We need marriage equality because…

Why do you need marriage equality?


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  • CoNZervative

    I love McDonalds. Can I marry that?

    • Vlad

      Yeah mate, I think you and Big Mac would get on perfectly

    • JimboBug

      If McDonalds were able to consent to the marriage, without coercion, then I wouldn’t have a problem with you marrying it.

      Same goes for the other argument you big-statists like coming up with – marriage to animals. If you can show that the animal consents, without coercion, then I would be very happy for you.

    • The Baron

      You seem like a smart guy. Why are you running this completely RETARDED argument?

      But to indulge you anyway – I don’t care if you want to marry a burger. Your life, your business, your cock covered in that special sauce. Won’t change a single thing for me if you’re married to Maccas. What is it with you conservative types that makes you wanna shove your nose into everyone else’s bedrooms?

      • Andrei

        What is it with you conservative types that makes you wanna shove your nose into everyone else’s bedrooms?

        We don’t – it is a free country, or used to be until the socialists took over and the National Party went along with them.

        Be that as it may objecting to the rewriting of a social institution into something it isn’t for reasons that are a mystery to everyone is not stopping anybody from doing what they want to do “in the bedroom” or even attempting to because nobody is interested in what other people do “in the bedroom”.

        Marriage as we have received it serves a fundamental societal purpose and is the building block of a continuing civil society.

        Anybody who wants to play by the rules can get married, nobody is denied if they are of age, are currently unmarried and have found a suitably qualified opposite sex partner agreeable to this proposition

        I might as well whine that I am entitled to go on the paddock for the All Blacks in the number eight jersey and that not being able to is a inequity because that is the intellectual equivalent of the arguments for gay “marriage”.

        • Sharron

          Do you love yourself , Andrei ?

        • Mitch82

          Another stunning argument as usual, Andrei.

          • Mitch82

            The results are in: 2 out of 5 people are officially dumbshits who think that gay marriage is going to affect their own marriage. Congratulations on being insecure fuckwits. :D

        • Gayguy

          But people like you Andrei ARE sticking your noses into other peoples bedrooms and homes. You are telling one group of people that cannot have the same rights as you.

          You need to take your own advice and but out of our lives.

          • Andrei

            No mate you have exactly the same rights as me – in fact more probably because I am not allowed to get married now because I am already married.

          • Gayguy

            So my man and I can pop out and get married like any hetro couple?

          • Andrei

            No because a marriage consists of one man and one woman – it is what it is.

            You can however marry a woman and if you don’t want to marry a woman well then you can’t really get married.

            I can put on an All Blacks jersey but it wont ever make me an All Black

    • Hard1

      Well , you are quite clearly in love with yourself , as shown by your combination of arrogance ,childlike ignorance and self righteousness . So , you can marry yourself .
      Or have all you deep thinkers over on the Christian Right already done that ?

  • cows4me

    2:24 minutes of useful idiots.
    Marriage 1 man 1 woman.
    No one is denying these people love.
    No one is denying them equality ffs.

    • j_j

      No one’s denying them equality, except for certain conservatives and their ringleader Colin Craig, if he had his way.

    • Gayguy

      Anyone denying marriage equality is denying us equal rights.

  • Gazzaw

    I’m just waiting for Andrei to tell us why he needs marriage equality.

    • Rodger T

      A rare pic of Andrei in the wild,

  • CoNZervative

    Check out the Gay Marriage Map. The people have spoken…lots!

    • Mitch82

      Lucky we’re not the forward-thinking country who first gave women the right to vote.

      Oh, wait…

  • “Marriage equality”, a propaganda term of the highest order, will not give these two young men happiness. They are chasing a fantasy.

    They really ought to listen to people like Christopher Yuan http://nzconservative.blogspot.com/2012/09/amazing-story-of-conversion-from.html

    • Mitch82

      No no, go back to the argument where you were saying that as a Catholic, you know that gay marriage is ‘make believe’. That was much funnier.

    • Gayguy

      Spreading hate again Lucia. Have you read the parts of the Bible yet that condemn your actions?

      • Rodger T

        “eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions gods infinite love”
        Get with the program GG.

      • Gayguy,

        No. Could you point me to them?

  • Mitch82

    Just waiting on Redbaiter to cry about how his right to deny the rights of others is being stepped on, and this thread is complete.

    Seriously, this is going to happen. Get used to it.

    • CoNZervative

      Why is marrying your same gender a “right”?

      • Mitch82

        Because despite all the silly arguments (it’s wrong, it’s not normal, it affects the sanctity of MY marriage, God said it’s wrong, it’s make believe, it’ll cause the destruction of society, on and on), nobody has come up with any lucid argument as to why those in a same sex relationship can’t have the same marital status as the rest of us.

        It always comes back, one way or another, to a religious or ‘moral’ viewpoint that “Marriage is this, you can’t change it, Because. Just because.”

        Why does a woman have the right to vote?
        Why does a Maori man have the right to marry a European woman?

        • Mitch,

          Those are all lucid arguments in your first paragraph, however, you just don’t accept them.

          Voting is way different from marriage. Societies can exist and thrive without voting, but they can’t without marriage. Race is also not a barrier to marriage, but lack of consent should be. So, if a Maori man proposes to a European woman and she accepts, and both have no reason that they can’t get married (ie too young, or already married) then there should be no problem – as is today, those marriages are totally accepted as valid.

          Same-sex marriage, on the other hand, is a completely different thing. It’s like (continuing on with Andrei’s theme) trying to play rugby without a ball and instead tossing the players around.

          • Mitch82

            You’ve gone from arguing sanctity of marriage to some meagre ‘All Black Selection’ argument. It’s quite pathetic. Just give up. At the beginning you looked like you were in a good position – skip forward a week and you look quite feeble.

            Gay marriage is happening, just deal with it. I WILL offer you this. If it passes, I WILL offer you a free ride to the airport if you are heading to the middle east. Fair enough?

          • I’m not going anywhere, Mitch. Same-sex marriage is a temporary experiment that will be rolled back because it has no real social value. All the sane people aren’t leaving, we’re just riding the storm.