that want binding referendum? Seems like the most sensible pollie on block to me.

      • gn35

        Ok he might have a plausible and valid manifesto to some, that is democracy, but, he really needs to move on to play with the big boys. If he wants to make law to enact his agenda (which is the aim of all politicians) he needs to gain the confidence of the people. Name calling (even second hand) does not do that. It makes him look stupid.
        What law does he want to create?

        What does he want to do, apart from react?

        Either lead follow or get out the way.

        • Travis Poulson

          Name calling? did I miss something?

  • Travis Poulson

    Somebody is having trouble reading the article. Someone wrote a letter to Colin Craig “Colin, you should stand here because John Key is too gay for Helensville.”

    All of a sudden this translates into Mr Craig stating the words himself. Anything to bolster the smear campaign against Colin I suppose, repeating The Horrid is ok on these occasions I guess.

    • Olin Craig tok those words and used them in a brochure he mailed out…who is having problems with comprehension?

      • Travis Poulson

        Even if he did, good on him. John Key doesn’t listen to entire country on a referendum concerning the anti-smacking bill, now he doesn’t even consult his own constituents. He’s turning into a bit of a joke, he’ll probably go down in history as the ‘great ignorer’ because he doesn’t listen to anyone.

        Having said that, Helensville only have themselves to blame, voting in John from Parnell, the people from the Helensville electorate are his constituents in title only.

        • justin

          John is seriously believing he’s a celebrity (Like Helen saw herself as mother of the nation). Hell drinking the beer out of the Bledisloe – something he could teach Prince Harry. He’s a celebrity politician – his superannuation promise is another example. Makes his policy up flippantly.
          When he goes, and he will, he will leave National out in the cold for a long time (god help us then). If the Conservatives were the support partner much of this contentious policy could be countered.

    • guest

      Travis – he repeated them – in a political communication to several thousand people, to try and score a political point. That makes it his quote too.

  • Jimmie

    Quite funny really.
    The more CC gets mocked and ridiculed the more he will build a base of supporters who will say good on him for standing up for what he feels is right and what a moderate number of kiwis feel but often aren’t able to say due to the liberal media and pinkos screaming racist/bigots at them.
    Kind of like you used to be WO.

    • Alex

      WO says what he thinks. What I’ve noticed here lately is a number of similar statements being made like “Kind of like you used to be WO.” I don’t happen to agree with everything he says, but hell it’s blog and his right to call it as he sees it. Certaintly don’t think it my right — or yours — to be superimposing your views on to WO and trying to shame him into recanting.

      Must be a bit hard realizing that people think differently isn’t it? A bit difficult to fathom for you that someone who identifies as a Christian, supports centre-right political policies and loves hunting, just doesn’t also feel that homosexuals are Satan spawn.

      • justin

        Whale is the great counter to the MSM. He is always a thought provoking read. But his persistance of denying the mandate of the people is a concern. Whale calls it straight (bad pun) on most issues – name suppression is one he earned his stripes on.
        Whale is also strategic – he knows the shit National is in economically and having realises that social engineering debate is a good sidetracker.

      • grumpy

        W.O. Sold himself as a conservative solid thinker. A battler for common sense.

        We await his return from wherever he has gone.

  • Alex

    It’s all too sad.

    I’ve cousins with a farm up in Helensville — conservative National voting farmers. They’re social conservatives, but have treated me and with my same sex partner with nothing but total courtesy.

    They’re not terribly impressed by same sex marriage, and probably would have said “no” if it depended on them to make a decision. But ultimately they know it isn’t going to affect them, so apart from a snort after reading in the newspapers that the Bill had pasted, they’ve since shrugged their shoulders and moved on.

    What does get them annoyed are zealots, especially fundamentalist ones, who in their words “constantly make a fuss”.

    So I suspect this pamphlet will backfire on CC: my National voting cousins will resent someone trying to make mileage out of the same-sex marriage debate that they’re totally sick of hearing about.

    Poor CC: he doesn’t get that the vast majority of Kiwis don’t care less about homosexuality, and don’t get his obsession with it.

    • grumpy

      Shows the inherent decency of conservative National rural voters. Must make you ashamed when you go back to your pinko urban intlerant haters eh?

  • Patrick

    Colin probably travels the Hershey Highway himself – those that talk about it the most….

  • Seán

    Colin Criag has been reading too much of WOBH.

    • justin

      If he does he will find more ‘ups’ for his policy than not. Colin has come up with some very good policy on many many issues, but it is his moral conservative views that the MSM repeat.
      Colin appears as a novice when he doesn’t respond with “majority should have their say” with all questions. Hell when asked “what makes a person a homosexual” – this is a loaded question and can be skillfully side tracked. Politics is not about science, it’s about appealing to the majority (or at least your constituents).

  • Magoo

    National – a right wing govt that:

    Leaves the Labour/Green initiated anti-smaking bill in place after a referendum overwhelmingly rejecting it.

    Leaves the Labour/Green initiated emissions trading scheme in place, with no scientific evidence to back it up. Now they want to raise excise tax on fuel because people are using more efficient cars that don’t use so much petrol.

    Leaves the Labour/Green initiated interest free student loans in place.

    Borrows like a pack of raving left socialists to fund Labour/Green initiated policies in place.

    Votes for the rectal rooter bill.

    How are National different from Labour again? I can’t really see the difference.

    I won’t be voting for National until they start behaving like a right wing party again. In the meantime (if ACT looks like it’ll tank, which it probably will), I’ll be voting for Craig’s party. At least he stands by his principles and doesn’t sell out at the drop of a hat. In the battle to outmaneuver Labour, the National Party has become them. John Key’s National govt is just another pack of socialists with their noses in the trough – who needs Labour when you have National? I’m reminded of the politician character in an Asterix comic – Whosemoralsareelastix.

    What a weak, sellout, disappointment of a govt this National party has turned out to be. What do they stand for? Who the fuck knows anymore.

    • Colin Craig won’t deliver a single thing you want, not even on marriage equality.

      • Magoo

        Won’t be much different from National or Labour then.

        • Travis Poulson

          I noticed you called National a right-wing government. They aren’t anymore. Nor do they adhere to their founding core principles.

          • justin

            Labour and National are fighting it out for the centre ground in politics. National’s attitdue of “me too” with any liberal (hell ultra liberal) policy is sickening to watch.

      • Redbaiter

        There’s no such thing as “marriage equality”.

        The phrase is just Progressive bullshit.

      • justin

        No but if he was a minor support partner in the coalition we wouldn’t be passing such unpopular bills. NZ needs a genuinely conservative voice in parliament.

    • Alex

      Given all the things you’ve listed above CC could attack National, why does CC choose the one with the least practical consequence for your average voter?

      One word: incompetent.

      If he’s going to run this anti gay line, why isn’t he down in Louise Hall’s electorate trying to win over the disaffected Pacific Island vote?

      Why is CC attacking Key? If there is going to be another National led government, Key is the only person capable of ensuring it. Key is doing exactly what he is meant to be doing, ie seizing the middle ground and ensuring National is the major party? So why is CC so anal as to launch an attack on Key?

      It’s a shame: there is a need for a conservative voice, but not the voice of bigotry.

      Two weeks ago, I saw a Tagata Pasifika debate on same-sex marriage. There was a young-ish Pacific Island church leader who totally impressed me. Humble, well spoken and articulate. He said that he believed homosexuality, like all sexual activity outside marriage, to be sinful; but that Jesus’ message was unequivocal — we should love each other. While he opposed same sex marriage, to him Jesus’ message meant he totally opposed discrimination against homosexuals and supported strengthening the Civil Union legislation if there was need to ensure same sex couples were adequately protected.

      WIsh I had recorded this pastor’s name (he wore a distinctive necklace of some sort of black beads). But I was thinking: this is exactly the person the social conservatives require to be their leader.

      • grumpy

        nah, you’re a self declared poofter, your opinion don’t count.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Given all the things you’ve listed above CC could attack National, why does CC choose the one with the least practical consequence for your average voter?

        Because it chose the one with the strongest moral consequence for your average voter, and that one that is currently in the headlines

        Smacking is #1 on the Conservatives list of policies. Sine non qua.
        Castle doctrine is #2; Armed police (and laws to let them use those arms!) is #3.

    • Troy

      I guess you won’t be voting National then?

  • grumpy

    So, just to get a bit of balance, they interviewsed that well known, totally objective, non compromised…………Jools Topp!