Us or Them, Ctd

Maori are suggesting they will boycott consultation and say that there is little point in attending. I’d go further and suggest there is little point in negotiating with economic terrorists and brown-mailers.

The chairman for a hapu behind the Maori Council’s Waitangi Tribunal claim on water says he sees little point in the Government’s hui with Maori, which begin today in Hamilton.

Pouakani chairman Tamati Cairns say his hapu had been invited and members would be attending today’s hui.

Pouakani this year succeded with their Supreme Court challenge to the Crown’s assertion of ownership of the Waikato River near Mangakino where Mighty River has a series of dams.

Pouakani, which has said it is prepared to go to the High Court to halt the Mighty River sale if necessary, was still working through the issues associated with its Supreme Court victory. That meant the narrow focus of today’s hui meant in would be of little use to the hapu.

Thankfully John Key isn’t fazed. Nor should he be. It just plays into his hands because when the Government fronts up to court and tells them that he tried to consult but they refused to attend it will be a bonus point to the government case.

The proverbial Rubicon has been crossed with Maori attitude to water and then to wind. The goodwill of most New Zealanders evaporated almost overnight. National needs now to take a strong stance otherwise shameless political charlatans like Winston Peters will fill the void.


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  • “National needs now to take a strong stance”

    What distant star system did you just time warp in from??

    It is because National have continuously failed to make any kind of stand that we have reached the state we are in.

    What makes you think they will change now?

    • tarkwin

      The love of power? Christ I hope they grow a back bone. They have to draw a line in the sand and then go to the people, there is no other way.

      • That line in the sand, is it the one on our beaches that spells out “This is iwi property”?

  • JeffW2

    The goodwill went ages ago, but politicians consistently ignore the wishes of the majority.

  • unitedtribes

    I would like to see a national poll on this one. May give the Govt some courage. I guess JK is trying to cling to future coalition deals

    • JimboBug

      I actually know people who are against asset sales who are now for them as a result of this water claim (they want them to go ahead so that it shows that there is some line to the Waitangi ridiculousness). It would be interesting to see if there has been a polling shift on the assets sales – in addition to how people see the water claim by itself.

      • Krim Dotcom

        and the penny finally drops

        come on rodbelter, you are getting stupider as the red mist rises

  • Anonymouse Coward

    As they used to say in the American wild west;

    “Whiskeys for drink’n, waters fer fight’n”

  • Tony

    How do these iwi representatives have so much spare time to be able to conduct negotiations during the week? They can’t be getting paid full time can they?

    • Neil

      They could always be taking sick leave….

  • A Bit Over It

    I am disappointed that some Maori have taken this opportunistic approach and that it doesn’t seem realistic for New Zealand to ever truly be a country of equals, with historic grievances put to one side and the decision-makers able to allocate resources based solely on need, rather than race. More than happy for the government to make fair settlements of genuine grievances, but now starting to see that it may be a case of the more shit you take, the more you’re gonna get, and nothing may ever be enough. I agree with WhaleOil that National needs to take a strong stance on this – it may be messy but sometimes you’ve got to confront the elephant in the room, and hopefully we can then all move on and the Maori (all of them and not just a litigious few) will also be better off once we can do that.