Walker muzzled by controlling Greens

Oh dear, it looks like Holly Walker has been muzzled by her own party simply because debate on the bill has run away from her… and she can’t catch up.

Yep, Metiria has taken over.  It’s no surprise as Walker has done a woeful job of putting together consensus from other parties on this issue.  When the bill was pulled from the ballot, Walker had the best start possible with the PM saying:

“I’m fundamentally not opposed to a bill that might register what lobbyists are up to”

It has become increasingly clear that it is a crap bill and Walker has no idea how to balance different parties’ amendments to make it a better bill.  It means that Labour have turned on her and the bill will die a horrible death unless someone uses some real political skill,

The irony of the situation is that Walker needs to learn some good old fashioned lobbying skills.  Perhaps she could go have a chat to Jordan Williams and Mark Unsworth who can school her up on how to work with others for the greater good.


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  • LR

    Greens fighting amongst themselves. Oh dear… My dear old mum used to say .. Eat your greens…. Sorry but our lot have a wide red streak down the back and I would choke on them.

  • Sponge

    Jesus – what happened to Metiria’s hair – did she lean too close into the lentil curry??

    • conwaycaptain

      A good Dahl curry is v nice along with a GREAT real indian Chicken Curry.
      Have a recipe for chook curry as served on vessels of the old British India Steam Navigation Company.

  • Troy

    Word has it Turei is a real toxic bitch and puts herself way above her station in life – a micro-manager, control-freak, smarmy at it’s worst and just plain catty. Her questions in the chamber are usually really weird and in vein with Green’s policy, seek to deny that trying to run an economy takes more than doing an Econ101 paper at uni. I’ll never understand the Green’s logic, thus i’ll never vote for them. This Bill is an example of how inept they are.

  • owl

    Yep – this is a pearler boys and girls – Greens went to hard at Labour excluding Unions deliberately and National sat back and said – hmmm too easy.

    Gold plated – now if the Greens pull out of this Bill – then there should be a national enquiry to be headed by Geoffry Palmer

    This is a very good example showing how naive the Greens are at politics – objecting and being activists they are good at – detail and reality – thats why they never made the 1st X at school.

  • Michael

    Always was a bill with good intentions. And we all know where the road paved with good intentions lead us…