Union scum – they can’t get over how she smashed them

Margaret Thatcher broke the unions in the UK. Granted she was up against incredibly stupid people like Arthur Scargill who called for a general strike of coal miners at a time when Britain’s coal reserves were the largest ever seen, nevertheless she smashed the unions.

They can’t forgive her either nor can they get over what she did, so much so they are celebrating her death before she has even died:

Commemorative T-shirts rejoicing in the moment when Baroness Thatcher dies are being sold at the annual trades union gathering in Brighton.

The T-shirts, on sale at the Trades Union Congress’s annual conference, cost £10 each and boast that union members will want to “dance on her grave” when she dies.

Last night outraged Conservative MPs called for Labour leader Ed Miliband to disassociate himself with the TUC and for the police to investigate. Mr Miliband’s shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is due to address the annual gathering tomorrow.

The T-shirts, which are wrapped in clear plastic, are being marketed by the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, an organisation which provides “welfare rights advice services” and which is affiliated to the TUC.

One of the garments has an image of Mrs Thatcher’s spitting image puppet, with the words “Hey ho the witch is dead” along side.

Attached to the plastic is a notice urging the buyer only to wear when Lady Thatcher has died. It says: “In the event of Thatcher’s death of Thatcher open bag and wear Tee shirt immediately.”

Another T-shirt features a white cross on a grave with “Thatcher” across it, and the words: “A generation of trade unionists will dance on her grave”.

The T-shirts build on the residual anger in the union movement over the way major British industries were allowed to decline in the 1980s, while unions saw their influence wane because of tough anti-strike laws.

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  • “A generation of trade unionists will dance on her grave”. Not before she danced on yours scumbags. Typical of them though, pick on a defenceless old lady.

    • Rodger T

      Ho.ho, somehow I doubt Maggie could ever be classed as defenceless,even in a coma she could outwit the average unionist.

  • Allyson

    Maggie certainly finished off the Trade Union scumbags, but not before they had layed waste to some industries, some cities and much of the moral fabric of a once proud country. It is false to claim a victory for Maggie over TradeUnions as honors were about even.

    • 2ndAmendment

      No she didn’t. Teachers, NHS, Govt Bureaucrats – all infected with scurrying unionists. Hell – the fact the UK still has the NHS must be her biggest defeat!

  • Wally

    Fucking idiots can’t even get the words right. Ding dong the witch is dead….

  • In Vino Veritas

    I doubt whether Baroness Thatcher would be overly concerned. There aren’t that many Unionists left to dance on her grave. Most of my English friends think that Unionists are just a bunch of disaffected thugs, sort of like soccer hooligans.
    What is laughable is that in the 1983 general election, only 39% of Union members voted Labour. So Thatcher wasnt as unpopular as these union imbeciles would have you believe.

  • kowtow

    I’d love to see the lefty reaction to a similar t shirt concerning Saint Nelson Mandela’s upcoming demise…..it would be world wide outrage,but for some old English bird,move along nothing to see here!

  • Tony

    This, of course, is the stark difference. I would not celebrate the death of anybody to them extend of dancing on graves. Maybe a group of people – maybe. MT did not murder anyone, she did not cause the death of anyone; instead she helped normal people and tried to spread out the burden of taxation.

  • johnbronkhorst

    so after all this time arthur scargill..still hasn’t called for a vote, from the miners, to go on strike. Some miners that went against the strike had their house torched, kids intimidated, a taxi driver driving a miner to work was killed, miners collecting money from the public…blocked foot paths to intimidate people into giving…thats why when asked…WE the British Rail unions said NO (in our VOTE) into going on strike in support of the miners, many unions said NO!!!! But I can see that union execs still don’t let the truth get in the way of their scumbag opinions!!! YES I was there and saw much of this intimidation FIRST HAND!!!!

  • In the UK as in NZ, the state industries – teaching, health, bureaucracy – are still highly unionized: and actively white-anting Cameron’s piss-weak “austerity”.

    Scott Walker has shown the Wisconsin solution is the only viable option.

  • cows4me

    Perhaps the conservative party should check where the t shirts were produced, good chance China. I thought these unionists were very pro domestic industry, could be embarassing.

  • Richard McGrath

    Utterly tasteless scum. Looks like they used photographs of soldiers’ graves on their T-shirt.

    • Tony

      and sailors’

  • Andrewo

    I was there until ’76 – just before she came to power…having been made redundant twice by the age of 23.

    I can assure you that those industries were dead long before Maggie got into power. Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson & Jim Callahan ensured that.