Crikey, this guy looks exactly like Andrew Little with a beard:

An Amish sect leader accused of orchestrating hair-cutting attacks against his co-religionists also coerced female followers into having sex with him, a court heard.

Samuel Mullet Sr carried out what was called sexual “counselling” of married women, saying it would turn them into better wives, prosecutors said.

They said the process showed the control Mullet wielded over his followers at the settlement he founded in Ohio two decades ago.

One of the women told a court in Cleveland: “He would say things like ‘I can’t understand why you won’t obey me, the other ladies can.’ I always gave up. I was afraid not to.”

The woman said her husband had a mental breakdown in 2008 and was in hospital when Mullet told her he wanted to help them with marriage counselling.

She agreed to Mullet’s request to move in with him, and he then started asking her to hug and kiss him, the court heard She said even asking for a hug was unusual in a community that values modesty, and where women wear traditional long dresses and bonnets.

The woman said Mullet went on to insist that she go to his bedroom. She moved out of the house after two months, at which point Mullet called her a “whore,” she said.


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  • A beard like that and he’s called Samuel Mullet Sr? Hmmmm; he must be a Westie at heart…

  • Apolonia

    Now you’ve done it whale.
    Andrew Little can now use the “it wasn’t me” defense in his impending libel case.

  • Rodger T

    The fucking irony that a guy called Sam MULLET went on a haircutting spree….LooooL

    • RightOfGenghis

      There aint nothin like a big bearded white man with a banjo to make my buttocks clench!

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    If he starts growing a beard NOW it will be that long before he gets anywhere near the levers of power.

  • Dr Wang

    Disagree – this dude looks way smarter than Andrew Little.

  • thor42

    This guy could be DPF’s father…… ;)

  • Patrick

    Amish – a wcult full of weirdos – just like the labour party

  • whalewatcher

    he should be called Mr Front Mullet